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Rainformer 3.0 HWiNFO Edition : Rainmeter

DOWNLOAD Rainformer AIDA64 Edition here


✔ DISK DRIVE: (letters from C to Z, drive Label, Used-Free/Total space, activity indicators),
✔ NETWORK SKIN:  (WLAN, Download/Upload speed, peak and total data transfer, External/Internal IP Address),
✔ GRAPHICS / VIDEO ADAPTER SKINS: (support for AMD and NVIDIA cards),
✔ RECYCLE BIN: (number/size of items, shortcuts to open and empty the Bin),
✔ CPU SKINS: (supports for up to 36 Cores, RAM usage, total and used...),
✔ UP TIME SKIN: (shows system up-time),
✔ CLOCK SKIN: (time, date, System uptime, current day...)
✔ CALENDAR: LuaCalendar (includes Julian and Gregorian calendar with some of the most important Events added),
✔ WEATHER SKIN: (current weather condition, forecast for next 8 days including today, night forecast shows up on move hover),
✔ BATTERY SKIN: (charging level, time left... ),
✔ PSU SKIN: (Power usage, PSU temp., Fan speed...),
✔ VOLUME SKIN: (volume slider, mute/unmute sound, change device...),
✔ TOP CPU: (shows up 10 top CPU users + RAM usage for every of the processes),
✔ TOP GPU: (shows up 10 top GPU users + VRAM usage for every of the process),
✔ TOP RAM: (shows up 10 top RAM users + CPU usage for every of the process),
✔ POWER PLAN:  (quickly switch between the Power plans and customize it),
✔ ASTRONOMY: originally made by balala (), (works offline, shows data such as sunrise, moonrise, sunset, moonset, day length and more on mouse hover action),
✔ FANS: (shows the main data for up to 13 Fans of a system),
✔ TEMPS: (shows up to 10 temperature sensors of a system. Fully customizable),
✔ SETTINGS: (includes options to customize colors, opacity, show/hide features of the skins, enter some customizable data etc.),

CHANGELOG (click here to see)


REFRESH THE SKIN(S) AFTER YOU FINISH WITH UPDATING IDs in HWiNFO SMV. Click over a skin with "middle mouse button" for quick refreshing the skin.
WARNING! From HWiNFO v7.0 and upper, Shared Memeory Support feature turns off after every 12h of (continuous) use and it has to be re-enabled manually again: click for more details. If you restart your machine or HWiNFO once in 12h, it will reset the time.

Additional info:
What the CPU Temperature sensor to choose? click here to read
CPU Temperature accuracy read-outs useful info. click here to read

Thanks God for everything! Special thanks to jsmorley, balala, EclecticTech, raiguard and SilverAzide
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Is there something wrong with the Drives skin? Does it work with Windows Storage Pool drives? I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times and every time I load the drives skin Rainmeter freezes/crashes.

EDIT: I just tried selecting only my none Windows Storage Pool drives and is still crashes.

EDIT: Looks to be a Rainmeter issue. I tried a different skin suite and it crashes too when trying to display drives. SORRY

:) Thank you so much, Pul53dr1v3r, for

sharing this with us. :)

Love it, thank you for your work :)

I updated from version 2.3, and I still have the old CPU-RAM version. I even redownloaded and used 7zip to dig directly into the rmskin file and pull out the ini file, and it's the same as the old one. Everything else seems fine.

During install, Rainmeter was unable to create a backup, in case that's a clue.

EDIT: Added screenshot

RainformerHWI CPU

EDIT 2: Network is also the old version.

EDIT 3: Deleted everything and reinstalled. All good now, nothing to see here.

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I love this! I've been using Gadgets for 2 years and this is a great next step. It's colors are all over the place and Rainformer feels much more consistent visually.

really nice!

Skin is wonderful, and restart HWinfo is a minor problem, where configuration is actually very easy. Thanks!

Any chance that you will update this skin to use the registry based SHM replacement in HWinfo64 7.x?

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I don't plan to do it and I previously mentioned why. This is the easiest way to configure the skin, and the only disadvantage is the 12h limit. In my opinion it is not hard to re-check the Shared Memory Support option every 12h if you keep your machine on all the time. If the registry based solution have had a unique values foe every sensor, I'd be pleased to do it, but now it is a bad option and I don't like it.

I don't like it either. I'm inclined to just make a batch file that finds, kills, then restarts HWinfo and make a 6 hours scheduled task. It's an awful hack but that's where we're at.

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Been meaning to make a PS script that can make a scheduled task so it is a one line command to copy and paste.

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Finally you have added disklist and it loooks awesome!!! Thank yoour so much for adding this. Now I can get rid of my hideous version of disklist from my desktop :D Just a question tho, can I make the drive labels justified to right? Thanks again mate

EDIT: Scratch that, I have figured it out mate. Now it looks more glorious :)

EDIT 2: Some drives' bar shows the free/used space misplaced. Check the drives E and F in ss

EDIT 3: Looks like only terabyte disks looks like that. After adding some more network drives I have come to this conclusion.

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Hi Arch. Try to click on the labels "Free:" and "Used:". You will probably be surpriced, but it has worked so since who knows which version. ;) You can also hide the temps if you won't use it...


Sorry for waiting for this up to yesterday, but sometimes i didn't touch Rainmeter for 1 or even 2 months in a row. Free time, motivation and so on were missing often.

Thanks for the support and pls report for potential issues.

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WOW! Thank you so much for your incredible work on this mate. Worth the wait. As I told you before, I am a really patient guy and I know that customization related works take time. Of course I will report for t potential issues. Eagerly waiting for AIDA version to dive deep in your suite :)

I just love this skin <3

2021-05-06 11h21 31

What should i do to it shows the temperature of my disks?

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v3.0 is going to be finished up to this Sunday (i believe) and it will include HDD temps in DISKS skin, for every disk.

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With my new ryzen 5800x temp is 0º .. any idea to fix? thx

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did you try to install the latest HWiNFO, reinstall it and make sure you have configured it correctly. The Shared Memory Support in HWiNFO Settings must be enabled and HWiNFO Sensor Panel has to be running in the background all along. If you can find the CPU temperature in the Sensor Panel, then opet Shared Memory Viewer from Rainformer Settings, General tab, run it, choose the sensor you wanna update on the right side, find it on the left menu, click on it and press the Update button. Reftres the skin and see does it make any changes.

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I dont know I can understand you.. I think did all steps.. but temp isnt running

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You also can replace the [MCPUTemp] measure of the CPU-RAM skin with this one and give it a try. Don't forget to save the changes and refresh the skin.

A tricky check could be to use any other sensor ID instead of the CPU temp and to set its ID and another data just to see will it show any vaulue except 0.

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Sorry Im so stupid, and cant did working.. but dont worry about it... will find some solution.. Thx for your time

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I don't think so, on the contrary. This could be a HWiNFO or SMV issue with the newest Ryzen CPU, but as i don't have any close to my hands, there is not a way to test it myself. Could you ples make a screenshot of SMV when you click on the CPU Temperature sensor in it? Sth like this:

2021-05-05 20-19-31
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