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Deep down, we all feel inadequate as artists. We feel that we should be better than we are. We are incapable of seeing ourselves as others do and that is part of the problem. We look at what others create, and unconsciously compare our own creations to those we see. The truth is that uncounted hours of practice is the only thing that will make our skills better and that we must ask ourselves one question. Are we creating art for others, or are we creating it for ourselves? A young artist that I respect asked me the other day to explain my views. He confided in me that he has stopped posting art because he feels that his work isn't good enough. I gave him the following three points. Practice is the path to getting better. The truth is that we either create art for others, or create art for ourselves. When we do it for others, it leads to an expectation that others may not return and is a trap. When we create art for ourselves, the only one we have to make happy is ourselves
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This is an index of my current tutorials. Feel free to comment on them here, or directly. :D Chaotica Basics Chaotica: An Introduction Chaotica: Edit the World Chaotica: Linear Latitude Chaotica: Transform Examples Chaotica Intermediate Chaotica: Circle Inversion Chaotica: Transform Chains Chaotica: Elliptic-Splits Chatica Advanced Crystalise Xforms
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A name change was warranted. It's now PugnaciousOne.
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