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Queen of Wands

Tarot. To see the rest of the cards, and for more information about the deck: [link]

QUEEN OF WANDS: The denizens of the forest are drawn out by the singing of the harp. The Queen of Wands' fingers dance across the strings, and she embraces the tree that is her audience of dryads, her instrument, and her living wand. She is dedicated, engaging, and attractive. Her presence exudes confidence, and the knowledge that she can handle anything and anyone. It is not arrogance, but a simple understanding and truthful assessment of her skills and abilities. Mesmerized by this, the world hushes at her entrance to hear her, see her, bathe in her radiance. Her exuberance in life sings out as her hands dance across trills and runs and glissandos upon her living harp.

Medium: Watercolor
Size: 8.5x14 inches

Prints: [link]
Details: [link]
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so so beautiful ^^
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This is beautiful! Great detail and awesome concept.
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I like details. Very beautiful!
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The detail in this, is truly superb. The more I look, the more the little additions appear. The faces in the tree are superb.
Fengsune's avatar
Sublime Storyteller? Weaver of wonder?
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All of your tarot work is absolutely amazing! I love using watercolors so much. I think you've inspired me to design some of my own. :) And I especially love all the detail you put into each card and each suit. Beautiful, beautiful work! :heart:
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I like the story behind it.
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Simply amazing... did you publish this tarot deck yet? Is it availible to buy?
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Featured: [link]

Have a lovely day!
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This picture is amazing, and one of the trippiest picture I've seen! I love it, what a fantastic job! Go you!
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The tree's foliage's colors melt so beautifully into each other.
I admire the different textures you create.
Your works are so wonderful, harmonious and full of details. :love:
nogen's avatar
You have really good in the manualy job..what about with the digital works..???
Zundwig's avatar
So soft. So delicate. So relaxing.
helgath's avatar
wow, where do you get all those wonderful ideas ? !
Sometimes, I sit for hours just trying to think of something to draw.
Beautiful :heart:
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beautiful work
I featured you here:
[link] :heart:
Ellygator's avatar
Suzaku-68-BETCH's avatar
your stuff is absolutely amazing =D
wow, i can only hope to be as good as you someday (i promise im not a shallow fangirl). im still a beginner though

your works are amazing!!!
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omg thats beautiful
spiderlady's avatar
Your watercolor skills never cease to amaze me!
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Gorgeous, lovely fine detail and colour
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yeah still in love with your work.

mebbe a few more dryads on the leaves or something? love the details you give
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Just fantastique !!!!
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Wow, the colors are so vibrant, and the picture is so beautiful. I love it!
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