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All about Pukah!

pixel plants {ftu} by gunsweat

[i]: potted sprout pixel by plushpon What is a Pukah? [i]: potted sprout pixel by plushpon

☼ Pukah are carefree, playful forest sprites that inhabit a wide variety of biomes and planets that they call home! After facing the calamity of the death of their Star, the Pukah sent their remaining survivors to attach to a meteor that traversed space and time to eventually crash into many pieces, spreading the species across several planets. They eventually proliferated and grew, inhabiting in their new homes! The Pukah now tend to their own personal "groves" that can range anywhere from a large forest, bioluminescent mushrooms in a cave, to even weeds sprouting from the pavement!

☼ Pukah are plant-like in structure and anatomy, and have the ability to absorb and mimic their surroundings! Initially, upon leaving their home, the Pukah absorbed their homes into their being in order to distribute it upon their new arrival. Once settled, the Pukah released part of their energy into the environment, and it began to take shape into what they had initially absorbed! Pukah almost always look like their grove, and their well-being, appearance, and health is directly tied to its prosperity!

☼ The Pukah can shapeshift and have the ability to rewrite their molecular biology as well! They can have almost any appearance or body type, ranging from 1 foot to even 8 feet in height! They are a very diverse,hardy, and adaptable species suited for any environment.

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[i]: potted flower pixel by plushpon The Pukah Universe [i]: potted flower pixel by plushpon


☼ ☼ ☼

Pukah are a Closed Species by Pepperoonie. They are not free to make or use. Sales, raffles, and other events will be hosted on their account and submitted to the group. Activities such as prompts, DTAs, and MYOs will also give members opportunities to obtain a Pukah!

If you have any concerns or questions, do not hesitate to ask! You may either note the group or leave a comment below, and a we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Current Icon by Oxxidian!

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Cacti and Succulent Pixel by LiticaHarmony

Welcome to Pukah-Woods! This group is dedicated to the closed species Pukah by Pepperoonie!

You do not need to own a Pukah to join!

As of now, the group and species are still a work in progress! Future events such as Prompts, OTAs, Raffles, MYO openings, and possibly customs, will be hosted via the group! Lore and Species Sheets will slowly be introduced over time!

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to note the group for inquiries.

☼ ☼ ☼

Masterlist account: Pukah-FieldGuide

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