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Trumps of Amber- Julian

Number 4 - Julian, regent of Amber and custodian of Arden.

One does not simply walk into Amber, mostly because one would have to walk through the forest of Arden.

In the brief game I played, Julian was the 3rd Elder Amberite my character met. Well, "met" isn't really the right word. That would imply they exchanged pleasantries. My character was apprehended by him.
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Yep, pretty much how I picture him. I thought he was a huge douchebag at first, but he got better later on in the series. I like how you included Morgenstern in this one.
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"One does not simply walk into Mordor!" "Well the other option is Amber." "Mordor it is. At least you have a fighting chance!"

Morgernstern looks lovely, and Julian looks spot on, and quite intimidating (as I said, spot on), but I can't help but think of Dragon Age when I see the armor, did you borrow inspiration for the design from there per chance?
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My other favorite fandom, you are correct. Oddly enough, Sebastian's armor always came to mind when I was imagining it, even though he's the character I despise most in the franchise. Weird huh?
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Well Sebastian was quite well-designed visually and had a story that stood out a bit from the others, but he also had a tendency to grate on my nerves after a while (even if I did enjoy his banter with Fenris since it made Fenris look a bit more sympathetic). But yhea, overall Sebastian is a character I could have lived without.
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If I'd had the prompt to kill him, I would have. I mean, he was always insufferable and at points all the characters annoyed me, when he said "Why can't the mages be happy with what they have?" I wanted to stab him in the face. 
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Ugh, yhea. I had almost managed to forget that line... but that line was just not ok. Especially not for the Kirkwall mages.
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These are very good! I'm a serious Amber fangirl. Benedict and more so Julian are my favorite males in the series. Which is why I will now gently point out that Morgenstern is a grey stallion. Which means he is a pale horse that's probably more white than gray.

You mentioned looking for people to play with. Do you mean live or possible via email or boards? Because I can point you to several places on line where players play.
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Technically he's still gray, I just pictured him as a darker gray, rather than lighter. Nothing wrong with that, the descriptions leave a bit of wiggle room for artistic license. All of these trumps are only my interpretations of the characters and such, they are pretty close to accurate, but they aren't going to be 100%. That being said, I'm still glad you like it, this is one of my favorites so far. Unfortunately I haven't gotten to my favorite character in all the series yet and it could be some time before I do.

I did, yes. I'd like to play in one, or I'd like to run one someday. Or mod a fully-voiced Bleys into Skyrim and make him high king. that too. Unfortunately, I am so too busy right now, between my job, my webcomic and my current D&D campaign, I probably couldn't swing it. Maybe at a later date though. It'd probably be online, I don't see any other way it could work. 
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These are beyond amazing! Keep it up. I'm glad there are still some Amber fans out there!
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Thanks! Yeah I'm a huge Amber nerd and I keep trying to get other people into it too.

Man, my friends and I play Amber, and we couldn't find any good trumps for the elders. These are pretty great. I love the art nouveau style. I would love to see the rest of the elders!
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:) Thanks I hope to get the rest up as soon as I can.
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So cool. Morgienstern looks so scary
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Game? What's the game?
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Amber Diceless Roleplaying Game.
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