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Thor x Loki - Mpreg!

...Because morning sickness is sexyz. XD
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I love prego Loki, I mean this is one of my only fanarts 
Loki by amyreadalot   
Stop shipping brothers please
Loki and Thor aren't brothers Odin found Loki when he was a baby while fighting ice giants Loki is an ice giant they can have a kid.
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PLEASE tell me he's pregnant XD
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Asgardian toilet  :)
Kraving4games's avatar
Wtf why is he naked!
Ccan you please show us what Loki's baby looks like?
Rattleshakelover1673's avatar
Oh fuck well Frost is having morning sickness too.
blacknightshade1205's avatar
Lol is it wrong I kept staring at lokis butt XD
Kraving4games's avatar
Supermoi's avatar
Mwahahahahahaha XD
cassannder's avatar
Am I like the only fangirl on earth who isn't into mpreg?
Kakayu's avatar
Well... Loki does actually have the ability to get pregnant, so.... yeah...
Dun worry, me and my sister are such fangirls we actually sit in skype and see sexy pictures/films/animes about Yaoi... And I'M not into mpreg.. at all.. I don't like it :V
XD1411's avatar
No. No you're not. I'm not into it either. I mean, a MAN getting mpreg? Imposs.
ElenElin's avatar
men can get pregnant too
buenodavista's avatar
except, Loki.

cause you know....

Norse Mythology.
Mad-Monkey-Queen's avatar
Reminds me of when Loki was raped by a male horse. :XD:
annabunny2's avatar
Just got this.....but wait Loki's a man ...can men get pregnant now? or is it just a god thing XD
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read up on norse mythology, old sport. lokie gets knocked up half a million times as a shapeshifter, and bangs everything in sight AS everything in sight.
Mad-Monkey-Queen's avatar
Just like when he turns into a female horse. ROFL!!!
miasaki666's avatar
and that one time with the first trolls, that giant snake, that giant wolf, that hell daughter, etc etc etc
nemi-hime's avatar
naw he had those with a female giant, so he was the father on those cases.
besides we´re not really experts on jotun physiologi. chances are they both genders, who knows :/
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