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Eight of Cups

Tarot. For more information about the deck and to see the rest of the cards: [link]

Eight of Cups - Delving within for personal discovery and answers, turning away and disengaging from the material for the spiritual, moving on, letting go, weariness, drain.

Seeker of the Seas, dive down, dive deep. Plumb the sapphire waters so dark that they pulse with the nacreous gleam of black pearls. Slice through the waters, O Seeker of Truth; slide with lithe body through the currents and undertows; turn away from the sunlight of the world up above that blinds with its too-sharp brilliance. Like the delicate luminescence of the deep sea life, there are some things which can only be seen when the eyes grow enlarged in the dim netherlit otherworld. Dive down, Seeker of the Seas!

Medium: Watercolor
Size: 8.5x14 inches

Prints: [link]
Detals: [link]
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It's in Dreamscapes Myth & Magic-Creating Legendary Creatures and Characters in Watercolor. Chapter is called The Siren pg. 162

Beyworld101's avatar

I've seen this watercolor art piece before!!!

CaledonCat's avatar
Wow,I really like her fin and that gleaming(?) blue is amazing.
ElisEiZ's avatar
Awesome colour blue!
DivaDiva's avatar
the blue is lovely......good painting......
YvernOfAz's avatar
this one -- awesome.
story's avatar
All of your tarot cards are brilliant. I have many many many tarot decks, and I have to have yours one day. It's lovely.
alexluna's avatar
Ooohhh, I spoke too soon. I think this is my favorite now. Darn me and my indecisive lustings.
MarinaMoon's avatar
I love mermaids. Great rendering. i just adore her tail. =0)
QueenGwenevere's avatar
That's just lovely, it is... I love the details in the fins, especially, like butterfly-wing-patterns...

Lovely, and an original approach... I don't think I've seen anything quite like it before...
EvyCrystal's avatar
really lovely job :3 the blue is wonderful and I love how you work with water colors :3
mrs-jessicat's avatar
you are my new source for inspiration ;-)

Rebbe-Dragon's avatar
The water in the background looks really neat with the way that it is rippling.
LikaLaruku's avatar
That's all kinds of lovely.
ClaudiaSutton's avatar
Love the flow this piece has. Well done.
tursiops33's avatar
Really nicely done :D
Rita-Ria's avatar
I remember that you told ones, you dont like mermaids too much
NOW I AM HAPPY YOU PAINTED HER - she is gorgeous!
the-imagined's avatar
the colours are very nice
sensij's avatar
beautiful blue! :D
x-dinky's avatar
Valvador's avatar
Beautiful mermaid :)

jenely's avatar
Gorgeous!! She's so graceful and I love the colors!!
grimfairyreaper's avatar
beautiful colours and an excellent composition. I just love the colours they re so vibrant excellent useof water colours.
impetere's avatar
Positively enchanting <3
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