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Nine of Swords

Tarot. For more information about the deck and to see the rest of the cards: [link]

Nine of Swords - Suffering from anguish, fear, anxiety, guilt, uncertainties in the night.

Stormcrows herald impending dissolution
with voices cawing raucous absolution
round and round and spiraling ever near
one future sought - one future feared

The funnel of the sky stretches up to the heavens; an ominous tower of storms with but the hope and glimmer of light high above at the eye of turmoil. "Come to me, come with me," the voice of the Stormcrows whispers to him from nearby. "Let me guide you through." With anxious eyes, he gazes upwards, away, oblivious to the proffered guidance through the night of the soul. He clutches sheathed sword close for security, rather than grasping bright blade aloft to light the way!

Medium: Watercolor
Size: 8.5x14 inches
Prints: [link]
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I think this is my fave nine of swords :) I never would have thought to used that perspective, with the portal in the sky, and everything whorling up towards it!
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Thanks!  I was trying to vary my perspectives and scales on this one. :)
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I love the swirling sky. :heart:
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One of the best of these!
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the line in your description, "round and round and spiraling ever near", reminds me soooooo much of yeat's poem, the second coming.

oh and beautiful art by the way :P
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That sky with the birds wheeling around is fantastic! Reminds me of a movie somehow, the angle and tone.
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Nice idea of the swords tattooed on his skin:) Wonderful sky
did you use salt to get the texture of the background? i'm really curious and want to learn how to use watercolor better so if there are any tips you could give me i would really appreciate it. thanks. and beautiful gallery!
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so beautiful...
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The sky is soooooo awesome!!!!!
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Fav!!! ^^
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Wings and birds and feathers... so I gotta just love that :)
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amazing! Your colors are so beautiful in every pic!!! you are an absolutely wonderful artist!
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Love the background rendering as well as his wings. Great work.
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I'm also working on a deck of cards.. more like "oracle cards" though producing a tarot deck has been part of my future plan a while now. Your work is definetely in my liking! My current cards are less "real", but other than that I can see some similarities in our approach. Have you found someone to publish your deck? I'd be very happy for any hints and idéas on how to proceed with those details..

Lots of love and adoration
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I have talked to several publishers but I have not yet decided on one yet; and I don't intend to until I am closer to finished. Llewllyn and US Games are the two biggest publishers for tarot if you want a place to start.
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Yeah, I found your journal right after I wrote that message.. :-) I noticed you're considering printing it your self too.. What would be the pros and cons of those two options do you think? (going with an existant publisher or publish it on your own..)

Thank you for your reply by the way!

Lots of Love and "goodlucks"
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Publisher handles all the distribution, and has channels for sale already. No up front cost to you, no having to find and deal with prints, and not to mention storage of stock.

Printing yourself offers you more control over size and quality. Most publishers print at their standard size with their standard stock. High up front cost to doing it yourself, but potential for much more payoff for the work.
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mmm... somewhat difficult to choose... Did anyone answer your question wheiter Llewelyn was good or not?
For now I'm talking to a Swedish publisher, since my first edition cards will be in Swedish, but will translate the work for an international audience as well. Have thought about printing it my self but I have not decided on anything yet. On one hand I just want them to be published whatever the profit may be..on the other hand of course I want to make as good profit as I can..

Thank you very much for your shared idéas, I hope I'm not bothering you with my questions.
Have a great day!

See ya!
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Cool! I like how the sky looks, and the swords painted on the guy's chest.
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can u tell me,are those ur works somehow connected with Lon Mailo Dukett?

*excuse me for my english 8\
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No they are not. Who is that?
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