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Movie Madness

The nostalgia is strong in this one.  Just looking at this one and I can almost hear the movie intro music from when I was a kid.  I'm not sure if we will ever get back to the point where we can go to a theater and sit down amidst that smell of popcorn and butter, kick our feet back and simply relax into a movie.  I miss those days.  Hopefully this finds its way to someone that enjoys it.  Have a great day!

Tech Details and Credits:

First a huge thank you goes out to Zetyr for help with the coloring on this one. 

This was created purely in chaotica and is a fractal.  It's a total of seven iterators and uses plenty of weights (xaos) to get the results. 
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Beautiful piece! I love it. Brings back memories for me, too. Besides that, I'm very impressed with the coloring. I'm completely at a loss as to how I can put specific colors into specific elements (not just areas) of a Chaotica fractal. Any tutorials available on that?

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Sort of. It's covered in my tutorials but...not expanded on. I'll keep it in mind for a future tutorial. Ok. think about it like this. It behaves almost like Apophysis. Imagine your first layer before the chaos game bouncing around happens. That layer is the initial shader. You set your color palette, or gradient if you're using chaoshelper, and that is determined by the palette location value. think of the palette as a line from 0 to 1 and it has values in between. Imagine the color palette overlaying that number line and where you set the location is where on the line it draws it's color from. That's a vast over-simplification but it's a good mental image to have. Now, once you start using the chaos game (iterated function system in this case) to start bouncing between iterators and generating your pattern, the blend speed value controls how quickly the color changes. A low blend speed will change it very little every iterator, and a high one will change it a lot. Then there's the opacity which controls how opaque each layer is and you can get some cool effects by tweaking that. That's the basics. When you get more advanced you can use the color curves to correct certain imbalances or enhance certain areas. It really just takes practice, but I'd be happy to show you examples and work with you if you're stuck somewhere. This one in particular was colored one way but in order to get that almost sepia tone it had a lot of color curve corrections done to it.

I'm confused. Please excuse my dumb questions, but what do you mean by "the chaos game"?

I want to download ChaosHelper, but I can't find the right link.

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The only dumb question is the one you don't ask. Asking questions is part of learning. Feel free to message me on discord if you use that method of communication. That way I can reply faster.

So...the chaos game. Check out my second tutorial. LINK: There's a link in there to a youtube video that explains it pretty well. It's not a perfect example but it's a really good explanation on how chaotica and most other IFS systems work. If you've ever asked yourself why it does what it does, that video will help you out.

As for chaoshelper. I have a copy, but the original post is found here:

It links to a youtube video where the original author has a download link. If you can't find it let me know and I'll get it to you.

Thanks, Pug. I downloaded the file and will try it out tomorrow. Will try to check out your tutorial tomorrow, too. Thanks for your help.

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No worries at all my friend. Feel free to ask me anything. I like helping people. For the record though, I don't know everything and like everyone else I'm still learning. If you get to the point where I can't answer, I'll let you know. At that point, I suggest joining the discord server. All the greats hang out in there including Lyc, the guy who wrote chaotica.

I just realized that I can't try out anything with Chaotica right now because I'm using it to render an image that might take a week or more. (It's already been rendering for more than 3 days, and only about half of the image is properly visible.) Is there a faster way to render a complex image in Chaotica? Or is there a way to use Chaotica to create new images while another is rendering? I've tried going back to Apophysis to play with fractal images during the render, but I just don't get as much out of that program as I do out of Chaotica.

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Yeah, it really depends on your hardware. If you have a good gpu check the box that says open CL and then check the graphics card. The gpu rendering can be buggy though. If you want, I can render it for you. My cpu is insane. I render mine in about 15 minutes. Another thing that can effect it is complexity. I tend to design mine to be as efficient as possible.

EDIT: I think i figured out where the disconnect is. Chaotica uses a contant rendering system. If you set the screen resolution of the image you're rendering at higher than the viewport, it will only show part of the image and you can click and drag the image around to see the whole thing. The rendering constantly happens in the background and constantly raises the "sampling level". Down at the bottom you'll see a SL value. that's the sampling level. You will reach a point where continuing to render has no effect. I usually find it happens around SL 10. At that point you can go to the menu and save the image. There's no benefit to keeping the application rendering.

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Reel to Reel! So stunning Pug!

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Thanks! I miss the old films sometimes.

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I love old movies best. Back when there were actual stories and movies didn't depend on a high body count and lots of murder and mayhem to sell the show.

I am a Bogart and Bacall fan myself.

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When i was a kid, i lived on old reruns. My grandfather kept me well supplied on things like the lone ranger, the three stooges and my favorite....pirates of penzance.

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Those are the old series, among others that I grew up watching. I love the Pirates of Penzance too. So many good movies, and old tv series too from back then. Some silly ones as well. Life was so different, more innocent,

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Excellent composition!

24x36 mm?

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Roughly. There are a few places where it's slightly off, but the sizing of the frames is done by eye and not measurement.

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Very cool, and lovely colors too!

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It turned out amazing. Thank you for letting me help with the colours!

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No worries brother. Next time, I'll help you with one. :D

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