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Eight of Wands

Tarot. For more information about the deck and to see the rest of the cards: [link]

Eight of Wands -
Journeying towards a goal, a great undertaking, speeding to reward with hope and momentum.

With but the puff of a breath, she sends the seedlings on their way. It is the ending of the lovely flower that blooms so delicately into elaborate spheres of ethereal beauty, but the beginning of a new growth. The seeds spin away on the wild winds -- at the mercy of entropy, but sailing with purpose on their gossamer filaments. Sail away and beyond, and then set down to grow to become a mighty tree!

Medium: Watercolor
Size: 8.5x14 inches

Details: [link]
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DarkDispair's avatar
This is marvelous, truly a master piece in it's own right!! I mean the colors and design are simply breathtaking. I love how there are hidden faces everywhere.
Really I love this and believe with every fiber in my body that you 'puimun' are a master in the waiting.
YvernOfAz's avatar
I always love your foxes--!
botchiball's avatar
wow, this is beautiful : ).
CuielRilwen's avatar
I have fav'ed so many of your pieces this hour I have lost count! You are so talented...your work is unearthly and still human. It makes me wanna soar next to your creatures in whatever world it is they inhabit. :)
Ombrenuit's avatar
Your pieces always amaze me by their inner light! That one is truly magnificent, :+fav:
blueLotus27's avatar
oh wow. i can't get over how beautiful these are!
Amazing, truly amazing :love:
Fepas's avatar
amazing work
alexluna's avatar
oooh, my fav of the tarot so far. she's glorious. love the bodice and dandelion clocks (or are those seeds?).
delfee's avatar
It's always a pleasure of discovering your new creations, with always this delicate note of poem. I like very much ! :+fav:
pixi3angeldreamx's avatar
WOW really nice, reminds me of good old story books:)
KinjiraretaNingyou's avatar
the foxes and the faces and the fairy, so pretty :heart:
Valvador's avatar
Beautiful, again!

DraveDragonheart's avatar
ahhh this piece is simply beatiful very nice work with this :D
LarraChersan's avatar
Brilliant colours! The whole drawing looks so serene. It's wonderful! :D
Clowgirl's avatar
Gorgeous!! Wonderful work as always =)
Rebbe-Dragon's avatar
Ohh, very pretty. I love the way you've drawn her clothing.
AmedaN's avatar
I always love your works. You create such enchanted settings filled with wonder and intrigue.Beautiful as always. :+fav:
Nightengale37's avatar
I really like this idea for wands! Very interesting
RavenLady's avatar
I love the movement in this and the faces in the tree are wonderful!
wow wonderfull, beautifull,the best
nightpeddler's avatar
so soft and pretty :)
Twillight-Eusinu's avatar
such beautiful art work!~ I love it!
ghostphoenix's avatar
This is beautiful the way you have the colours mingling together.
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