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Ten of Swords

Tarot. To see the rest of the cards, and for more information about the deck: [link]

Misfortune, burdens to bear, ruin, the end of delusions, what seems to be a spiraling and uncontrolled plunge. Sacrificing self. Desolation and sorrow.

She falls. The birds do not aid her -- their wings are like blades and their feathers are knives that slice skin and cloth alike. Even their raucous cries seem hostile in the gray and indifferent night. The trees below reach out bare-branched claws to the sky; their trunks rotting from within. The End! she cries out to the sky.

Or is it just the curtain falling upon an act of melodramatic martyrdom?

Prints Available: [link]
Medium: Watercolor
Size: 8.5x14 inches
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I love it! I can say in complete honesty that this is one of my favorite pieces of your work - partly because of the story at the bottom - partly because of the sheer elegance with which it conveys it's message.
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Your art is amazing! I can't stop looking at this!
I like the colors and composition! :heart:
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This beautiful work of art has been featured here: [link]

Thank you for sharing your artwork here on DeviantArt!
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It's so beautiful!
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Very beautiful, even for such a tragic meaning
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Beautiful BEAUTIFUL composition. Really really flows and makes your eye follow all that movement. Wish you had some close-ups we could take a look at. :heart:
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i really realy love this
the birds are amazing ♥
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I love the flow of the piece - absolutely gorgeous! :)
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At first I was very suprised to see no swords. But then I realized that the birds are the swords!
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that is gorgeous :)
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<sub<Again, your analysis brings a lot of content into the piece, that perhaps was obscured to one's probing, scanning eyes, trying, begging, for the picture to reveal its secrets.

I love how the picture is flowing with movement though it is depicting a frozen moment of time.

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WOOW!!!You're unbelieveable!!!
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That's nice color and pose. Very sweeping and dramatic!
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I love the smooth action in this! The girl is so elegant, and the birds are very beautiful, great idea! And the watercolor looks so soft and pretty! I love the way the bird is bursting through the fabric wrapped around the girl, very interesting.
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wow beautiful, the red is very striking and I love the composition here.
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Fantastic way to illustrate the meaning of this difficult card.
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