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The Art of Observation

Medium: Watercolor, ink, metallics, gold
Size: 11×14 inches
Detail Closeups, Prints ($16.95) and original painting ($1200.00) available:
Pencil Sketch ($40.00) also available:
And blog post with all the in progress photos:

Who is the watcher, and who is watched?
She glides across the ground, no footsteps in her wake, no sound to mark her passage, no breath to stir the air.

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Oooh, lovely watercolor textures on the tree! And I love your design for the dragon!
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Excellent !!***Submitted to :iconcutieshots: For Your Approval***INVITE To Join On Your Front Page:)
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Your style is so unique.
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Beautiful painting. :)
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So elegant - lovely use of color, too!
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I never cease to be amazed by your art, truly amazing c:
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your art is so amazing....
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Beautifully done.
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Simply breathtaking! Your use of colors in your works is amazing!!! --favs!
Sagittarius-A-star's avatar
Beautiful painting!! :) This painting has an incredibly delicate, ethereal quality.  I stand in awe of your skill with this kind of faery artwork.  And that dragon has a very long tail, ha ha...
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So beautiful!!!!!!!
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This is beautiful
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you always do such beautiful work, and not only is your main subject elegant and well done but you can literally pick any square inch of your pictures and it is equally beautiful and harmonious.
SethFitts's avatar
Great textures and details. Awesome work!
GreenAngel5's avatar
Oh how pretty and fanciful!
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