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The First Last Unicorn

By puimun
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Cover illustration for Peter S. Beagle's upcoming collection THE FIRST LAST UNICORN AND OTHER BEGINNINGS, which will be coming out from Tachyon Publications sometime in late 2004/early 2005. To find out more about the book and its scheduled release date, go to [link]

No, it's not a reprinting of the last unicorn, but instead contains previously unpublished chapters (from The Last Unicorn, as well as other books) and stories by Peter.

And regarding the appearance of the unicorn --
To those of you familiar with TLU, you already know how she is described in the book (or have seen the movie), but to the people who don't know, she's supposed to look less like "a white horse with a horn," than an altogether different type of creature. Thus, the deerlike head, the sinuous elongated neck, the lions tail, the thin legs and cloven hooves are all on purpose.

Prints (and the original painting): [link]
Details: [link]
The Sketch: [link]
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I absolutely love how it looks more like a deer than like a horse. m
Makes the creature way more mysterious and magical. The ornaments are superb. Beautiful work!!
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Not sure if you are aware of it but someone on Ebay is selling this picture on phone covers. Here is a link for one of them, I think if you go to the page you can see the person and check the other covers too. I hate to see people steal art. 

I hope this was helpful! I just adore your work and hope to own some one day but only through you, not from a thief!

Wendy Toney _ Almalphia
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KreepingSpawnProfessional Traditional Artist
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Shadowscapes.com, that's where this photo originates, that lady has all kinda of beautiful artwork, just so you know lol
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puimunProfessional Traditional Artist
Yes, I'm the owner and artist of Shadowscapes. :)
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Well then this means I get to personally tell you I LOVE your artwork lol
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puimunProfessional Traditional Artist
thank you. :) And I do appreciate you looking out for me. It's from watchful viewers like you that I find most of the non-sanctioned usages and thieveries of my art.  So I do appreciate it!
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 No problem, glad I could make you feel loved, cuz I really do love your artwork... especially the ones with the mystical creatures, especially the Unicorns since I collect them.. so thank you for sharing them with the world
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solarcat20Hobbyist General Artist
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The detail and precision in the background is incredible, and the glow around the unicorn is done so wonderfully ^^
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WhiskyOmegaProfessional General Artist
I have your book on painting with watercolors and your work and tecniques are exceptional!
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puimunProfessional Traditional Artist
Thank you! I'm glad you're finding the book useful!
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WhiskyOmegaProfessional General Artist
I am, it's one of my favs and I take great care in keeping it. Sometimes I look at it just for the artwork; I've always enjoyed the kind of organic/nature/mythic work that you seem to be exceptional at creating and it's a good feeling I get when viewing it. :)
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Beauriful. ^_^
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laycassStudent Traditional Artist
fantastic work! i love it <3
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PandoraLewisStudent Traditional Artist
Just gorgeous!
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vegavonHobbyist Traditional Artist
you nailed it! Awesome!
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RoseTheUnicornHobbyist General Artist
Love it<3
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DaphneLageProfessional Traditional Artist
Always loved this piece. :D
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awe inspiring.
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Your work is always gorgeous!
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piplupwarriorHobbyist Artist
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