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Slate Visual Style for Windows 10 RTM

Slate Visual Style for Windows 10 RTM

This visual style is commercial: 2.5$

Visual Style for Windows 10
Compatible for both x64 & x86 system

- For using this theme first you need to Patch Uxtheme.

- Copy all file in "Theme" folder to "%windir%/Resources/Themes".

- Open personalize panel and apply theme.

I hope you like !

23.08.2015: added dark title bar version.
24.08.2015: added skin for PotPlayer.
06.09.2015: added skin for Aimp 4.

09.09.2015: Bug fixes in Visual Style.
09.09.2015: v.2.1.1 Fixed some black text areas.

Big update skin for AIMP4!
21.09.2015: Completely rebuilt skin for AIMP. Watch the video for details.
Visual Style updated
29.09.2015: v2.1.2 Fixed white backgrounds in control panel.

© 2015 - 2022 Pulsar83
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كيفية تثبيت

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expecting people to pay money for a theme ._.
What a rip off  -_-
deepdose's avatar
I understand if u wanna charge some for the style.....but is potplayer skin gonna be made free? Either way thx.
mustafamamdouh88's avatar
How to add those tools of windows explorer (show thumbnail, Details, ..etc) like you did?
Thank you for this theme!
I bought and enjoyed it.

Any possibility of skin for MPC-HC?

Also foobar2000 would be nice, but that can easily be themed normally.

thebebe809's avatar
IN V 2.1.1 when i choose slate dark title bar , the title bar is blue.
thebebe809's avatar
Okay, i got it to work after restarting the computer 2 times and choosing the theme. Now it works. Thank you for replay thought.
hi, how are you, i have an issue with the theme, the trouble is in the window of the explorer the bar of file/pc/view is withe, and how i can change the windows orb, thanks
Eaglshadow's avatar
I successfully ran the UXTheme Multi-Patcher 14.2 that I got from (without the aero hack, as it was unchecked by default):    (checksum: )
I copied all the files in the "Theme" folder to "%windir%/Resources/Themes":
And when I go to personalise, and apply the theme, it doesn't work properly:
I tried restarting windows and it didn't help.

I did notice that themeengine.exe process exits or crashes as soon as theme is switched.

~ Windows 10 Pro x64.
Eaglshadow's avatar
I used the one from, and now it works. Thanks! You should probably also add that link to the description.
Eaglshadow's avatar
Turned out uxtheme patch made my high end pc run like a toaster, and upon uninstallation of uxtheme it completely crashed the system making it unable to boot windows. Had to recover windows back to last restore point by booting windows 10 setup. So I can't recommend buying this until uxtheme actually officially supports the up to date version of windows 10, or until there is some way to make uxtheme it work reliably.
Pulsar83's avatar
Well, maybe you do something wrong? You first,
who are faced with such a problem. My computer work fine with uxstyle. Windows 10 Pro x64.
mustafamamdouh88's avatar
Thanks, last update fixed too many issues for me .. 
I recommend everyone to try this theme!
mustafamamdouh88's avatar
Hi I just bought your theme and It's really good .. I have some tiny issues .. How I can contact you to see if you can fix them?
2dev-artists's avatar
I am absolutely amazed. What a wanker. The best skinners out there only
charge $2.50 for a full fledged theme.
Your not a skinner and never will be. You know what you are.
kjc66's avatar
I do not know Pulsar83 and I am not a fan of people selling their themes however an artist has the right to do so and to charge whatever they wish. You or I might not like it but tuff. I find your comment immature and tactless. You don't have the right to tell someone that they are not a skinner and to get lost. This is deviantart not 2devart and if he is doing something wrong then report him, otherwise keep your rude comments to yourself.
2dev-artists's avatar
GO GET STUFFED ASSHOLE, I was talking to him, NOT you.
Mind your own business. I've probably been a skinner
longer than your age. piss off.
kjc66's avatar
LOL, That is exactly the response I expected from you. Because you chose not to send your rude comment by way of a private note to Pulsar83 it was made public for anyone to comment on. You just did not like the fact that I challenged you about what you wrote and your elementary response proves it.
By the way if your such a great skinner how come I only see screenshots and mediocre photos in your gallery. If you have such great skins why not upload them here or give me a site where I can download your fantastic work. You might have been what you call a skinner longer than me (I don't know if that is true) but you deal with people like you are 12. I am not afraid to give links to my galleries. My work is not great but I am also not bragging about it. 
Now you can have your last word because I am finished talking with you.

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