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Lamprey, Lost!



Alt Title: Terrible Lizards and Little Green Men
Date of completion: May 10th 2009 (Mothers Day)
Time: Many, many hours over many, many days. Maybe a week.

One day an alien fell asleep at the controls of his ship causing it to crash land on the nearest planet. Earth during the age of the dinosaurs. When the Extra Terrestrial climbed out of his ship he found himself in the sights of the most notorious ruthless gang of killer Tyrannosaurus Rex's. They are known and feared by lifeforms all across the distant lands. Not only do they kill for the hunt but also the pleasure. If members of their own group are not careful they will murder and cannibalise their closest comrades just to pass the time. Just two weeks earlier there were seven in the group. Can the innocent green man escape?

It's dificult to make out here but those are Pteranodon's investigating the wrekage. I actually painted this at 118.9 cm x 118.9 cm/300 dpi.

I wouldn't mind making a kids book with this concept. Maybe one day it'll happen. Would anyone actually buy it?
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the alien came to the wrong planet