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-new: max number of displayed disk drives extended to 16 - DRIVES skin

-changed: all Sensor Names moved to a separated file (AIDA64 Edition)

-optimized: LAUNCHER code revised

-optimized: SETTINGS code slightly simlified

-a few minor changes


-optimized: Network skin

-minor bug fixes


-fixed: issue with temperature colors on Imperial units - Weather skin

-fixed: missing picture error on Rainmeter 4.4.3410 (beta) and higher

-fixed: temperature warning color threshold issue - CPU-RAM skin

-changed: Disk skins replaced with Drives skin (All in One solution)

-improved: Input Boxes optimized, code shortened- Settings

-fixed: many skins including Settings produced glitches on refresh

-removed: general reset colors/value option

-improved: added option for main inputs and colors to reset its values to default with a Right Mouse Button click over them

-fixed: IP Address won't change until refresh.

-changed: External and Internal IP Addresses are now separated. Added option to copy IP address with mouse scroll up and to see Ext. IP Address details (LMB). - Network

-new: option to add and monitor single Network Adapters along with NIC name auto-detection buttons for each Adapter type

-new: option to toggle graph autoscale - Settings

-changed: ASTRONOMY skin Settings removed and replaced with LocationFinder used by Weather skin too.

-added: option to manually enter Time zone (in adapted format) for ASTRONOMY skin (offline use only!) - SETTINGS,

-removed: Date label from top of ASTRONOMY skin along with Location.ini file.

-added: option to easily change device temp. unit letter

-added: TEMPS skin along with its settings

-fixed: wrong link to HWiNFO Temp. unit change guide

-improved: Launcher skin optimized to works much faster

-improved: significant performance improvement of the entire suite

-some minor fixes


-improved: Weather skin optimized more (units calculation measures removed)

-improved: Top CPU, Top GPU and Top RAM skins optimized

-minor bug fixes


-improved/changed: Weather skin now uses (works faster)

-fixed: some characters were displayed as Unicode codes

-changed: Location Finder skin works with Longitude and Latitude. Previously used location codes are off.


-fixed: Weather skin didn't work


-improved: Weather skin now uses about 4x less Internet data (~1MB per update)

-improved: Weather skin works faster -improved: Weather skin code reworked -fixed: units conversion and other related bugs of Weather skin

-new: Air Quality feature added to Weather skin

-new: number of top processes of TOP CPU, TOP GPU and TOP RAM skins increased to 10

-new: option to set update rate of TOP CPU, TOP GPU and TOP RAM skins (Settings)

-new: option to customize the "Warning colors" of devices temperatures (Settings)

-new: option to customize the "Warning colors" thresholds of CPU-RAM, GPU and PSU skins (Settings)

-fixed: Uv Index scale changed to 11 points instead of 10 (Weather)

-fixed: some graphs of GPU skin didn't show


-fixed: weather skin now uses JSON V3 of - fixed not working issue with old skin -some minor fixes


-new: added Country field to Weather Location Finder

-new: added options to hide/show more content of the skins (Settings panel)

-new: option to customize Solid Color and its opacity (Settings panel)

-changed: some skins have been redesigned - Solid color added

-fixed: GPU skin warning temperature color always white -fixed: position of settings icons of some skins when resized


-new: added Weather Location Finder skin

-new: WLAN/WiFi option added to Network skin

-new: network status icon added to Network skin

-fixed: bug where some user were not able to enter a value in Settings panel text input boxes -fixed: temperature of AMD cards of GPU skins

-changed: Network skin redesigned -removed: startup time of Clock skin


-new: added PSU Fan to FANS skin and in its settings option

-new: option in Settings panel to customize Graph buttons color

-improved:  ability to enter 64-bit Weather location code from URL

-improved: mouse over effect added to graph buttons, speaker icon and POWER PLAN skin buttons

-changed: removed delimiter „|“ from Forecast section of Weather skin and replaced with „degree“symbol

-changed: buttons of Settings panel of ASTRONOMY Skin converted to shapes

-fixed: FANS Skin: unable to enter max fan speed for some fans

-fixed: CALENDAR Skin doesn’t update date after the date change

-fixed: Active titles color don’t return the main color after mouse over action

-removed: 9-12 days forecast of Weather skin (redundant)

-removed: description line in Forecast section of Weather skin (redundant)


-new: Weather skin

-new: Calendar skin

-new: Options in Settings panel for Calendar, Weather and Fans skins

-new: Color Picker Plus (by raiguard) has been used in place of the old one

-new: General option in Settings panel to switch between graph styles added

-new: Settings icon-shortcut added to all the skins on mouse over action

-improved: Settings panel completely reworked, optimized and slightly redesigned with new buttons

-improved: partially fixed the Moon animation position when moon rise and moon set are not on the same day, but still not completely fixed

-fixed: Recycle Bin bug where the data show always zeroes

-fixed: content alignment of some skins have been fixed


-new: Fans skin

-new: skins Launcher -new: support for second GPU

-new: added much more options  to the Settings panel -new: added Logon time seconds to the Clock skin

-improved: Settings panel has a new design, tabs and "mouse over" color effect

-improved: whole the code has been reordered and finally neat

-improved: Bg height is completely dynamic

-improved: added a separate button to Empty Recycle Bin to the Recycle Bin skin

-improved: Disk skins have been redesigned

-improved: Network skin has been redesigned

-improved: Volume Control skin has been slightly rearranged

-improved: PSU skin has been slightly rearranged

-removed: PSU Pro skin 

-removed: CPU-RAM Light skin. (There are now options to customize CPU-RAM skin in Settings panel to disable unused measures).

-fixed: GPU Fan bar color is always white


-new: Top RAM skin, - New: Top GPU skin,

-new: Settings Panel,   -resize skins,   -customize corner radius,   -customize stroke width,   -Disk Drives panel,   -option for users of AMD Radeon Graphics Cards to easily enter the Total memory amount,   -option for users of Power Supply Units to easily enter the Max PSU Power,   -option to changle Background 1 (top) color and opacity,   -option to changle Background 2 (bottom) color and opacity,   -option to change Stroke color and opacity,   -option to change Bar color and opacity,   -option to change Main text color,   -option to change other Text(2) color,   -Reset buttons, to reset Colors and Opacities to Default values,   -Check for New version link.

- New: New skin Background style. Not based on illustro Bg anymore, but on the customizable shapes,

- Improved: all images in the suite have been replaced with shapes (result is Crystal clear look at any  skins sizes),

- Improved: Volume skin

- added active slider to control volume level,

- Improved: Top CPU skin now uses UsageMonitor plug-in insted of PerfMoon and AdvancedCPU. Result is much better performance, no lags,

- Improved: GPU's ATI and NVIDIA skins have been merged into one skin,

- Improved: Sun-Moon skin

- added feature to see real Sun and Moon angle in the Sky instead of Sun image, - Improved: Sun-Moon skin - much more precise Moon phases on the Moon shape, - Fixed: Power Plan skin

- fixed lags when click the buttons, - Changed: System Uptime skin has been merged with the Clock skin,

- Changed: Some cosmetic changes in all skins. </code>

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