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Rainformer 2.9.3 AIDA64 Edition | Rainmeter

DOWNLOAD Rainformer HWiNFO Edition here


✔ DISK DRIVE: (letters from C to Z, drive Label, Used-Free/Total space, activity indicators),
✔ NETWORK SKIN:  (WLAN, Download/Upload speed, peak and total data transfer, External/Internal IP Address),
✔ GRAPHICS / VIDEO ADAPTER SKINS: (support for AMD and NVIDIA cards),
✔ RECYCLE BIN: (number/size of items, shortcuts to open and empty the Bin),
✔ CPU SKINS: (supports for up to 36 Cores, RAM usage, total and used...),
 UP TIME SKIN: (shows system up-time),
✔ CLOCK SKIN: (time, date, System uptime, current day...)
✔ CALENDAR: LuaCalendar (includes Julian and Gregorian calendar with some of the most important Events added),
✔ WEATHER SKIN: (current weather condition, forecast for next 8 days including today, night forecast shows up on move hover),
✔ BATTERY SKIN: (charging level, time left... ),
 PSU SKIN: (Power usage, PSU temp., Fan speed...),
✔ VOLUME SKIN: (volume slider, mute/unmute sound, change device...),
✔ TOP CPU: (shows up 10 top CPU users + RAM usage for every of the processes),
✔ TOP GPU: (shows up 10 top GPU users + VRAM usage for every of the process),
✔ TOP RAM: (shows up 10 top RAM users + CPU usage for every of the process),
✔ POWER PLAN:  (quickly switch between the Power plans and customize it),
✔ ASTRONOMY: originally made by balala (), (works offline, shows data such as sunrise, moonrise, sunset, moonset, day length and more on mouse hover action),
✔ FANS: (shows the main data for up to 13 Fans of a system),
✔ SETTINGS: (includes options to customize colors, opacity, show/hide features of the skins, enter some customizable data etc.),

CHANGELOG (click here to see)

HOW TO USE (easy steps):

1) You need a FULL EDITION of AIDA64 installed for the next skins: CPU_RAM (partially), PSU, GPU and FANS. Others work independently of AIDA64. 
AIDA64 must be running (in the background) all the time!
P.S. Always check out for the latest versions of Rainmeter and AIDA64 .
2) To set up the suite to works properly, configure AIDA64 as follows:
Run the program (AIDA64) and go to:  Files --> Preferences --> External Applications.
-2a) Check the "Enable writing sensor values to Registry" box (must be enabled):
-2b) check the following sensor boxes like on the picture below (you can check them all, but it will use more Hardware resources):
3) Set up AIDA64 to starts up with Windows and minimize [OPTIONALLY]:
Example .

AMD Radeon Card owners have to easily enter the Total memory amount of their cards manually in the Settings panel, unlike NVIDIA card owners:

To use PSU Skin, you must have a PSU with Digital Link Interface such as Corsair's RMi, HXi and AXi series. Make sure you checked the PSU related sensor boxes from step 2b.
This is where to enter the Max Power of your PSU in Settings panel:

Partial Video Tutorial and Review: Watch

Thanks God for everything! Special thanks to jsmorley, balala, EclecticTech, raiguard and SilverAzide). 
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Hey, thank you for the great skin! I'm on latest W11 dev channel and just like below, GPU utilization had stopped to work unfortunately. It's AMD vega 56 fwiw, here I attach the idle state of sensor values.

I tried to pick up the newly changed name of the value(I assume) but it seems to be not too obvious.. any help would be very appreciated. Anything else is working just great as it used to be. Thank you again for the great work!!

BTW both aida64 and rainmeter are latest!

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Hi. Thanks for the pic, but i don't see the GPU Utilization sensor here. Make sure if you have checked it in the External Aplications menu in AIDA64 if there is such a sensor. If not, then you should download the latest BETA verion of AIDA64 as there could be an issue with Win 11 since it is still not a final version of Windows and not sure what the support of AIDA64 is with it. After you have installed the latest beta, and if you still don't see the sensor, you should report the issue here.

Thank you for the feedback! I installed AIDA64 latest beta with proper config setup but it's still same. I guess some registry structure had changed on W11, it worked just fine on W10. I'll try again when W11 is on stable channel. Thank you for the help though!

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Hey! I just recently upgraded from a 1080 ti to a 3080 ti, and now the temp or utilization doesn't show for the gpu menu?? Any idea?

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Hey. Make sure you have enabled every sensor you need in AIDA64 External application menu, then open Registry Editor ((Ctrl+R) then type "regedit", go to Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\FinalWire\AIDA64\SensorValues, make a screenshot and send me the pic pls.

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Hey thanks, I eventually figured it out. I updated my aida64 and rainmeter and it started to work!

First of all, Absolutely love the program and has worked amazingly for me for some time now. Will the Aida version be receiving the 3.0 update sometime soon?

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Hi. There is not plenty of work with AIDA64 Edition, but my obligations, problems, health issues, motivation etc. prevent me even from starting this. I had a way shitty month behind!

I'm sorry to hear that man! No rush at all, was just curious. I hope July treats you better

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this skin is not reading my 5950x core/total usage

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Open Registry Editor ((Ctrl+R) then type "regedit", go to Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\FinalWire\AIDA64\SensorValues, make a screenshot and send me pls.

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i got it working already 👍

Where is the best place to get some help? I am having problem 'scaling' the skins, nothing seems to take. I am not convinced I am setting it right

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after you have entered a value into an Input Box, press Enter. Also, with rational numbers dont use ","(comma) but "."(dot) .

That has it!! Many thanks!

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Hi, it doesn't work with the latest HWinfo64 version. The temperatures, and for exmaple VRAM doesn't show at all. (says 0)

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this is AIDA64 Edition as you can see. As to HWiNFO Edition, follow the video tutorial how to configure HWiNFO and bear in mind that HWiNFO from v7.00 automatically disables the "Shared Memory Support" after 12h in free version and then you have to re-enable it manually or to restart HWiNFO once in 12h.

Hello, there is this error that Rainmeter log shows every second. I fixed it by putting a blank png file where it was searching, but maybe you can look why is it doing this. Thanks!

ImageName: Unable to open: C:\Users\*Username*\Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\RainformerAIDA64\Network\Intel(R) I211 Gigabit Network Connection.png (RainformerAIDA64\Network\Network.ini)

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Hi Oddy. I know for the issue as it came up since Rainmeter Beta released in November 2020. I fixed it sometime after the beta was published and until i finally finish Rainformer v3.0, you can use an older version of Rainmeter to get rid of the error in the Log, if you want. Sorry for the inconvenience. It just requres another approach in Image meters.

Thanks for reporting anyway!

this is look so nice thank you Sir !

Dear Pul53dr1v3r many thanks for your nice AIDA64 Edition!

I would like to refer to this post regarding AIDIA64 problems:

It would be nice if this could be fixed in a subsequent version.

Thank you very much!

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Hello. Thanks for the report. The bug is fixed a few months ago for the new release of the gadgets that are mostly finished, but there is still a significant extent of the work.

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Thank you so much for the work you put into your Rainmeter skins.

I have no problems with anything. It all works great and looks beautiful.

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