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I’m sure all of you (or at least, the vast majority of you) know of Magnum Lily, the brand new female boxing manga that is being published for free at Magazine Pocket!! And well, if this is unknown to you… you should go check it out here:… [that’s the most recent chapter]

You may not understand Japanese, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy the art!


So… the thing is, Kodansha has announced a campaign on Magazine Pocket. Its Japanese name it’s “Magapoke orijinaru shinrensai 20 sakuhin ouen kyanpeen”, but we’ll keep it at “New Series’ Cheering Campaign”. And what is this campaign about?

Well, since the 1st of November, just like Magnum Lily, 19 other new series have been making their debut at Magazine Pocket’s free app. And now that all of them have debuted, Kodansha (the company behind this magazine/app) wants its readers to rank them in order of popularity. The best ranked series will get to be something related to “Kodansha’s face”! (not sure what this means, but it has to be fairly good for sure). However, the significance of this campaign does not end here, popularity ranks are pretty important in the manga business and are decisive in the fate of a series; so even if Magnum Lily doesn’t reach nº1, it would certainly be good for its future to get a high position on the ranking.

You get where I’m going, don’t you? I’m calling for your help with this campaign to MAKE MAGNUM LILY RANK AS HIGH AS POSSIBLE.


I really hope that all this talk didn’t tire you and that you’re still interested and thinking “How could I participate in this campaign and help?” Well, you’ll need a smartphone and follow these steps [success only guaranteed for Android users, not sure about iPhone people]:

    1.       Download a VPN service app and install it on your smartphone. My personal recommendations are TunnelBear or SurfEasy.

    2.       Hide your location: go to “Settings”, scroll down to find where it says “Location”, enter, and turn off that “Access to my location” option. Oh, and if you have your GPS on, better turn it off too.

    3.       Start your VPN service app of choice, do as you’re told, and connect to “Japan”. From now on, you’ll be surfing the net with a Japanese IP. You can go check sites like to verify.

    4.       Remove your Google Account: go to your device Home Screen and then tap on Settings -> Accounts-> Google ->  then tap on your mail address , then on “Menu”, and then on “Remove account” (not to be confused with “DELETE account”). Don’t be scared, removing the account is not permanent, you can retrieve it after everything’s done.

    5.       Make a new Google Account while having a Japanese IP. You know, launch your browser, type “google account creation” and so on… I’m sure you’ve done this before.  But here are some things you might like to know:

4b. At some point, is very likely that you’ll be asked to give out your phone number; don’t worry if it’s not a Japanese phone number, it doesn’t make a difference.

4c. While creating the account, some things might appear in Japanese, that’s a good sign, but I hope you don’t get lost and manage to make it (if there’s nothing written in Japanese, I hope there’s at least one section where it says “Location: Japan”).

4d. If something along the lines of “payment” comes out, just ignore it and leave all those spaces blank. This might happen again on step 8, if so, just do the same.

4e. You can create your new account from your PC. Just download a VPN service there (in this case, I recommend “VPN Gate”), install it, launch it, connect to a Japanese server, and go create your new account as a Japanese netizen.

    6.       Add your new Google Account to your device. Sometimes it’s done by default after creating that account, if not: go to your Home Screen, tap on Setttings -> Accounts -> Add account -> Google, and from then on follow the steps as indicated by your phone.

    7.       Disable both “Google Play Store” and “Google Play Services” and delete its data: go to your device Home Screen and then tap on Settings -> Manage apps->  then search for those two, tap on their names, and then tap on the “Manage Space/Clear data” buttons  first, and on the “Disable” buttons after. Some error messages may pop out, but don’t worry because next step is…

    8.       Re-enable “Google Play Store” and “Google Play Services”. The procedure is similar to the one in the previous step. Now your new account should work on Google’s Play Store with no problems. Oh, and remember step 4d just in case.

    9.       Go to ( or launch Google and search for the Magazine Pocket app by typing “マガポ). Don’t panic if you don’t understand the language, you’ll see the Google Play logo on the top right corner, tap on it and it will redirect you to its Play Store installation page. Then just tap on the “Install” button and let the magic flow.

    10.   If everything went just fine, now you’ll have the Magazine Pocket app installed on your phone (possibly under the name “マガポ). Enter, let it load, and then a text in Japanese will pop out with 3 options underneath, select the one on the right (if you select another one, don’t worry, just go forward); if more texts pop out, tap on “いいえ” (or the “X”). Now you can freely navigate the app, so scroll down to find Magnum Lily (look for the picture or the name “マグナムリリィ” ), and tap on it. After doing all this, you should have ended up in a screen with a Magnum Lily picture on the top side and Japanese text below (if not, try this step again).

    11.   Between the Magnum Lily pic and the Japanese text, you should find a “star” and a “thumbs up” button. Tap on the both of them and you’ll have successfully participated in the campaign giving your support to Magnum Lily.


And whoah… that was all. I hope you make it to the end. Besides the pleasure of helping Magnum Lily, there’s a little reward waiting for you:

Go to the screen from step 11, scroll down and you’ll see the chapters ready to be read (except for the last one, which will have a “green sticker”), tap on one of the other chapers, let it load, and scroll to the left until you finish the chapter. Now the app will reward you with 100 points you can use to read pre-access chapters, like the one that had the “green sticker”!! Oh, and if you want to get out of any chapter, tap on the manga page and top left you’ll see an “X”.


Now that the difficult part is all done, you can turn off your VPN connection (and uninstall the VPN service too, if you want to), remove your new Japanese account from Google (see step 4), and go back to your original account and settings. Unless you specifically uninstall it, the “マガポ app will still be working.

And that brings us up to the last part: every 24 hours you can give your support to Magnum Lily again!! You won’t need to repeat all the previous procedure, just the steps 10 & 11 (and this time it will be even easier, as less things will pop out and you’ll only need to tap on the “thumbs up” button). So please, don’t just participate in the campaign once and then forget, try to enter the “マガポ app every day.


BTW, IMPORTANT: This campaign is only in operation until the 15th of December, so don’t dawdle, do it as soon as possible!! Every day you put off your participation is one vote lost for Magnum Lily!

All the deserved credit goes to: :iconlammenschans:


Pugilismx Concepts
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
A curiosity that started like a swift wind, then it became a tornado. Confound this Boxing girls, they drive me to draw!
YM id: faragarn


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