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Rainformer 2.4 HWiNFO Edition : Rainmeter
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Published: March 14, 2019

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support for drives from C: to Z:,
➢drive labels,
➢read/write speeds, 
➢Used-Free/Total space (change on click on the label), 
➢activity indicators,  
➢open disk on click,
➢show/hide graphs on "-|+" button,
➢active bar (used disk space with warning levels).

➢Download/Upload speeds with graphs, 
➢activity indicators, 
➢Internal/External IP Addresses (toggling on click on the IP area),
➢Total Download/Upload data, 
➢Reset the Total data button, 
➢Open "Network Connections" on click, 
➢show/hide graphs on "-|+" button,
➢active bars (vertical, Upload/Download speeds).

➢Unified skin for ATI and NVIDIA Graphics Cards,
➢GPU usage, 
➢Memory usage,
➢GPU temperature, 
➢Fan speed (rpm), 
➢GPU clock, Memory clock,
➢show/hide graphs on "-/+" button,
➢active bars (GPU Usage, Memory Usage, FAN with warning levels).

➢open Recycle Bin (Click on the title),
➢empty Recycle Bin (Right mouse click),
➢number of Items in the Bin,
➢total size of Items in the Bin.

CPU support for up to 36 Cores,
the skin AUTOMATICALLY finds and sets the number of CPU cores, 
CPU clock,
CPU Fan speed (rpm), 
➢show/hide graphs on "-/+" button,
active bars (Total CPU Usage, CPU Cores Usage with warning levels),
CPU-RAM LIGHT Skin: includes only Total CPU usage with CPU and RAM bars, and RAM usage info.

 (as a part of CPU-RAM skin): 
Used and Total RAM (Auto detection),
active bar (RAM usage with warning levels).


➢Day in the Year,
➢shows system up-time.


➢Battery charging status, 
➢battery life,
➢bar with warning colors depending on the battery charge level,
➢animated Battery icon related to the battery status.

(Basic and Professional versions): 
➢Power usage, 
➢PSU temperature, 
➢PSU Fan speed, 
➢Voltage, Amperage and Wattage for +3,3, +5 and  +12 connectors,
➢show/hide graphs on "-|+" button,
➢active bar.

➢Volume up/down (with mouse over the skin and scrolling mouse wheel up/down (steps per 1)), 
➢mute/unmute (speaker button), 
➢volume up/down buttons (change volume per +10 or -10), 
➢device change buttons,
➢Open Volume Mixer (click on the Title), 
➢Active slider.     NEW

Number of Active processes,
Top Processes by CPU usage,
➢To processes by RAM usage, NEW 
➢Top processes by GPU usage. NEW

✔ POWER PLAN:        
➢3 standard Windows' power plans (as textual buttons) ("Min"= Power saver, "Balanced"=Balanced, "Max"=High performance),
➢open "Power options" to customize power plans on click on the title.

 credit to balala
➢works completely OFFLINE with option to detects your location via Internet ("Detect" button),
➢Sunrise, Moonrise, Sunset, Moonset times,
➢Daylength (for the current day),
➢Daylength difference (for tomorrow),
➢Real Sun and Moon position in the Sky, NEW
➢Precise Moon phases. NEW

➢setup skins size, corner sharpness, stroke, colors, opacity...

➢contain sensors for up to 12 usual Fans in a PC fully customizable

-new: Fans skin
-new: skins Launcher
-new: support for second GPU
-new: added much more options  to the Settings panel
-new: added Logon time seconds to the Clock skin
-improved: Settings panel has a new design, tabs and "mouse over" color effect
-improved: whole the code has been reordered and finally neat
-improved: Bg height is completely dynamic
-improved: added a separate button to Empty Recycle Bin to the Recycle Bin skin
-improved: Disk skins have been redesigned
-improved: Network skin has been redesigned
-improved: Volume Control skin has been slightly rearranged
-improved: PSU skin has been slightly rearranged
-removed: PSU Pro skin
-removed: CPU-RAM Light skin. (There are now options to customize CPU-RAM skin in Settings panel to disable unused measures).
-fixed: GPU Fan bar color is always white

- New: Top RAM skin,
- New: Top GPU skin,
- New: Settings Panel,
  -resize skins,
  -customize corner radius,
  -customize stroke width,
  -Disk Drives panel,
  -option for users of AMD Radeon Graphics Cards to easily enter the Total memory amount,
  -option for users of Power Supply Units to easily enter the Max PSU Power,
  -open HWiNFO SharedMemoryViewer shortcut for easy setup,
  -option to changle Background 1 (top) color and opacity,
  -option to changle Background 2 (bottom) color and opacity,
  -option to change Stroke color and opacity,
  -option to change Bar color and opacity,
  -option to change Main text color,
  -option to change other Text(2) color,
  -Reset buttons, to reset Colors and Opacities to Default values,
  -Check for New version link.
- New: New skin Background style. Not based on illustro Bg anymore, but on the customizable shapes,
- Improved: all images in the suite have been replaced with shapes (result is Crystal clear look at any  skins sizes),
- Improved: Volume skin - added active slider to control volume level,
- Improved: Top CPU skin now uses UsageMonitor plug-in insted of PerfMoon and AdvancedCPU. Result is much better performance, no lags,
- Improved: GPU's ATI and NVIDIA skins have been merged into one skin,
- Improved: Sun-Moon skin - added feature to see real Sun and Moon angle in the Sky instead of Sun image,
- Improved: Sun-Moon skin - much more precise Moon phases on the Moon shape,
- Fixed: Power Plan skin - fixed lags when click the buttons,
- Changed: System Uptime skin has been merged with the Clock skin,
- Changed: Some cosmetic changes in all skins.




Additional info:

Which the CPU Temperature sensor to choose? READ OR ASK ABOUT IT HERE

CPU Temperature accuracy read-outs ( HWiNFO )

Thanks God for everything, the Rainmeter's team (developers, sages...), plug-in makers and all the other people who help , gives useful comments, suggestion etc. 
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Superb work; nice looks and feature rich! But I've got a question about the Fans skin. They all keep showing 0 rpm on my system and I don't know why. All the other skins seems to work fine. Is this a known issue?

Memory Viewer


HWiNFO64: 6.12-3930

Rainmeter: (64-bit)

Rainformer: 2.4

//Edit: Gallery doesn't display on my end, replace with individual images.

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Pul53dr1v3rHobbyist General Artist
Hi and thanks for reporting on the issue.  The skin has been rarely used, even by me since i have only 1 additional Fan that can be monitored apart from CPU's and GPU's, so you're the first to report it. Seems i forgot to test the skin after updating it. If i did it, i'd notice the mistake. Sorry. Ashamed 
The only thinf you have to do is too add include=#@#HWiNFO.inc into the [Variables] section of the skin.
Thanks to the dA's text formatting, it's always "pleasure" to post codes. 
Just in case, here is an alternative of the code
That's it.
Anthr4X-Nl's avatar

Haha, it's all good. :petting: And you're right, that does fix it. Got 7 fans and 1 pump over here, so it useful for me. Thanks for the quick reply!

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CoroDaNemHobbyist Interface Designer

Recycle Bin skin seems to not working :/ It shows 0 items all the time, even if Recycle Bin is has a lot of stuff.

Rainmeter version: (64-bit)

Rainformer 2.4 HWiNFO Edition

Pul53dr1v3r's avatar
Pul53dr1v3rHobbyist General Artist
Hi. I noticed the mistake i made after i published the new version of the suite. There is only a skin update issue where i mistakenly set Update=-1 instead of Update=3600 (or any other 1000+). So, just open the skin and replace the Update with any rate you want (1000 = 1 second). For that skin it is not so necessary to have quick update rate. 
CoroDaNem's avatar
CoroDaNemHobbyist Interface Designer

Thank you :)

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TlbColoNew Deviant
Hi - I followed your tutorial. It was fast going so did a lot of pausing.
When I added the CPU-RAM.ini variant the skin shows the 12 logical processors instead of the actual 6 core processors. I was just going to comment out all the meters after CPU 6 but realized that was not correct solution.
Perhaps I didn't disable the sensor status correctly but followed the tutorial as close as possible.
Can you help me figure out the correct solution? It should be displaying the actual core processors not the logical ones --- correct?
Pul53dr1v3r's avatar
Pul53dr1v3rHobbyist General Artist
Hi and thx. Yes, it's going pretty fast but you can change the playback speed on yt as well. 
As to the CPU skin, it's only possible to show all, physical and logical cores. None of the programs (such as HWiNFO, AIDA64 or Rainmeter with its built-in measures) can provide that data. But if you wish to disable the logical cores, you can do it in your BIOS. Then you will see only the 6 physical cores, but the CPU performance will drop significantly.

Just to notify you that a new version of the suite is around the corner.  
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TlbColoNew Deviant
Tks for the info on the CPU skin's capability. No wonder that I could not find a measure to select core vs. logical. You saved me some time.
No, I don't think disabling the logical processors on the skin are the right choice. The 6 core processors are distributed across the 12 logical ones and thus will not be accurate.
And I would never actually go into the operation system's management to disable the logical processors. As you said, it would highly impact performance and probably screw up something else in the long run.
Thank you again for putting all the work into creating these skins. Very useful to realize key elements of my computer across several elements.
Take care now.
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TlbColoNew Deviant
I am excited to try out your layout. The detail is fantastic.
And your follow-up to questions and issues is spot-on. Glad that you care of your users.
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Se7enex Photographer

Not sure what's going on but when i try to edit settings (PSU Power or BG opacity for example) and hit enter it just goes back to the default setting no matter what.

Pul53dr1v3r's avatar
Pul53dr1v3rHobbyist General Artist
Did you try to reinstall Rainmeter with the newest version? I'd also run Rainmeter as an admin. 
What's your Windows version?
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AgomyHobbyist Digital Artist


Just a small suggestion for the network meter.:

If you can manage to flip the network meter graph for the download horizontally that would make it look like upload goes up and download would go down in the graph.

Just an aesthetic thing :)

Pul53dr1v3r's avatar
Pul53dr1v3rHobbyist General Artist
Just one question for your opinion. Do you think it's necessary to have the option with this design:  pic ?
Pul53dr1v3r's avatar
Pul53dr1v3rHobbyist General Artist
will be added.
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Hi, thank you for this skin! I have one question, how can I add additional motherboard fans? I have 2 additional fan coolers I'd like to monitor.

Pul53dr1v3r's avatar
Pul53dr1v3rHobbyist General Artist
Hi. Once i made a Fans skin for AIDA64. If you don't have AIDA in order to use this skin, i'd make you HWiNFO version for the two fans? It's the fastest solution for now.
quiklunder's avatar

Thanks for the answer! That's exactly what I'm looking for. Thank you

ulcara's avatar
Hey, could you make a HWiNFO version out of your fan monitor and/or possibly include it with rainformer? <3

Also: edith reminded me to ask how to change the language of the days.
Pul53dr1v3r's avatar
Pul53dr1v3rHobbyist General Artist
Hi. Will try to make it in the next version.
As to the language of the days, take a look at this link: FormatLocale
ulcara's avatar
thank you veeeeeeeeery much! <3
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Vule76Hobbyist General Artist

Svaka čast buraz. Ne nađoh bolje za sada.

Jedna molba ako može, da i ovo bude za Aidu.

Pul53dr1v3r's avatar
Pul53dr1v3rHobbyist General Artist
Bice svakako i za AIDU ali ne ova verzija, vec naredna poboljsana koju sam polovicno zavrsio do sad. Uvodim potpuno relativno pozicioniranje sadrzaja na skinovima, za razliku od fiksnog koje je do sad bilo, tako da ce se mnogo lakse moci dodati bilo sta na bilo kom mestu u skinu, a isto tako i ukloniti...
Inace, i ja preferiram AIDU od pocetka, ali otkad me nagovorise za HWiNFO verziju, na njoj prvo radim apdejte pa onda na Aidi, no cim ova bude gotova brzo cu i za Aidu uraditi, ako Bog da.
Konstruktivne kritike i sugestije su takodje uvek dobrodosle ako imas koju.
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