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I've made a discord server for a pokemon game I want to make. I love all the help I can get.
I've made a discord server for a pokemon game I want to make. I love all the help I can get. 
Tagged by: :iconmelodeycooper:

1) Pick one or more of your OCs

2) Fill in the questions/statements as if you were your OC

3) Tag 3 people at the end of the quiz (or not)

Character: Connor O'neil 

1) What's your name? 

2) Do you know why you were named that? 


3) Are you single or taken?
Not at the the moment, no but I'm trying to get out there haha.

4) Have any abilities or powers? 

You want the whole list? Well, I can produce fire from my body, create a repulse shied that knocks people away from me, able to morph my arm and into a giant skeletal fist and much more.  

7) Have any family members? 

I use to...

8) How about pets?
Nope no pets here. I have no time to take care of one

9) Tell me something that you don't like. 
I hate lots of things but if I have to say what I hate the most, it's people and there sociality. 

10) Something that you do like? 
I'm a big singer! Love Disney musicals! 

11) Do you have any activities/hobbies that you like to do?  
Art is a passion of mine and a great past time. 

12) Have you ever hurt anyone in any way before?

I do it all the time...

13) Ever...killed anyone before? 

I have...many people. 

14) What kind of animal are you? 
I think of myself as a crow. 

15) Your worst habits?

Bitting my nails

16) Do you look up to anyone at all? 
I use to look up to many heroes until I found out they were never heroes to begin with. 

17) Gay, straight, or bi? 
I'm always going to Bi Myself. Haha I'm Lonely! 

18) Do you go to school?
I did for a while. Then it got burnt to the ground. 

19) Ever wanna marry and have kids one day?

I need to keep the legacy going somehow

20)Do you have any fangirls/fanboys? 
If I did, they're dead now! 

21)What are you most afraid of?
Being seen as useless and powerless 

22)What color is your hair? 

Dark green, why? 

23) Eyes?

Also green

24) What do you usually wear? 
A nice three piece suit with a black tie. 

25) What's your religion?

27) Well, it's still not over

28) Anyways, where do you live? 
I don't think I give that info out. Plus I move a lot 

29) What class are you? (Low class, middle class, high class)

I'm a villain in hiding. I make money off robbing banks and killing people. I'd say middle class. 

30) How many friends do you have? 
No friends, just coworkers 

31) If you could change anything about you, what would you change? 
What I did in the past to get me where I am. That I would change so I would become the monster I am now. 

32) What are your thoughts on pie? 

33) Alright. What's your favorite food? 
Just toast. That all. 

34) Favorite drink? 
Vodka all the way!

35) What is your favorite place? 
City streets are always nice.

36) Least favorite?

38) Well, it's over.
Welp, see ya


Adopt a Fusion Batch #1 (OPEN)

Tagged by :IconKapooyTheElf

1. What is your favorite character you got from a adopt?
    A:I don't really adopt but a Dark Blue Lapis made by @Melodycooper is probably my favorite 

2. Which one of Kapooy's ocs will you least likely hang out with and why?
    A: Jynx because I like my good luck thanks

3. Who is the art stealer,troll, or deviant whos a jerk do you hate the most?
     A:There are just too many...

4. What is a oc you were very proud of creating?
    A:Dally Holter who is my newest and the one I'm most proud of 

5. What was your funniest moment on deviantart? 
    A:The Pun war of 1934 between Deepzekrom and I

My questions

1. Who is you inspiration? 

2. Which OC are you most proud of making? 

3. Who is your least favorite OC of yours? 

4. What is your dream job? 

5. What's your favorite movie? 

I tag!


Tagged by My good friend :iconwolfythekitsune: 
1.) You Must Post ALL These Rules.
2.) Answer 12 Questions You've Been Asked And Then Create 12 Questions For The People You Tagged.
3.) Choose 12 People.
4.) Actually Tag These People.
5.) You Cannot Say That You Don't Do Tags.
6.) Tag Backs Are Allowed.

1. What's your favorite animated movie?
  The 1995 Transformers movie -w-

2. Do you like anime?

3. What Despacito are you hyped for?
Despacito 69

Kermit the staring frog Hell ye  

5. Have you ever heard of the Greatest Showman Soundtack? If so, what's your favorite song?… 
From Now On is my fav ()W()

6. Are you a daytime or nighttime person?
Nighttime Person for sure

7. Who is your inspiration or inspirations?
I got to many to list 

8. What element represents you?
Mercury cause i'm toxic as hell 

9. Do you like bugs?
10. What is your biggest fear?
What comes after Death...also deep waters 

11. Don't hate me, but what's your favorite color?
God damnit RAINBOW since it has most of them 

12. Favorite OC of mine? :3

God to say Rory  Rory by WolfyTheKitsune

Now it's my turn 

1. Whats your favorite Cartoon ?

2. If you could be any animal, what would it be? 

3. What do you regret the most in your life? OWO

4. Do you like anime and if so what do you watch? 

5. Favorite Video Game 

6. How do you deal with artist block? 

7. Who is your favorite band? -3- 

8. What FOOD do you Consume! 

9. What is your least favorite fan base? 

10. What place would you like to visit that you haven't been to before? 

11. What is your inspiration? 

12. Favorite OC of mine?...I'm sorry

I tag...

I think i'm going to take some time away from deviant art. I don't feel okay. I'm stressed out about my personal life and other things. I'll be back but maybe a week or two will help me get back into things. Stress and Depression is hurting my life and I need to take a break from art and drawing for a little. I may be on discord so if you have discord and want to chat. My tag is Toast#5709 incase you wanted to know. See ya 
Tagged by :iconmelodeycooper: 

Character chosen: Cosmos 

1. they was made a contest :iconKapoonyTheElf: made a while back

2. They have no gender

3. Their body is made of dark matter

4. They're accualy very powerful but holds back their strength so they don't endanger others

5. They were born from a black hole disbanding 

6. They can teleport from galaxy to galaxy in seconds 

7. It has it's own gravity 

8. They can't speak any human language 

 :icondeepzekrom: RAF
:iconmbmaverick22: Steampunk
:iconcheesysquidsandwich: Aberration 

This is a series I had the idea for awhile. I've been on and off on it but I got a character down. More to come 

First let me explain the idea. It is heavily inspired by My Hero Academia. Characters, gimmicks, over all bases. Other are based of cartoon characters and media 

Skills are basically act as Quirks in this case. They are powers people are mostly born with. Only half the people have said "skills" Which makes most people fear them and them as weapons while admire them and are intrigued by how they function. Many people with "skills" become heroes and vigilantes to stop the still evil cities of the world. Schools and training camps where set up for the future generation to learn how use their powers correctly(see what I mean by "heavily"?) It's more fantasy like demons and comic book like with other dimensions while still being ground to modern superheroes and stuff like that. So Yeah. There is no story yet but this is a idea
Everything doesn't matter as meaning has no meaning. Art is dead. Comedy is dead. happiness is dead. We live in a loop seeking away to break free. Who knows what will happen as artist try to free the world from a repeating form of comedy and feeling. 

I don't know what to say about this but I feel that Bo Burnam was right. Art is Dead and maybe we'll grow out of it. 

Everything doesn't matter as meaning has no meaning. Art is dead. Comedy is dead. happiness is dead. We live in a loop seeking away to break free. Who knows what will happen as artist try to free the world from a repeating form of comedy and feeling. 

I don't know what to say about this but I feel that Bo Burnam was right. Art is Dead and maybe we'll grow out of it. 
Tagged by :iconmelodeycooper:

1. Which cartoon villains do you picture getting a redemption arc?
I Could see Hero Killer Stain get a redemption arc in My Hero Academia 

2. Chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry?
Vanilla all the way!

3. What was your favorite childhood video game?
Pokemon...Just pokemon.

4. If you were given the option to live in the world of your favorite cartoon/movie/video game, what would it be and why?
I'd want to live in the My Hero Academia World since it's so colorful and has many unique people

5. Favorite Disney movie?
The Nightmare Before Christmas,Beauty and the Beast, Incredibles, and Princess and the Frog. 

6. what super power would you like to have?
To make my OCs to come to life and to Teleport

7. What's a moment in your life that you wish you could erase completely?
I'd erase the time my brother and I got into a huge fight resulting in him kicking me. 

8. Which is best monster?
The Beast from Over the Garden Wall

9. Name a celebrity you'd love to hang out with for a whole day.
Chris Pratt 

10. Do you still have a childhood toy or have you given it away?
I still got them :)

11. When you go Christmas shopping, is it easier to shop for yourself or others?
Others for sure

12. What is the saddest moment you've seen in an anime?
Ash dying in the first Pokemon Movie Mewtwo Strikes Back
Hey, so this guy Christian80s2nd  is being an ass to my friend MasterMacey

Block him and report him
Team Calamity or Shadow Corp. 

Based off secret evil organization like Illuminati type stuff

Goal: Use pokemon and legendaries to create a new dimension which, in result, would destroy the current one. They also have made synthetic Moves, Mega Stones, and Z crystals. We run the worlds Pokemart and Pokemon Center business.  

Team Calmity Grunts use: Croagunk, Scorpi, Purrlion, Dieno, Toxicroak, Drapion, Absol, Zweious, Mightyena, and Sharpedo. 

Team Admin Amber: Talonflame, M-Houndoom, Steelix, Metagross, Rapidash and Lucario,  

Team Admin Petra: M-Aerodactyal, Rampardos, Tyrantrum, Druddigon, Cradilly, and Flygon

Team Admin Oz: M-Gengar, Toxicroak, Crobat, Skunktank, Hounchrow, Pangoro

Team Admin Toby: M-Loppuny, Skarmory, Fearow, Zatu, Tocannon, Swoobat 

Team Team Leader Seba(me):  Hydragon, Umbreon, Absol, Porygon Z, Zorark, Chandlure 
So I'm going to be doing a few polls of a some sort having to do with pokemon. I need to some stuff first but I will get back to that. Another thing is Pumpkin Boy is still being worked on but it might be later than normal. Sorry. I'm focusing on this poll for the moment because it's a fun little trend and I would love to see your ideas. I post more about said poll later in the week and next week. I'm still doing all my normal stuff after but I might be focusing on ideas for Skylanders and Pumpkin Head while trying to be online. Have a great week and thanks for reading this if you have. 


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