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Born of Sea Foam

By puimun
Medium: Watercolors
Size: 8x10 inches
Prints available here: [link]

From Dreamscapes - Myth & Magic [link] :

The concept of magical equines being birthed from the sea is a powerful image that has found itself repeated in many myths. Greek Poseidon was the creator of horse. Mighty white-maned creatures surging up from the ocean’s floor in bursts of sea foam and crashing waves. The Celtic goddess Epona was also said to have been born from sea foam, taking the form of a white mare when she stepped to land. And then there are the narwhals, the “Unicorns of the Sea” for their long spiral tusks like a unicorn’s horn that for centuries were traded and sold as being the genuine article.
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reminds me of dans cover of the last unicorn theme... also said film... anything that reimnds me of that is well apreceated, and the graful pose and style is very original, i havent seen it before! <3

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just amazing and gorgeous^^
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Your art is absolutely unbelievably amazing! You are one of my favorite artists on Earth! <3 
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Like the wonderful Last Unicorn :)
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It reminded of Beagle's Last Unicorn) Very beautiful! Great work!
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this is exquisite. they truely look like other worldly beings!
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wow it looks fantastic, great use of colors! and the unicorns look so elegant!
I love it! great job! U v U 
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Usually I don't like unicorns :S but what a lovely picture this is!:heart:
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This is amazing, I love the idea!
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I have nearly all the watercolor books you have out. thank you they are very helpful, and thank you for such pretty things to look at. Love your unique style. 
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You're welcome! Glad to hear you are enjoying the books so much
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does anyone else remember the movie The Last Unicorn? this reminds me of that movie! its beautiful!
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oh my! this is absolutely beautiful!

I'm like so in love with Unicorns because my last name is Einhorn which means unicorn in german! n_n

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i have the same book

i love the chapter about witches and the other one about the moon maidens ( or whatever they are called)

this piece is great. i've been meaning to do a piece similar to hers
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Hehe, I wrote the book. This is the original piece created for the book.
turntechGeneticist's avatar
oh wow!
i love your work
i thought you were a fan, sorry

you are really talented
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