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Born of Sea Foam



Medium: Watercolors
Size: 8x10 inches
Prints available here: [link]

From Dreamscapes - Myth & Magic [link] :

The concept of magical equines being birthed from the sea is a powerful image that has found itself repeated in many myths. Greek Poseidon was the creator of horse. Mighty white-maned creatures surging up from the ocean’s floor in bursts of sea foam and crashing waves. The Celtic goddess Epona was also said to have been born from sea foam, taking the form of a white mare when she stepped to land. And then there are the narwhals, the “Unicorns of the Sea” for their long spiral tusks like a unicorn’s horn that for centuries were traded and sold as being the genuine article.
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This is one of my favorite paintings you've done. Your talent is divine!