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Pollen Faeries

By puimun
The harbingers of the marathon sneezing bouts! These mischievous sprites come peeking out when they scent spring in the air, and sprinkle their golden dust everywhere.
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© 2004 - 2021 puimun
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Very magical.
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I really like this. They look mischievious but loveable

Sian xx
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An extraordinary watercolor painting describing adorable little fairies with asiatic themes, which are very typical for this artist. Stephanie Pui-Mun Law is well-known in good art galleries such as [link] for her mysterious, whimsical paintings with watercolors or ink. Great use of shades and brushes creates a magical world filled with dragons, unicorns, wyverns, mermaids and fairies as well as mythologic heroes and gods. Stephanie's works are very high-detailed and full of symbolism. Adorable, there's no doubt. This young lady has a great talent still waiting to be discovered...
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Pretty and unique faeries :)
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This looks familiar.
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Those little buggers get me all the time and torment me perpetually! ;P Love it!
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absolutely gorgeous!!!! instant favorite!!!!!! this is simply amazing!! beautiful! keep up the good work.
Very pretty, but um shouldn't pollen faeries be male? :)
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There is no doubt simplicityt is beauty
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oo i love this! i love faeries & flowers. it looks so peaceful.
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Wonderful, just wonderful.
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OMG girl. I´m your fan!
this fairies are absolutelly wonderful!
the colors, the way you paint! =)

congrats!!! =)
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Stunning work! You have amazing talant that frankly, I envy. I don't know what else to say, I love it all!
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pesky pixies :D
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just as i'm sure you've heard many times already... this is absolutely beautiful... :)
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so preety =) you're so talented ! I can't stop saying I love you work ! ;)
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whoa! this is really nice....
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I really love this. It's beautifully done. The colors are amazing and the fact that you did this(and other works) with watercolors just amazes me more.

...and I just love the little mischevious spites. They are wonderful. :heart:
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