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Rainformer 3.1 HWiNFO Edition : Rainmeter

DOWNLOAD Rainformer AIDA64 Edition here


✔ DISK DRIVE: (letters from C to Z, drive Label, Used-Free/Total space, activity indicators),
✔ NETWORK SKIN:  (WLAN, Download/Upload speed, peak and total data transfer, External/Internal IP Address),
✔ GRAPHICS / VIDEO ADAPTER SKINS: (support for AMD and NVIDIA cards),
✔ RECYCLE BIN: (number/size of items, shortcuts to open and empty the Bin),
✔ CPU SKINS: (supports for up to 36 Cores, RAM usage, total and used...),
✔ UP TIME SKIN: (shows system up-time),
✔ CLOCK SKIN: (time, date, System uptime, current day...)
✔ CALENDAR: LuaCalendar (includes Julian and Gregorian calendar with some of the most important Events added),
✔ WEATHER SKIN: (current weather condition, forecast for next 8 days including today, night forecast shows up on move hover),
✔ BATTERY SKIN: (charging level, time left... ),
✔ PSU SKIN: (Power usage, PSU temp., Fan speed...),
✔ VOLUME SKIN: (volume slider, mute/unmute sound, change device...),
✔ TOP CPU: (shows up 10 top CPU users + RAM usage for every of the processes),
✔ TOP GPU: (shows up 10 top GPU users + VRAM usage for every of the process),
✔ TOP RAM: (shows up 10 top RAM users + CPU usage for every of the process),
✔ POWER PLAN:  (quickly switch between the Power plans and customize it),
✔ ASTRONOMY: originally made by balala (), (works offline, shows data such as sunrise, moonrise, sunset, moonset, day length and more on mouse hover action),
✔ FANS: (shows the main data for up to 13 Fans of a system),
✔ TEMPS: (shows up to 10 temperature sensors of a system. Fully customizable),
✔ SETTINGS: (includes options to customize colors, opacity, show/hide features of the skins, enter some customizable data etc.),

CHANGELOG (click here to see)


REFRESH THE SKIN(S) AFTER YOU FINISH WITH UPDATING IDs in HWiNFO SMV. Click over a skin with "middle mouse button" for quick refreshing the skin.
WARNING! From HWiNFO v7.0 and upper, Shared Memeory Support feature turns off after every 12h of (continuous) use and it has to be re-enabled manually again: click for more details. If you restart your machine or HWiNFO once in 12h, it will reset the time.

Additional info:
What the CPU Temperature sensor to choose? click here to read
CPU Temperature accuracy read-outs useful info. click here to read

Thanks God for everything! Special thanks to jsmorley, balala, EclecticTech, raiguard and SilverAzide
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The fans skin references the GPUs with 0-indexing but the SMV value setter uses 1-indexing.

Great work but i was using your skin few months ago no problem but now rainmeter don't work, it always not responding.....An idea ?

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Uninstall Rinmeter and delete the entire Rainmeter folder on C:\Users\User\Documents\Rainmeter. Then reinstall it along with the gadgets u need. If u know what the gadget causes the bug, you could simply just remove its folder. If not, the overhaul!

thanks for the anwsers, it's drive gadget the guilty

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Greetings Pul53dr1v3r, Thanks for all your hard work. really shows...I just got a minor problem with displaying the core counts in the CPU-Ram Skin, as well as the usage in percent.. theres nothing, cant explain why, got any idea?

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Open a Command Prompt or a PowerShell window as an Administator. Enter the following commands, in order (copy and paste this):

cd c:\windows\system32

lodctr /R

cd c:\windows\sysWOW64

lodctr /R

You should see Info: Successfully rebuilt performance counter setting from system backup store after the performance counters are rebuilt.

If either of the lodctr /R commands throw an error, enter the command again and it should work the second time.

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does this work also for Win7? because i got the reply: wrong syntax

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I edited my previous reply to look more clear.

As I used Win 7 long time ago, therefore I can't say does it work there, but give it a try. Btw. I don't pay attention at older OS's at all and I won't, so sorry if your OS is the culprit.

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Alright, even so: thx a lot...Also: it actually worked !!

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copy all the bolded code and paste in Command Prompt or PowerShell running as admin... If you get the same erros, good night.

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yeah i did all that, as I mentioned: it actually worked :)good night my friend..may God bless you

Just noticed 3.1 Network gadget not showing speed or peak speed when interface set to 'best' (use best since I frequently switch from cable to wifi). Not seeing any movement on the graphs when bast is selected wither. Work fines with either cable or wifi selected in the settings...

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pls prove more info such as Windows version, Rainmeter version and the active network interfaces/adapters in your machine.

Try to restart your machine and disable the unused network adapters too.

Reboot fixed it, for whatever reason! Thanks.

Awesome skin, I have been using it for years! I noticed you changed the drives from being individual to a single box. My question is, I use Drive C: thru R: but it will only let me input to Drive P: What do I need to so to add the extra drives? Thanks for a great skin!

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Open the Drive settings code, find [MeasureInputText] measure, and in Command6 - 9 (including 6 and 9) change InputLimit=14 to InputLimit=17 (that are 4 InputText options) since the text field should be fit for up to 17 letters that's at the same time enough to you. Save the changes and refresh the settings tab and the Drive skin. Done.

And yes, enter the drive letters you want to monitor in all the 4 fields in the settings.

You Rock! Thanks for the help!

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I have my gpu temperature displaying in the gpu window but not in the temps window. Any idea how to fix this?

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update sensor value for each skin separatelly and refresh them at the end.

I have been using your skin for a few days now and I notice that with HWINFO v7.14 stops displaying the temperature before the Shared Memory is reached 12 hrs. all the temperature disappears. Thank you.

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yes, just re-enable the option every 12h.

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I have been using your skin for a couple of days now. I wanted to replace an old one that I was using. I was wondering if there is an option to change the wide of the skin, or do I have to edit it myself? It looks like it can be made a bit more narrow.

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you can change the general skin size in the settings, not only width or height. Probably your screen resolution has something to do with it if the skins are wider than usually. Check it out.

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