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Kill la kill - Satsuki Kiryuin

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PsymilyProfessional Digital Artist
Kucheruk, you are an overachiever!  No one goes this far with their cosplay!  Well done.

In looking at your all of your cosplay and set design work you seem to be a pretty fun and creative person.  So I *think* you will like my weird new app that makes inner-selfie art based on your personality. You can play Psymily with or without a selfie portrait or you can try one of these cosplay characters. It's very abstract but creative people, especially cosplay people love it.  It is called Psymily.

I am not advertising to so that it will be limited only to creative fun people and their friends.  It is too difficult to explain so please take a look at this slide show to see samples and join the fun. It's too weird to explain but you can see samples and try it here...


Please lmk what you think!
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RoxiiCosplayHobbyist General Artist
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spirosk-photographyHobbyist Photographer
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CairdiuilHobbyist General Artist
Amazing photography.
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NidameSofiaStudent General Artist
How can this be possible! Amazing work <3
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tony2016 General Artist
I agree. It's an amaizing, fine and lighting expression that should never be confused with another sort of images. Good job!
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ArlekOrjomanProfessional Digital Artist
This is absolutely fantastic.
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While this is nice work, I don't think I can go on DeviantArt anymore during work. The 'Mature' filters are too loose; if this popped up at work I would get in some serious trouble.
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Yep ... the mature filter no longer serves a purpose.
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And if you try to report it, you can't! As long as one person reported it and it has been deemed 'clear' the masses can no longer have a say in the process. I think I'll be leaving DA soon... all the over-sexualized artworks on the front page are really getting to me.
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It's really bothering me as well. I only come on here now to chat with friends or to see the latest works of all the artists I've favorited. It's actually becoming more and more difficult to find quality art because I have to wade through a bunch of smut to get there. This place used to be amazing, but it's fast becoming a site for perverts.
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Pugoffka-sama Photographer
So, you think that this photo for perverts?
Oh, come on  Llama Emoji 42 (Pinch Cheek) [V2] 
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I meant the site is gravitating in that direction.
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Now, correct me if I'm wrong...Name of the site is Deviant art, right. So, what exactly do you expect to find here. Cut all this fake moral crap. And if this art is for perverts I don't think there will be non-perverts left on earth.
The image is stunning, thanks for sharing.
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This has nothing to do with the name of the site. This is artistic, we're not arguing that point. I'm also not on some moral brigade. I'm merely pointing out the fact that images like this need to have the appropriate mature tag. This site used to be a lot better in that everything with the default settings (mature tag on) used be a lot more tame. But the staff no longer really care anymore.

I'm not downplaying the artistic integrity of this image or the person behind it.
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Ishyo Digital Artist
very beautiful photo
loyal to the character's image
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MangaArtMaker1Hobbyist Artist
Pretty cool o-o But Im so glad you covered her boobs XD
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UrDeadlyDesireStudent Writer
WOW. Brilliant!
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