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Pearl of the Deep Sea

By puimun
One of the tutorial pieces for the how to book I'm working on for the mermaid section.

Medium: Watercolor
Size: 5x11 inches
Prints available here: [link]
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© 2006 - 2021 puimun
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I just got this book for my birthday I'm excited to create :)
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have you gone to art school or are you self taught? I have two of your books and study them vigorously just wondering whether you spent time in anatomy classes or paint classes. It's been on my mind for a while.
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I have an art degree from Berkeley. Although it was fine art that I studied there, not illustration. So yes I did take anatomy and painting classes, but the more illustrative nature of my work is self-taught.
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I was browsing today for mermaids, to get some inspiration for a painting I'm doing for a friend's new baby, and I found a work that is nearly the same as this. I did not know if you were aware of it or not. I hope I don't cause any sort of drama, but if I were the artist of such an amazing piece, I would not appreciate someone trying to pass off a copy as their own. This is the link to that painting:

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Yes, it's okay. I used this piece as a step-by-step in a watercolor tutorial book I wrote about 5 years ago. :) Thanks for keeping an eye out for me though!
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Please excuse this, I realize now that the artist gave credit where it was due. Please pardon my assumption.
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i'm kind of...slightly...obsessed with mermaids. this is beautiful, and quite close to what i imagine they actually could look like. :dance:
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I bought your book a few years back and it is the most helpful art book I have ever acquired. Soo worth it! And your work is absolutely breathtaking... :)
EverlastingLace's avatar
i thought i recognized this picture :D
I bought your book a while back when i wanted to try out water color, did a couple peices and i really enjoyed it. You have a great book with some realy lovely pieces! <3
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very nice:) the colors are incredible
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Love the piece love the book..
I have one question that i have to ask ya tho.. and i KNOW all watercolorists go through this..
HOW on the great earth do you avoid NAPPY PAINT BOX SYNDROME!!
and in case you have no idea what im talking about .. i mean when your painting and suddenly ya look down and you realize that you have two of your six empty paint boxes left and the ones you are using are a mess!
HOW Do you not do that!
Or is that just something that all watercolor painters are faced wit and cannot be avoided!
hehe any how.. great work its been a immense help on many occasions.
thanks again!
puimun's avatar
I don't not do it. You can see you palette here (and it's looking rather cleaner than usual in that photo) [link]
Roseprincess1's avatar
Well apparently there is no way to avoid it..
tho you do make a good point.. sometimes good nutrals do come outta happy accidents on the paint box.
nice to know im not a lone!
thanks again for ansering!
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I LOVE YOUR WORK!!! :date: :floating:
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I know that one!
FlyAcrosstheSky0e0's avatar
I have the book that this piece features in "Dreamscapes" and out of all the pieces, this has to be my favourite =D It's so beautiful :heart:
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that is awesome ayy
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:fish: Your lovely art has been featured! [link] :fish:
puimun's avatar
ty for the feature!
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It's hard to believe that you do this with watercolors! Great!
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I have your book! Its a wonderful piece of work, very nicely done.
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Thanks! I'm glad you enjoy it!
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