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Felt the itch to do some celtic knotwork art once again. It's been a while....
For details of it, look here: [link]
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Is there such a thing called a Catknot?
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I'm awed by your artwork... It's amazing, to say the least.
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Unusual knotwork, you are very talented^^
I wish I'd be half as good as you :(
BlueBettyBoop's avatar
WOW thats amazing I love it
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You're amazing !!! not only the ability to draw knotworks but also charcters and so beautiful colours (watercolour?) ! you are... wouahhh!
I like the floating fishes on the bottom left.
Did you know scandinavian beauty goddess Freiya had winged cats?
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I think I saw a print of this at a Dragoncon a good few years back...loved it then and still love it now. Beautiful!
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What a great piece. What is it painted with?
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this one is done in photoshop. one of my older pieces.
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It is so nice to see photoshop works that doesn't look like photoshop. Gz and keep going!
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This is an amazing piece of Celtic knot work with absolutely wonderful accents. The cat looks great with lovely coloration and wings that give it a fanciful air, and the fish on the other side provide a really nice balance. I love the droplets of water on the fish side and the texture and border you've provided for everything to sit on. Also, excellent job on making the cat and fish appear to sit above the paper and knot.
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The cat is so . . . shiny :)
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Woooooow. This is really great. The angle and the colors:w00t:
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Love the background. This is so intricate. Amazing.
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I remember seeing this a very long time ago, and I love it now as much as I had then. It is so beautiful and creative and I can see you put a lot of time and effort into making this. It is trully amazinf work! I must :+favlove: this.
SquallxZell-Leonhart's avatar
Wow, is all I can really say...
LeeAnneKortus's avatar
OMG!!!! :wow: this is just incredible!! beautiful!!
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Dear god... the knotwork... within the knotwork... within the knotwork. Did it make you go blind??? This must've taken you forever. Brilliant. I love the way you bring a new, unique beauty to knotwork. And of course the cat and fish are wonderful. ;)
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I like how the fish and hte cat appear 3d :)
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this, I really!!!
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