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Rainformer 2.4 AIDA64 Edition | Rainmeter

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Published: April 1, 2014

DOWNLOAD Rainformer HWiNFO Edition



support for drives by letters: C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P,  Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y and Z,
➢drive Label,
➢read/write speeds,
➢Used-Free/Total space, New
➢activity indicators,  
➢open disk on click,
➢show/hide graphs on "-|+" button,
➢active bar (used disk space with warning levels),

➢Download/Upload speeds with graphs,
➢activity indicators,
➢Internal/External IP Addresses (toggling on click on the IP area),
➢Total Download/Upload data,
➢Reset the Total data button,
➢Open "Network Connections" on click,
➢show/hide graphs on "-|+" button,
➢active bars (vertical, Upload/Download speeds),

➢Separated skins for ATI and NVIDIA Graphics Cards,
➢GPU usage,
➢Memory usage (measures Video memory for NVIDIA, Dedicated for ATI's cards) [needs to enter the total memory of your ATI Card manually],
➢GPU temperature,
➢Fan speed (rpm),
➢GPU clock, Memory clock,
➢show/hide graphs on "-|+" button,
➢active bars (GPU Usage, Memory Usage, FAN with warning levels),

➢open Recycle Bin (Click on the title),
➢empty Recycle Bin (Right mouse click),
➢number of Items in the Bin,
➢total size of Items in the Bin,

numbers of the Cores supported: 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32, 34 and 36,
the skin AUTOMATICALLY finds and sets the number of CPU cores,
CPU clock,
CPU Fan speed (rpm),
➢show/hide graphs on "-|+" button,
active bars (Total CPU Usage, CPU Cores Usage with warning levels),
CPU-RAM LIGHT Skin: includes only Total CPU usage with CPU and RAM bars, and RAM usage info,

 (as a part of CPU-RAM skin):
Used and Total RAM (Auto detection),
active bar (RAM usage with warning levels),

shows system up-time,


➢Day in the Year,

X CALENDAR: (to be addded separately) (made by smurfier),


➢Battery charging status,
➢battery life,
➢bar with warning colors depending on the battery charge level,
➢animated Battery icon related to the battery status,

(Basic and Professional versions):
➢Power usage,
➢PSU temperature,
➢PSU Fan speed,
➢Voltage, Amperage and Wattage for +3,3, +5 and  +12 connectors,
➢show/hide graphs on "-|+" button,
➢active bar (Power Usage with warning levels), - [enter the PSU wattage manually]

➢Volume up/down (with mouse over the skin and scrolling mouse wheel up/down (steps per 1)),
➢mute/unmute (speaker button),
➢volume up/down buttons (change volume per +10 or -10),
➢device change buttons,
➢Open Volume Mixer (click on the Title),

Number of Active processes,
Top Processes by CPU Usage,
memory usage of the processes.

✔ POWER PLAN:        
➢3 standard Windows' power plans (as textual buttons) ("Min"= Power saver, "Balanced"=Balanced, "Max"=High performance),
➢open "Power options" to customize power plans on click on the title.
✔ SUN-MOON SKIN: New credit to balala
➢works completely OFFLINE with a possibility to detects your location via Internet ("Detect" button),
➢Sunrise, Moonrise, Sunset, Moonset times,
➢Day length (for the current today),
➢Day length difference (for the next day),
➢Sun position and Moon phase icons.

➢setup skins size, corner sharpness, stroke, colors, opacity...

➢contain sensors for up to 12 usual Fans in a PC fully customizable

-new: Fans skin
-new: skins Launcher
-new: support for second GPU
-new: added much more options  to the Settings panel
-new: added Logon time seconds to the Clock skin
-improved: Settings panel has a new design, tabs and "mouse over" color effect
-improved: whole the code has been reordered and finally neat
-improved: Bg height is completely dynamic
-improved: added a separate button to Empty Recycle Bin to the Recycle Bin skin
-improved: Disk skins have been redesigned
-improved: Network skin has been redesigned
-improved: Volume Control skin has been slightly rearranged
-improved: PSU skin has been slightly rearranged
-removed: PSU Pro skin 
-removed: CPU-RAM Light skin. (There are now options to customize CPU-RAM skin in Settings panel to disable unused measures).
-fixed: GPU Fan bar color is always white

- New: Top RAM skin,
- New: Top GPU skin,
- New: Settings Panel,
  -resize skins,
  -customize corner radius,
  -customize stroke width,
  -Disk Drives panel,
  -option for users of AMD Radeon Graphics Cards to easily enter the Total memory amount,
  -option for users of Power Supply Units to easily enter the Max PSU Power,
  -option to changle Background 1 (top) color and opacity,
  -option to changle Background 2 (bottom) color and opacity,
  -option to change Stroke color and opacity,
  -option to change Bar color and opacity,
  -option to change Main text color,
  -option to change other Text(2) color,
  -Reset buttons, to reset Colors and Opacities to Default values,
  -Check for New version link.
- New: New skin Background style. Not based on illustro Bg anymore, but on the customizable shapes,
- Improved: all images in the suite have been replaced with shapes (result is Crystal clear look at any  skins sizes),
- Improved: Volume skin - added active slider to control volume level,
- Improved: Top CPU skin now uses UsageMonitor plug-in insted of PerfMoon and AdvancedCPU. Result is much better performance, no lags,
- Improved: GPU's ATI and NVIDIA skins have been merged into one skin,
- Improved: Sun-Moon skin - added feature to see real Sun and Moon angle in the Sky instead of Sun image,
- Improved: Sun-Moon skin - much more precise Moon phases on the Moon shape,
- Fixed: Power Plan skin - fixed lags when click the buttons,
- Changed: System Uptime skin has been merged with the Clock skin,
- Changed: Some cosmetic changes in all skins.


1) You need a FULL EDITION of AIDA64 installed for the next skins: CPU_RAM (partially), PSU, GPU and FANS. Others work independently of AIDA64. 
AIDA64 must be running (in the background) all the time!
P.S. Always check out for the latest versions of Rainmeter and AIDA64 .

2) To set up the suite to works properly, configure AIDA64 as follows:

Run the program (AIDA64) and go to:  Files --> Preferences --> External Applications.

-2a) Check the "Enable writing sensor values to Registry" box (must be enabled):

-2b) check the following sensor boxes like on the picture below (you can check them all, but it will use more Hardware resources):

3) Set up AIDA64 to starts up with Windows and minimize [OPTIONALLY]:
Example .

AMD Radeon Card owners have to easily enter the Total memory amount of their cards manually in the Settings panel, unlike NVIDIA card owners:

To use PSU Skin, you must have a PSU with Digital Link Interface such as Corsair's RMi, HXi and AXi series.
Make sure you checked the PSU related sensor boxes from step 2b.
This is how to enter Max Power of your PSU in the Settings panel (no more need to enter the code):

The setup is FINISHED!

Partial Video Tutorial and Review: Watch

Any suggestions, bug reports or anything else that might improve the suite is welcome. 

Thanks God for everything, the Rainmeter's developers, helpers and everybody else i've had any use of making this suite. I'm just using what the others have brought into being. 
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maChine02New Deviant


first at all great work and thank you for sharing it !!!

but i have a little problem, i cant choose with temp sensor i want see

i want see the cpu package temp i's possible to change it in the script ?

i have a 9700k with gygabite master z390

i see this temp in aida but i can't change it in the script

thank you

EDIT: after a 5 minute thinking i find how to do it myself with changing the name of the value by tcpupkg :D


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Pul53dr1v3rHobbyist General Artist
nice. You saw how easy it is. Just put some effort into searching of the code. You can easily customize whatever you want and feel free to do it.
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Im not getting any display for GPU and PSU, i have AMD 3700x plus Nvidia RTX 2070.

Do you have any idea what i could do ?, i tried to select all in the 'External Applications', but still doesn't work.

Pul53dr1v3r's avatar
Pul53dr1v3rHobbyist General Artist
Hi. Pls do the same as i proposed to SeanMalahy. So:
Enable all the GPU related sensors in your AIDA64 External application, or all the sensors if you're unsure. 
They go to the Run (Winkey + R) and type "regedit". Then go to location "Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\FinalWire\AIDA64\SensorValues" 
and make one one more pics to cover all of them and send either as a note or here.
Hide you IP address if you care for the privacy.
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Hey brother, it's me again LOL

I am using an Alienware 17R4, with GTX1080, and I'm not getting any display for GPU. Any ideas?

Pul53dr1v3r's avatar
Pul53dr1v3rHobbyist General Artist
hi! Could you enable all the GPU related sensors in your AIDA64 External application, or all the sensors if you're unsure. 
They go to the Run (Winkey + R) and type "regedit". Then go to location "Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\FinalWire\AIDA64\SensorValues" 
and make one one more pics to cover all of them and send either as a note or here.
Hide you IP address if you care for the privacy.
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I discover your skin that I'm trying to try

I see a small visual bug on the NETWORK

for the internal IP no worries, there is a margin
but for the external IP (especially if IPV6), this one is too long
it goes out of the frame and overlaps the word EXTERNAL IP
can be a "line break" can be one of the possible solutions

2 small remarks
would it be possible to hide the "max of session" (I suppose it is this) for the Network

and also, the ability to change the shape of the chart
because I got used to the curve of the skin Gadgets 5.1.0
by SilverAzide

Pul53dr1v3r's avatar
Pul53dr1v3rHobbyist General Artist
hello. Two of the things have been done in this file (replace the current with this one): 


No Preview

Did you mean to hide the Peak data from the skin or Sum?
takius92's avatar
thanks for the IPV6 that no longer overlap the word EXTERNAL IP (it's cleaner)
but the end of the chain is missing
if we consider that an IPV6 has a string of 38 characters, the last 18 characters are missing

to save space (in order to see the entire IP), you can maybe reduce the term

because those who use these skin know that this is the IP address anyway and you gain space to see more characters

thanks for the curve graph
do you know if we can change the color of the graph to have a different color between the UP and the DL?

for the max, I'm talking about the SUM
Pul53dr1v3r's avatar
Pul53dr1v3rHobbyist General Artist
when you set mouse over the IP region, the popup dialog will appear showing you the whole either IPv4 or IPv6 external address. Isn't that better looking solution? I'm not sure even shortening the label would fit the space in  width. But if you insist on it, i'll make it for you.
As to the sum section, it can be easily hiden but for now, only with the incicators aside.
takius92's avatar
on your NETWORK
hide the total UP / DL
for the IP, we can leave like this

on the CPU-RAM,
would it be possible to see the temperature of the Cores?
the other Skin allowed via CORETEMP
Pul53dr1v3r's avatar
Pul53dr1v3rHobbyist General Artist
it's very possible and not hard to implement, but can you send a picture of such a skin with as much as possible of the cores to show you something?
takius92's avatar
this is this skin
Gadgets 5.1.0 by SilverAzide

after, it is not necessary to have the temperature per core
because it is a chip with contiguous cores
Pul53dr1v3r's avatar
Pul53dr1v3rHobbyist General Artist
and now, do you see in the CPU skin that every second Core temp value is the same? As  a fact of matter, it duplicates every second measure since CPU Threads are not physical but virtual Cores so they can't have temperatures. It's wasting resources in my view. Isn't it? If i ever find a good solution for it, i'd apply it. 
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I'm having an issue with the cpu temp showing with aida64. I've had the previous 2.2 version in the past, I just updated and made sure all of my settings are correct according the the instructions.

Also, for some odd reason Aida64 shows my sensor for cpu as -55c :oops:

Pul53dr1v3r's avatar
Pul53dr1v3rHobbyist General Artist
Hi. When i had a similar issue with incorrect CPU temp reading, i simply solved it by restarting my PC. I'd suggest you the same. If it wouldn't help, make sure you are using the latest AIDA64, or even better, download the latest beta release and try to go with it.
If nothining of it helps, you may post your issue on AIDA64 Forum since it's about the program. Rainmeter just reads what AIDA64 writes into the registries so it has nothing to do with Rainmeter.
Vilex63's avatar

I'll try those, thanks!

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himomo4New Deviant

for some reason my CPU Temp won't show the Celsius ° symbol, i've been trying to fix it for so long, can anyone help?

Pul53dr1v3r's avatar
Pul53dr1v3rHobbyist General Artist
Hi. Download Sublime text, install, open the file and Save it with Encoding UTF-16 LE:

2019-10-07 19-47-49 by Pul53dr1v3r  Or with Notepad++ save it as UCS-2 LE BOM.
himomo4's avatar
himomo4New Deviant

Hey, thanks for your help <3

but, i tried that, but that also didn't work, both with Notepad++ & Sublime

himomo4's avatar
himomo4New Deviant

nvm, i figured it out, i had to manually fix the text, then save in into UTF-16 LE

thanks for the tip man :)

Pul53dr1v3r's avatar
Pul53dr1v3rHobbyist General Artist
Nice! I also forgot to say that probably the fastest way to solve any further problems with the degree symbol is to type it in this form [\176] or [\x0x00B0] instead of °.
That way the issue won't happen even if you don't save the file with the encoding. 

One more tip. Whenever you edit the code, refresh the skin you edited to apply the changes. For Rainformer suite, there is a shortcut to easily refresh any skin: set your mouse over the skin and just press Mouse Wheel Button down.
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archdevilHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm a big fan of illustro variant and built my setup on illustro. I am missing a combined disk status skin like eclectic-tech's and of course a calendar and a weather widget (which you have mentioned to add these in next updates. Please forgive me if it is too much requests but I want to see a nowplaying skin too :D (Big Grin)  I am using Spotify I know it's a pain in the... to implement but I am using it with spicetify-cli (which enables webnowplaying in rainmeter)
Thank you so much for your great rainmeter additions. Thanks in advance for the requestsLove 
illustro Drive List Patch 1.2017.12.28 by Eclectic-Tech
Pul53dr1v3r's avatar
Pul53dr1v3rHobbyist General Artist
-Weather skin: in the works,
-Disk Drives All In One skin: planed in some of the next updates,
-Calendar: used to have it in the suite, but removed because of some false positives and a few other complications. Probably will get it back.
-Player: not in plan for now.
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