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Eight of Swords

Tarot. For more information about the deck and to see the rest of the cards: [link]

Eight of Swords - Wasting energy on the trivial, frozen in crisis, restricted, confused, feeling powerless, trapped by circumstances.

The Brambles Crone lives among the blackberry hedges where the fruit is tempting and sweet, but even the leaves have wickedly curved thorns to catch and hold. The little hummingbird may flit and navigate with ease among such treacherous tangles, but the grand elegance of the Swan with the arcing spread of her wings is not for such tangled and thorny corridors.

Medium: Watercolor
Size: 8.5x14 inches

Prints: [link]
Details: [link]
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Brilliant really awesome
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truly beautiful. I like the variety of blues and how the humming bird makes a bright spot of color above the trapped swan. Wonderful composition too with the winding thorns winding around.
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Thant's an amazing pic you did of a tarot card called the Eight of Swords. :)
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Perhaps fitting, for this is a card of... Swords.
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I absolutely adore this work! The layout, colors - everything is just so beautiful! If I had the time I would comment on your other works too - they are defenetly worth it, but I don't have, so I just fav nearly all of them, :D
Full of meaning....
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Very Dramatic, I really love it!
solusauroraborealis's avatar
wonderful and evocative, has a true fairytale feel to it :)
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Anima-Lux-Artifex's avatar
This is really interesting! awesome work =D
Seirenth's avatar
Nice work! Looks great! :D
sinslave09's avatar
wonderful image!
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Just fyi... I am dying to get my hands on your tarot deck... I've been watching it grow for ages... you're amazing. The end.
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Oh wow, this is just wonderful. The swords are soo cool looking, I really like how you did the styles and everything.
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So very beautiful... it might be my favourite one so far. :)
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I like the composition of this, with the hummingbird as the focus in the middle and the swords drawing the eye from the swan to the hummingbird or vice versa.

Very pretty!
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Beautiful and mysterious. Great job!!
deadlilacs's avatar
Like always I'm in "aw". KUDOS!!!
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That's so impressive!

SparkleRox's avatar
This one is especially beautiful! Your description really makes it, too.
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OMG this little bird in the center gave this painting such an optimistic feeling:)
You are so talented... I wish I could be as half as much good as you... :envy: :faint:
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Beautifully painted..the way the left wing flows under the swan:)
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