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Knight of Swords

Tarot. To see the rest of the cards, and for more information about the deck: [link]

K N I G H T o f S W O R D S

The Knight of Swords is the brave hero who rushes headlong into conflict to defend his beliefs. He is blunt and comes directly to his point. He is domineering, a seeker, slicing through the skies with his sword and his wings. A storm gathers in his wake, borne of the turbulence his winged army creates, and he is lifted high above it all to pierce through the chaos. The sword is a beacon.

He calls out to the night's abyss:
Lift me up spirits of Sky
grant me keen sight of Hawk
swiftness of Sparrow
grant me insight of Raven
brave heartbeat of Hummingbird
bear me up with grace on wings of Swan
guide me with visions of wisdom from Owl

Medium: Watercolor
Size: 8.5x14 inches

Prints: [link]
Details: [link]
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he looks cool, I would love to see him save a princess

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It's beautiful... I love the colors' harmony of this painting ...
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i just started working with water color again, and you put me to shammmmeeeeee :nirvana:
vasodelirium's avatar
hi!your work is featured in my journal,hope you don't mind:)
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epic drawing its an epic win
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I really like this one..this is my most favorite..
Ellygator's avatar
Beautiful birds!
tenmisu's avatar
Wow. I can't get over how gorgeous all the wings are, and all the details! Simply beutiful! :heart: ^_^
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After so many cards over the years, you still continue to amaze me with your skills and bottomless bowl of creativity. Bravo!
Rita-Ria's avatar
I love it - my FAVE!!! :love:
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joeyv7's avatar
I really like the human figure in this, and his pose :)
YapanYashiro's avatar
Arr *////*!!!

Gorgoeus, amazing, wonderful, oh my!!
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so beautiful...
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this is way 2 wicked :D love the work you've done here ^_^ great stuff!
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I like the face on the big bird, and how his wings are joined!
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This is absolutely AMAZING!!!!
rindaimaiou's avatar
Yup, I knew it was going be awesome, and I was right. Incredible job, as always. :nod:

DryerLint's avatar
What kind of paper do you use?
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