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Rainformer 2.9.3 HWiNFO Edition : Rainmeter

By Pul53dr1v3r
DOWNLOAD Rainformer AIDA64 Edition here


✔ DISK DRIVE: (letters from C to Z, drive Label, Used-Free/Total space, activity indicators),
✔ NETWORK SKIN:  (WLAN, Download/Upload speed, peak and total data transfer, External/Internal IP Address),
✔ GRAPHICS / VIDEO ADAPTER SKINS: (support for AMD and NVIDIA cards),
✔ RECYCLE BIN: (number/size of items, shortcuts to open and empty the Bin),
✔ CPU SKINS: (supports for up to 36 Cores, RAM usage, total and used...),
✔ UP TIME SKIN: (shows system up-time),
✔ CLOCK SKIN: (time, date, System uptime, current day...)
✔ CALENDAR: LuaCalendar (includes Julian and Gregorian calendar with some of the most important Events added),
✔ WEATHER SKIN: (current weather condition, forecast for next 8 days including today, night forecast shows up on move hover),
✔ BATTERY SKIN: (charging level, time left... ),
✔ PSU SKIN: (Power usage, PSU temp., Fan speed...),
✔ VOLUME SKIN: (volume slider, mute/unmute sound, change device...),
✔ TOP CPU: (shows up 10 top CPU users + RAM usage for every of the processes),
✔ TOP GPU: (shows up 10 top GPU users + VRAM usage for every of the process),
✔ TOP RAM: (shows up 10 top RAM users + CPU usage for every of the process),
✔ POWER PLAN:  (quickly switch between the Power plans and customize it),
✔ ASTRONOMY: originally made by balala (), (works offline, shows data such as sunrise, moonrise, sunset, moonset, day length and more on mouse hover action),
✔ FANS: (shows the main data for up to 13 Fans of a system),
✔ SETTINGS: (includes options to customize colors, opacity, show/hide features of the skins, enter some customizable data etc.),

CHANGELOG (click here to see)


REFRESH THE SKIN(S) AFTER YOU FINISH WITH UPDATING IDs in HWiNFO SMV. Click over a skin with "middle mouse button" for quick refreshing the skin.
WARNING! From HWiNFO v7.0 and upper, Shared Memeory Support feature turns off after every 12h of (continuous) use and it has to be re-enabled manually again: click for more details. If you restart your machine or HWiNFO once in 12h, it will reset the time.

Additional info:
What the CPU Temperature sensor to choose? click here to read
CPU Temperature accuracy read-outs useful info. click here to read

Thanks God for everything! Special thanks to jsmorley, balala, EclecticTech, raiguard and SilverAzide
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With my new ryzen 5800x temp is 0º .. any idea to fix? thx

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did you try to install the latest HWiNFO, reinstall it and make sure you have configured it correctly. The Shared Memory Support in HWiNFO Settings must be enabled and HWiNFO Sensor Panel has to be running in the background all along. If you can find the CPU temperature in the Sensor Panel, then opet Shared Memory Viewer from Rainformer Settings, General tab, run it, choose the sensor you wanna update on the right side, find it on the left menu, click on it and press the Update button. Reftres the skin and see does it make any changes.

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I dont know I can understand you.. I think did all steps.. but temp isnt running

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You also can replace the [MCPUTemp] measure of the CPU-RAM skin with this one and give it a try. Don't forget to save the changes and refresh the skin.

A tricky check could be to use any other sensor ID instead of the CPU temp and to set its ID and another data just to see will it show any vaulue except 0.

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Sorry Im so stupid, and cant did working.. but dont worry about it... will find some solution.. Thx for your time

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I don't think so, on the contrary. This could be a HWiNFO or SMV issue with the newest Ryzen CPU, but as i don't have any close to my hands, there is not a way to test it myself. Could you ples make a screenshot of SMV when you click on the CPU Temperature sensor in it? Sth like this:

2021-05-05 20-19-31

Is there a way to Change the Color of the Temperature Degrees in weather? When i switch to F for weather it turns red and i can't read it.

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You can use this until i finish and publish a complete version where the issue is fixed.

Would it be possible to add a small feature to the PSU window, for those of us that don't have PSU's with onboard sensors? It would be sweet if we could choose 2 or more sensors like "GPU power" and "Core+SoC power" and have them added together in a sort of adhoc "total power usage". Every time someone has asked the author of HWinfo for that feature they say there's no point to it because it would be inaccurate compaired to a physical watt meter, but that doesn't really make sense considering they include all the other power readings already, it would just be a total of all of them. Obviously it won't be 100% accurate, but the same can be said for any software monitored sensor.

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If you dont have a PSU that monitors Power in vs Power Out.

It is nearly impossible to see how much power is being used.

everything on the motherboard uses some power.

The Audio codec, Network Interface Adapter, USB controllers, SATA controllers, PCH, VRM.

Not all motherboard manufactures use the same chips, each chip uses has its own power requirements.

All of these also have some losses when it comes to efficiency.

The PCIe can output upto 75w, but that does not mean it is always supplying 75w.

A mid range card may not use more than 200w, but a high end one will use more power.

You can overclock a CPU, give it an extra 250mV to get the clock you want, yet someone else can get the same clock with 100mV

A sensor will monitor received data, unless that sensor is faulty the readings it provides is near 100% accurate reading.

Its not a random guess.

I mean all you could do use the following

CPU Voltage X CPU Amperage + GPU Watts drawn

But that wont tell you much, as you can still be drawing extra power else where.

PSUs like Corsair Link Equipped ones that have the power usage sensors work best with the PSU skin


Sure it wont be the exact amount total power draw, but it's not like the motherboard draws power in the same ranges as cpu and gpu, x570 for example draws 7w for that chip. RAM uses 3-6w per stick (from corsairs data), which brings it inline with the 30-40w mark people have stated total mobo power draw is (minus CPU/GPU). I can get the power load on all 3 pcie connectors on my video card plus the pcie slot draw, all from HWinfo, dual 8 pins for 130.6w + 108W, 7.2w from 6pin and 54w from PCie slot. I can get each CPU core power draw plus socket draw as well, CPU+SoC power of 119w, so on my last benchmark, total power for cpu+gpu was 418.8w

This would give users a decent approximation of system draw.

Anyone whos ever put a multimeter to a mobo and compaired the reading to a sensors can tell you that they are not accurate, but thats not really relavent for most end users. It would just be cool to have an approximation.

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I can plug a few USB devices into my PC and draw 50w easily.

I have 2 phones that can support 18w fast charge which I charge via USB type C which has thunderbolt.

My RGB keyboard uses 3 or so watts, my mouse uses 2watts, my BD-Drive uses 5w and a NVMe based SSDs connected via USB 3 would draw 5w.

USB 2 is limited to 2.5w per device

USB 3 is limited to 4.5w per device

Thunderbolt can be 100w, so yeah I could charge a macbook pro off my desktop.

1Gbit ethernet uses less power than a 2.5Gbit ethernet.

Pump headers can draw 24watts, fans can draw easily 12w per header.

I have checked my HWinfo to get the data from sensors and this is what I have reported to me.

GPU 6pin #1

GPU 8pin #2

CPU Package Power

IA Cores Power

DRAM Power

Rest-Of-Chip Power.

No data on NVMe, FANS, PCH, VRM, NIC, Audio Codec.

Plus not to mention some motherboards give info on VRM and PCH.

It would be more configuration involved where you have to manually add each sensor value in.

Its not that it cant be done, it is just going to be more work for the developer.

As for sensors not being accurate, they're within 2.5% most of the time with higher end motherboards having <1%.

Again, im not asking for 30 different sensors to be configurable, just 2. And 95% of people won't be drawing 100w from thunderbolt and another 100w from usb 3.2 gen 2 constantly.

i mean, these sensors are in HWinfo so you can monitor them, and we use rainmeter to avoid having the huge window open, all im asking is for second option in one skin. I already use it to monitor my GPU power and having a second sensor set to CPU power as well would be awesome.

Of course it won't be total power draw, i've acknowledged that already, thats not what myself and others are after.

I can already launch two instances of the skin and monitor both, im just looking for a more streamlined way to do it.

Here's a pic of my current setup:

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I am not the maker of the rainformer skins, but I quickly whipped this up.

You will need to goto Documents/rainmeter/rainformer directory and then make a folder and call it something like CPU-GPU PWR.

Then you will need to copy the text from the site linked above and paste it into notepad, then save it into that folder you just made.

Then open found at @Resources and ad these lines half way down.







Use shared memory viewer to get the sensor IDs for the CPU and GPU.

Then open up the in that same folder and add this line in


Add the wattage of both GPU and CPU combined.

This skin will just get the CPU power and add it to GPU power and spit out results.

The code is based off the PSU skin with a fair amount of things removed and tweaked.

No temp, no fan, no histograms, no min/max readings(was having issues getting it to work correctly, but if I put more time into it I would get it).

So it is jank code that works

Feel free to rewrite it or tweak it.

I recently re-installed windows on my machine, and installed HWInfo64 6.42 and Rainformer. Since I had my configuration stored on a separate drive, my Rainformer settings picked up with no issue. The only thing I can't get working is CPU and GPU temps. It shows 0C for both, even though the SMV shows the correct value. What am I missing?

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I can confirm the new version of HWInfo has "Shared Memory support" turned off.

To re-enable it simply right click on the HWInfo icon (in windows taskbar), open settings and you'll find that in the general tab.

I'm not running 7.0.0 of HWInfo, I'm running 6.4.2 still.

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Knotty says he installed 6.42 but he might have version 7.0 installed.

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If you just dragged and dropped RainformerHWi into the rainmeter folder you will also need to ensure you have the plugin that is in %userprofile%\Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\@Vault\Plugins\HWiNFO\\64bit\ installed as well.

Otherwise make sure that Shared Memory Support is enabled.

Yeah, the dll is in that path, and Shared Memory Support is enabled. I guess I will need to try reinstalling the Rainformer and see if that fixes it. Everything besides the CPU and GPU clock speed/temp are working fine.

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If the plugin is installed(try reinstalling Rainformer again) make sure that you have applied the correct Shared Memory Viewer settings to the config

Reinstalling Rainformer fixed it. Thanks for the help, Grayfox!

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Just noticed that newer version of HW Info only supports "shared memory support" toggled on IN PRO versions. A pity!

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