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Rainformer 2.9 AIDA64 Edition | Rainmeter

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DOWNLOAD Rainformer HWiNFO Edition here


✔ DISK DRIVE: (letters from C to Z, drive Label, Used-Free/Total space, activity indicators),
✔ NETWORK SKIN:  (WLAN, Download/Upload speed, peak and total data transfer, External/Internal IP Address),
✔ GRAPHICS / VIDEO ADAPTER SKINS: (support for AMD and NVIDIA cards),
✔ RECYCLE BIN: (number/size of items, shortcuts to open and empty the Bin),
✔ CPU SKINS: (supports for up to 36 Cores, RAM usage, total and used...),
 UP TIME SKIN: (shows system up-time),
✔ CLOCK SKIN: (time, date, System uptime, current day...)
✔ CALENDAR: LuaCalendar (includes Julian and Gregorian calendar with some of the most important Events added),
✔ WEATHER SKIN: (current weather condition, forecast for next 8 days including today, night forecast shows up on move hover),
✔ BATTERY SKIN: (charging level, time left... ),
 PSU SKIN: (Power usage, PSU temp., Fan speed...),
✔ VOLUME SKIN: (volume slider, mute/unmute sound, change device...),
✔ TOP CPU: (shows up 10 top CPU users + RAM usage for every of the processes),
✔ TOP GPU: (shows up 10 top GPU users + VRAM usage for every of the process),
✔ TOP RAM: (shows up 10 top RAM users + CPU usage for every of the process),
✔ POWER PLAN:  (quickly switch between the Power plans and customize it),
✔ ASTRONOMY: originally made by balala (), (works offline, shows data such as sunrise, moonrise, sunset, moonset, day length and more on mouse hover action),
✔ FANS: (shows the main data for up to 13 Fans of a system),
✔ SETTINGS: (includes options to customize colors, opacity, show/hide features of the skins, enter some customizable data etc.),

CHANGELOG (click here to see)

HOW TO USE (easy steps):

1) You need a FULL EDITION of AIDA64 installed for the next skins: CPU_RAM (partially), PSU, GPU and FANS. Others work independently of AIDA64. 
AIDA64 must be running (in the background) all the time!
P.S. Always check out for the latest versions of Rainmeter and AIDA64 .
2) To set up the suite to works properly, configure AIDA64 as follows:
Run the program (AIDA64) and go to:  Files --> Preferences --> External Applications.
-2a) Check the "Enable writing sensor values to Registry" box (must be enabled):
-2b) check the following sensor boxes like on the picture below (you can check them all, but it will use more Hardware resources):
3) Set up AIDA64 to starts up with Windows and minimize [OPTIONALLY]:
Example .

AMD Radeon Card owners have to easily enter the Total memory amount of their cards manually in the Settings panel, unlike NVIDIA card owners:

To use PSU Skin, you must have a PSU with Digital Link Interface such as Corsair's RMi, HXi and AXi series. Make sure you checked the PSU related sensor boxes from step 2b.
This is where to enter the Max Power of your PSU in Settings panel:

Partial Video Tutorial and Review: Watch

Thanks God for everything! Special thanks to jsmorley, balala, EclecticTech, raiguard and SilverAzide). 

If you like this suite, you may add it to your Favourites. If you don't, pls write what to change, add or improve... It could motivate me to keep up working on this. Feel free to write if you need any help or have a suggestion. Just be patient, and try to answer to the others if you can help. Тreat people the same way you want them to treat you.
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hi.. Great work.. I have a request.. Can you make the volume slider a vertical bar?

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Pul53dr1v3rHobbyist General Artist

Hi. The vertical bar couldn't fit the suite general design, so don't expect it. It could be done apart from the suite, as a separate skin.

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Hello, I meet a problem on an Inter NUC (5I5RYH) + W10

I did the manipulation of ticking "Enable writing sensor values to Registry" on the AIDA64Business software but the skin does not see the temperatures a priori, this is the only problem I encounter on a NUC with your skin

if you would advise me on what to do so that the skin can see the temperatures, I thank you


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Pul53dr1v3rHobbyist General Artist

could you make a screchot of AIDA64 sensor values in registries?

Type regedit in the Run, then go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER ->Software\FinalWire\AIDA64\SensorValues

This is what it looks like: 

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Hello, I would have a question on your skin

how is the translation going?

because I would suggest that you translate ( EN > FR )





thank you

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Pul53dr1v3rHobbyist General Artist

Hi. For Weather skin there is French language in Settings menu. Choose it and press the "Apply" button. As to the Network skin, download this file and replace the existing Network.ini: download

If you need any explanation, feel free to ask.

If you might want to change the "Day" in Clock skin, open the skin code, find meter [meterDayOfYear] (line 141) and replace Text="Day: %1" to Text="Jour: %1" .

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Pul53dr1v3rHobbyist General ArtistFeatured

UPDATE INFO: Version 2.9 released.



-improved: Weather skin now uses about 4x less internet data (~1MB per update), the skin is pretty faster

-improved: Weather skin code reworked

-fixed: units conversion and other related bugs of Weather skin

-new: Air Quality feature added to Weather skin

-new: number of top processes of TOP CPU, TOP GPU and TOP RAM skins increased to 10

-new: option to set update rate of TOP CPU, TOP GPU and TOP RAM skins (Settings)

-new: option to customize the "Warning colors" of devices temperatures (Settings)

-new: option to customize the "Warning colors" thresholds of CPU-RAM, GPU and PSU skins (Settings)

-fixed: Uv Index scale changed to 11 points instead of 10 (Weather)

-fixed: some graphs of GPU skin didn't show

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I'm seeing some minor bugs.

1. If I change color or opacity of the top or bottom backgrounds, everything updates except the weather skin. If I then go to Settings Skins 3 & click apply, it updates to match.

2. On Settings Skins 3, there's a graphics error at the bottom. Looks like a small gray top background bar & it changes opacity when I mouse-over apply

3. The temperature is also a little off - Using Metric, it says 84 (current F temp). Using Imperial, it says 183.

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Pul53dr1v3rHobbyist General Artist

Hi and thanks for the reply. As you can see i just updated the suite. Read the changelog to see the changes.

As to the things you reported:

1. i set it so on purpose as many of us could cnage the general settings very often and quickly so the weather skin could break (known Webparser issue), or weather.com site could ban someone,

2. unfortunatelly i can't notice it...,

3. pls see id everything fine in v2.9.

Thanks once again for the report.

pmlivingston-va's avatar

1 & 3 - Everything is working properly. Thank you!

2. On Setting Skins 3, I've figured out it's the gray background for the apply button. If I change skins size/scale, that resizes too. At size 1, everything looks fine. If I go lower, the gray area shrinks & moves towards upper left. If I go higher, it grows & shifts towards lower right. At 1.2, it's getting partially cut off by base of the settings skin. At 1.3 or higher, it's gone.

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Pul53dr1v3rHobbyist General Artist

oh, i saw it and fixed right away. The fix is applied in the new package i uploaded here. Version is the same as it is too small thing.

Thanks a lot!

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Thanks for fixing weather, you've done stellar work!

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Pul53dr1v3rHobbyist General Artist

new version released. See the changelog. ;)

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Have you left out or missed weather warnings on v2.8? My area currently has 2 weather warnings on the website but they don't show up on the skin. I seem to remember somewhat that they did on previous versions, unless I'm confusing it with different weather skin. It's a definite possibility.

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Pul53dr1v3rHobbyist General Artist

no, the weather skin never had the alerts. Not sure it will ever have.

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Since the newest Windows 10 update in June, my CPU core temperature stopped working, how do i fix it?

OddyAte's avatar

I have the same issue, usually it shows -1 Celsius. Only a restart fixes it completely, if I just restart AIDA, it shows 17 Celsius. I presume it's an AIDA bug.

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Pul53dr1v3rHobbyist General Artist

try to reinstall all and download the latest beta release of AIDA64. Take care have you configured all the things correctly.

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should I use the portable beta (there are no installers for beta)?, I just got no info about GPU temp

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Pul53dr1v3rHobbyist General Artist

Hi. I'm using a beta version for while. There is no any risk of using beta that i noticed, on the contrary, there can be only advantage, especially if you're adding or having the newest components in your computer.

As to GPU temp, could you tell me what's your GPU model?

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Is there a new downloadable version? If so, can you please link us to it?

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Got it ! It's working perfectly now. Thank you!

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