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11 - Justice

Tarot. For more information about the deck: [link]

Justice - Balance, harmony, equilibrium, assuming responsibility, weighing all sides of an issue before making a decision, choosing with full awareness.

Medium: Watercolor
Size: 8.5x14 inches

The sketch: [link]
More sketches: [link]
Details: [link]
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Thinking seriously to tattoo that over my skin...
MissDragonScales's avatar
The Justice is the card number VIII I think... and the force the card number XI
Amazing Work :)
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It is a pair that is interchanged in certain decks. Sometimes it is this way, sometimes the other way, depending on the progression the artist/author wish for the deck.
MissDragonScales's avatar
Oh, I informed.

In the cards that follow the Rider-Waite influence (especially in English-speaking countries) used the number XI for Justice, while in the Mediterranean, most followers of the Tarot of Marseilles, the number VIII will prevail. Both are considered valid.

Sorry about my ignorance
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your sensualst artwork is featured in my journal.
kind regards to you.
wolliWen's avatar
Great work :D
Love the wings and how made one of them go downwards...
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i like the allusion to the egyption view of justice at death. you can enter heaven if your heart weighs less than a feather.
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I'm totally agree !
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mmm, you really painted what the card means. i love it! :love:

okay, since i'm new, how do i put it under my favorites?
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Mmm, justice was from the beginning pictured as a child with a unicorn´s horn by it´s side, but I think this one says it better.
dazednotconfused's avatar
*le gasp* I love the wings! Wonderful piece!
lightbird's avatar
The painting really captures the concept. Amazing, as always :)
SealgairNiCait's avatar
Amazing! I love the reference to Maat (unless that's not the feather weighed against the soul?) goddess of justice. I will look for this deck to be published!
puimun's avatar
Yes, you have the correct.
Slightly-Mad's avatar
i'd fav all your gallery but that would take too much time with the current connection, so i'll fav my favorite number: 11 :) i love both the idea and the style. you just got me interested in tarot with these paintings.. now i'll have to go buy a set to keep me busy until you get yours published :P keep up the great work!
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The balence shows the cards meaning, however...
AstreaEvania's avatar
I love it... I'll have to check out your gallery. ^^
—Æ :rose:
babymama's avatar
WOW OMG!:shocked: I love your art work it captivates my eye. :trophy: Great Job once again!
miresil's avatar
The twisted wings are a beautiful innovation. :)
moontears's avatar
omg' are amazing...
This is gorgious...
I would buy a pack of tarots with these kind of images on them without a doubt..:nod:

AutumnVixen's avatar
this really is an amazing picture, i really really love her hair, but of course i will cuz shes a redhead, but still, you put such detail into it that i didnt catch until i full viewed it, i cant wait until the tarot deck comes out!
TheFunnyBunny's avatar
ah! thats my card! right there! and wow, what a wonderful one it is! I love her wings crossed! the colours, as allways, are stunning! and I reallt like your touch with the butterflies :)
morriganraven's avatar
Beautiful. As only justice can be.
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