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Transformative Nature of Music

Medium: Watercolor
Size: 16x21 inches
Prints available here: [link]
Detail closeups: [link]
More about this piece and sketches: [link] and [link]

In the spaces between the notes
you can hear the breath of her name
A song of mourning
A song of memory
A song of celebration
Fingers trail in arpeggios
up and down the keys
Playing in the spaces between the notes
with the breath of her name.
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As evidenced by my name, I am a poet. I enjoyed the poem, along with the pic. Very appropriate that you have butterflies here, as they are symbol of transformation ala their cocoons. I imagine that's why you included them here. I like that the piano/organ is nestled in a tree, as trees are a symbol of growth :) Was the poem your own or someone else's?
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Thank you!  And yes, the poem is my own.
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your art work is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
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I've featured you in my journal [link]
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I want to ruin her.
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beautiful watercolour work
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That poem adds so much to an already astounding piece of work. Kudos!
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This one of my absolute favorites of yours...I adore the poem with it, as well. You're amazing :)
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Just beautiful!!!!
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This is so beautiful (as with all of your work)! It's light and uplifting, and the tree is awesome.
I love you painting and the message. Thank you fot sharing your beauty.
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I love your work. So beautiful. And your concepts - the imagery... inspirational.
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this is beautiful! the concept, details.. and your water-colour painting is so skillful!
So beautiful!
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I hope you don't mind, this has been preveiwed on my page~
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This is LOVELY!
The music turning into the bird is just GENIUS!
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Very nice! I love how you integrate trees into your work. The tree and her music seem to be part of the same thing. Lots of interesting little details, and nice colors too.
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wow wow, and I just watched details, amazing!
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really peaceful, im loving it..
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