Changelog: Rainformer AIDA64/HWiNFO Edition

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-fixed: issue with temperature colors on Imperial units - Weather skin

-fixed: missing picture error on Rainmeter 4.4.3410 (beta) and higher

-fixed: temperature warning color threshold issue - CPU-RAM skin

-changed: Disk skins replaced with Drives skin (All in One solution)

-improved: Input Boxes optimized, code shortened- Settings

-fixed: many skins including Settings produced glitches on refresh

-removed: general reset colors/value option

-improved: added option for main inputs and colors to reset its values to default with a Right Mouse Button click over them

-fixed: IP Address won't change until refresh.

-changed: External and Internal IP Addresses are now separated. Added option to copy IP address with mouse scroll up and to see Ext. IP Address details (LMB). - Network

-new: option to add and monitor single Network Adapters along with NIC name auto-detection buttons for each Adapter type

-new: option to toggle graph autoscale - Settings

-changed: ASTRONOMY skin Settings removed and replaced with LocationFinder used by Weather skin too.

-added: option to manually enter Time zone (in adapted format) for ASTRONOMY skin (offline use only!) - SETTINGS,

-removed: Date label from top of ASTRONOMY skin along with Location.ini file.

-added: option to easily change device temp. unit letter

-added: TEMPS skin along with its settings

-fixed: wrong link to HWiNFO Temp. unit change guide

-improved: Launcher skin optimized to works much faster

-improved: significant performance improvement of the entire suite

-some minor fixes


-improved: Weather skin optimized more (units calculation measures removed)

-improved: Top CPU, Top GPU and Top RAM skins optimized

-minor bug fixes


-improved/changed: Weather skin now uses (works faster)

-fixed: some characters were displayed as Unicode codes

-changed: Location Finder skin works with Longitude and Latitude. Previously used location codes are off.


-fixed: Weather skin didn't work


-improved: Weather skin now uses about 4x less Internet data (~1MB per update)

-improved: Weather skin works faster -improved: Weather skin code reworked -fixed: units conversion and other related bugs of Weather skin

-new: Air Quality feature added to Weather skin

-new: number of top processes of TOP CPU, TOP GPU and TOP RAM skins increased to 10

-new: option to set update rate of TOP CPU, TOP GPU and TOP RAM skins (Settings)

-new: option to customize the "Warning colors" of devices temperatures (Settings)

-new: option to customize the "Warning colors" thresholds of CPU-RAM, GPU and PSU skins (Settings)

-fixed: Uv Index scale changed to 11 points instead of 10 (Weather)

-fixed: some graphs of GPU skin didn't show


-fixed: weather skin now uses JSON V3 of - fixed not working issue with old skin -some minor fixes


-new: added Country field to Weather Location Finder

-new: added options to hide/show more content of the skins (Settings panel)

-new: option to customize Solid Color and its opacity (Settings panel)

-changed: some skins have been redesigned - Solid color added

-fixed: GPU skin warning temperature color always white -fixed: position of settings icons of some skins when resized


-new: added Weather Location Finder skin

-new: WLAN/WiFi option added to Network skin

-new: network status icon added to Network skin

-fixed: bug where some user were not able to enter a value in Settings panel text input boxes -fixed: temperature of AMD cards of GPU skins

-changed: Network skin redesigned -removed: startup time of Clock skin


-new: added PSU Fan to FANS skin and in its settings option

-new: option in Settings panel to customize Graph buttons color

-improved:  ability to enter 64-bit Weather location code from URL

-improved: mouse over effect added to graph buttons, speaker icon and POWER PLAN skin buttons

-changed: removed delimiter „|“ from Forecast section of Weather skin and replaced with „degree“symbol

-changed: buttons of Settings panel of ASTRONOMY Skin converted to shapes

-fixed: FANS Skin: unable to enter max fan speed for some fans

-fixed: CALENDAR Skin doesn’t update date after the date change

-fixed: Active titles color don’t return the main color after mouse over action

-removed: 9-12 days forecast of Weather skin (redundant)

-removed: description line in Forecast section of Weather skin (redundant)


-new: Weather skin

-new: Calendar skin

-new: Options in Settings panel for Calendar, Weather and Fans skins

-new: Color Picker Plus (by raiguard) has been used in place of the old one

-new: General option in Settings panel to switch between graph styles added

-new: Settings icon-shortcut added to all the skins on mouse over action

-improved: Settings panel completely reworked, optimized and slightly redesigned with new buttons

-improved: partially fixed the Moon animation position when moon rise and moon set are not on the same day, but still not completely fixed

-fixed: Recycle Bin bug where the data show always zeroes

-fixed: content alignment of some skins have been fixed


-new: Fans skin

-new: skins Launcher -new: support for second GPU

-new: added much more options  to the Settings panel -new: added Logon time seconds to the Clock skin

-improved: Settings panel has a new design, tabs and "mouse over" color effect

-improved: whole the code has been reordered and finally neat

-improved: Bg height is completely dynamic

-improved: added a separate button to Empty Recycle Bin to the Recycle Bin skin

-improved: Disk skins have been redesigned

-improved: Network skin has been redesigned

-improved: Volume Control skin has been slightly rearranged

-improved: PSU skin has been slightly rearranged

-removed: PSU Pro skin 

-removed: CPU-RAM Light skin. (There are now options to customize CPU-RAM skin in Settings panel to disable unused measures).

-fixed: GPU Fan bar color is always white


-new: Top RAM skin, - New: Top GPU skin,

-new: Settings Panel,   -resize skins,   -customize corner radius,   -customize stroke width,   -Disk Drives panel,   -option for users of AMD Radeon Graphics Cards to easily enter the Total memory amount,   -option for users of Power Supply Units to easily enter the Max PSU Power,   -option to changle Background 1 (top) color and opacity,   -option to changle Background 2 (bottom) color and opacity,   -option to change Stroke color and opacity,   -option to change Bar color and opacity,   -option to change Main text color,   -option to change other Text(2) color,   -Reset buttons, to reset Colors and Opacities to Default values,   -Check for New version link.

- New: New skin Background style. Not based on illustro Bg anymore, but on the customizable shapes,

- Improved: all images in the suite have been replaced with shapes (result is Crystal clear look at any  skins sizes),

- Improved: Volume skin

- added active slider to control volume level,

- Improved: Top CPU skin now uses UsageMonitor plug-in insted of PerfMoon and AdvancedCPU. Result is much better performance, no lags,

- Improved: GPU's ATI and NVIDIA skins have been merged into one skin,

- Improved: Sun-Moon skin

- added feature to see real Sun and Moon angle in the Sky instead of Sun image, - Improved: Sun-Moon skin - much more precise Moon phases on the Moon shape, - Fixed: Power Plan skin

- fixed lags when click the buttons, - Changed: System Uptime skin has been merged with the Clock skin,

- Changed: Some cosmetic changes in all skins. </code>

© 2020 - 2021 Pul53dr1v3r
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Any chance of allowing user to rename the displayed drive name in the widget? Some of my mapped drives at work show part of the URL, which doesn't help recognize what share it refers to. The drive letter is too small and dark to make out, as I have it scaled to 60% to fit everything...

Love this skin!!!

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thanks for reporting. For now use English until we find fix for it..

Canabioz's avatar

Thanks! Version 2.9.3 works well! :)

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Any chance we can see individual core temps in an updated version, something like what the Add to Gadgets clone is doing?

Screenshot 55
Pul53dr1v3r's avatar

so, why you don't use the gadgets clone as it has the option?

PeterFragon's avatar

because yours is better looking, and I have been using that one for years.. Needed a change. Was just curious if that would be possible in an update..

I got you stuff looking sick..

Screenshot 56
Pul53dr1v3r's avatar

you've made it looks very interesting. Good job.

As to Core temps, there is a "little" problem with measuring CPU Cores temps. As you can see in the Gadgets, every second temp. has the same value. That's because of the fact that 1 multithreaded Core has only one physical core and one temp sensor, while multithreading means just logical cores. So it shares temp. value of a physical core to both logical cores.

In other words, software based cores (logical ones) are there to utilize and improve efficiency of the real physical cores. So something that is not physical cannot have any sensor. Thus i avoid to add the option so far as it would probablly make more resource waste that use for us.

Even if i'd make the option for every third core (1,3,5...), some CPUs don't have multithreading ability built in so it would be a pretty bad solution for them. A big hassle.

PeterFragon's avatar

Fair enough, I appreciate you taking the time to respond thank you sir. Big ups on this project I am digging it's minimalism and configurability.

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