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chapter two: MUB
Chapter two;
My story
When I turned thirteen, I was assigned my human child, like every other monster in my world. But none the less, I was scared out of my fur. What if the child never learned to fear me? What if they matured early and I never got them scared enough to complete my job? Or what if they just (dare I think it) sleep through my visits? I voiced some of these thoughts to my mother, and she quickly dismissed them. This child would learn to fear me. I had to remember this.
But when I received the folder with my assigned child, I was worried and shocked to see how small the information in the packet was. There were two pages, one telling me her vitals. Her name was Penny Rockfield. She was (of course) three years old, and her mother and father were married and happy. I flip to her fears and her joys. She liked dogs, cats, any food she could get her little hands on. The list went on and on, taking up the entire front of the second page. I was still scanning the front when I fl
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Goddess of Spring, Queen of the Underworld by PuffytonDoesArt Goddess of Spring, Queen of the Underworld :iconpuffytondoesart:PuffytonDoesArt 4 0 Hufflepuffs and Slitherin Ship by PuffytonDoesArt Hufflepuffs and Slitherin Ship :iconpuffytondoesart:PuffytonDoesArt 4 1 Seal Mearl by PuffytonDoesArt Seal Mearl :iconpuffytondoesart:PuffytonDoesArt 3 4 Ballet Of Silence by PuffytonDoesArt Ballet Of Silence :iconpuffytondoesart:PuffytonDoesArt 4 0 Je T'aime Toujours, Coccinelle by PuffytonDoesArt Je T'aime Toujours, Coccinelle :iconpuffytondoesart:PuffytonDoesArt 1 0
Monster Under the Bed Chapter One
Chapter one;
Learn the basics
I am a MUB. A monster under the bed. The thing that all children learn to fear at a young age. My job is to instill fear into the hearts of young humans. MUB’s are assigned to children when the child is three and the MUB is thirteen. The MUBs then spend the next three years learning about the child and what it fears. Then, on either the child’s sixth birthday or the MUBs nineteenth birthday (Whichever comes first), the MUb is allowed to enter the child’s world and begin the haunting process. Some children will take years to realize what is giving them the creeps at night. Some take only a few weeks or months. But none the less, MUBs do not leave the child they are assigned to until the child reaches the age of sixteen. When the child reaches that age, their minds mature, and they no longer believe that something is under the bed. But we are always there. The child might outgrow us, but we will never outgrow the need for their fear. Even t
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So my dream started out in a tiny dorm room with three disney princesses; Jasmine, Rapunzel, and I think Belle. So we all went to sleep, but when we woke up, we were back at my house, princesses and all. But there was another person with us. I didn’t recognize him at first, but I will later in the dream. Anyway, the princesses and I were hiding in my garage, and we had these weird bows and arrows, and there were odd men in the yard in front of the garage. Me and the princesses were hidden away along with my dog, and the silly thing decided to go out onto my back porch. So my dog is sitting on the porch, and the weird guys go over to her. They seem to really want to find the princesses and I, but since they couldn’t see us in plain sight, they turned to my dog. (Ironic. Her name is Princess.) But the guy drew his bow, and the man that was suddenly with us ran forward and suddenly started groveling at the other mans feet yelling “Don’t shoot the dog! Don’t shoot the dog!” The other man was kinda weird out so he left Princess alone. Once the men with bows were gone, the man next to us suddenly had a foldable flying boat. Jasmine then got really sassy and said “What is this, the S.S Rust bucket?” Then I recognized who the man was. Carswell Thorne was standing in my yard, with the Rampion. And in my dream, I fangirled. Then I jumped into the seat behind Thorne, and then thought “Screw this.” and vaulted into the passenger seat next to Thorne. When we were about to take off, Thorne looked over at my dog who had somehow got herself stuck in this  weird box, were her back was at a ninety degree angle, paws first, looking over her shoulder at us. So Thorne sighed, got out, and went and got Princess. Then I woke up.


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if you can't blow them away with your brilliance, baffle them with your bull crap


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