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I'm animating by PUFFYlover5 I'm animating :iconpuffylover5:PUFFYlover5 19 19 oops I made 3 more by PUFFYlover5 oops I made 3 more :iconpuffylover5:PUFFYlover5 6 23 .: Get, Set, Ready, GO! :. by PUFFYlover5 .: Get, Set, Ready, GO! :. :iconpuffylover5:PUFFYlover5 5 8 .: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKU :. by PUFFYlover5 .: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKU :. :iconpuffylover5:PUFFYlover5 10 3 .: Luna Amane :. by PUFFYlover5 .: Luna Amane :. :iconpuffylover5:PUFFYlover5 11 3 .: Chibis :. by PUFFYlover5 .: Chibis :. :iconpuffylover5:PUFFYlover5 9 3 Last time I swear by PUFFYlover5 Last time I swear :iconpuffylover5:PUFFYlover5 8 1 Oops I got MME by PUFFYlover5 Oops I got MME :iconpuffylover5:PUFFYlover5 8 11 Motherfuck by PUFFYlover5
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Motherfuck :iconpuffylover5:PUFFYlover5 11 6
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Mature content
Another unrealistic expectation for women :iconpuffylover5:PUFFYlover5 6 33
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:iconheidi:Heidi 89 7,592
The Road to 100 Million Deviations!
DeviantART's 12 million members, the largest collective of artists anywhere in the world, have contributed nearly 100 million deviations! Let the countdown begin…

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:iconheidi:Heidi 136 19,842
im a lil tired of seeing all the "wow im so glad this model isnt a stick like all the other models in the mmdc"
bcs its such a backhanded thing to say lmao
dnt get me wrong im ql with body positivity i myself am chubby and curvaceous or w/e
but like........ every model that has even a little bit more leg or a bit more breast or a lil more tummy
has like 6 comments going "yes wow thicc hmm good base yaass mmMmMM so happy she isnt skinny"
and like thats skinny shaming
you're not being body positive
you're just being a skinny shaming dickhead
you couldve just said "wow i like that shes chubbier it looks cute" or even "yaas thicc models werk mama" w/e idfc.
but saying stuff like "wow im glad she isnt skinny" is so horrible to skinny people tbh
:iconnousernameincluded:NoUsernameIncluded 21 7
Soo I got jaw surgery
It was the first time I went under knife, and slept in the hospital.
I was pretty fucked up all last week, I'm slightly better.
However my face is still swollen and I don't know how I'm actually going to look.
Not to mention the doctor rekt my lip, burned it but it'll heal. So I go back to college next week.
Anyways I'm sorry I'm not on here as much, I'm focusing more on creating videos at the moment.
I didn't forget about Take me Far away, I'm going to try to have a update soon. I'm also updating a lot of my MMD Models
I was working on the Mishimira pv and cringed at how shitty my model edits were(Romeo and Cinderella Miku)
I'm just gonna redo her and yiyi and possibly other models. Give them a new look, offer some for DL depending if there legal or whatever.
But anyways, sorry for the lack of activity on here
:iconturquoise-x-narcotic:Turquoise-x-Narcotic 1 10
Project diva Kei Style miku Commission WIP4 by chatterHEAD Project diva Kei Style miku Commission WIP4 :iconchatterhead:chatterHEAD 34 6
Plushie Comission Page

This page, as you can guess, is for you to view over and contact me for your very own MMD Plushie!
Don't know what they look like?
Look here!
Here's the base prices for these commisions.


No Physics
No small details


Physics and Joints (all of them included at once)
$8.00 or more
Price will vary depending on how many parts have physics, and the complexity of them


Small details
Physics and joints free
$15.00 or more
Price will vary depending on complexity of design



Contact Me 
Skype: Kagamine_Edd
You may also note me here on DeviantArt
May have delayed response
:iconkedd-p:KEdd-P 1 1
How are all you bitches? I mean, I usually don't talk to any of you at all half the time, people be busy, ya know?
Just a simple update/whatupbitches post journal thing. It will have random updates from me, and a place where my DA hoes can tell me what is up with them so far lol.
How are you guys tho, seriously. I've been moved out of my folks for the last 8 months, living with my bf/fiance Kristopher, aka. Leviathan.
It's us and our 6 kids: Mala, Roman, Kugra(cats), Yaro(dog), Lam, and Cashew(geckos)
I'm sure most of you bitches saw I am working my dream job, it is like, perfect, but my boss is a twat. But I mean, if he wasnt, then he wouldnt be a boss I guess. Lol.
Been feeling my bio clock getting antsy, and 'The Talk' is in order, well not yet, but like, when I turn 27, which gives me time to think haha, Im still a month away from 25.
Lol, ah man. But yea, should be working on owning a house
:iconkasha-lupul:Kasha-Lupul 1 16
I'm back
Well hey guys I am back from my extreme unannounced hiatus, and I'm gonna /try/ to get back into MMD and such. I had to wipe my PC and so ALL of my MMD and utatu stuff is gone, so I gotta re-download things. mad : I Thankfully I had Mimo up for download on here so I can at least get her without having to re-create her. Anyway if you'd like for me to download your model or whatever and use it feel free to comment or note me. :heart: thanks guys
:iconspoiledcactus:spoiledcactus 1 4
Keko Feat. Teto - Suki Yuki Maji Magic by KEdd-P Keko Feat. Teto - Suki Yuki Maji Magic :iconkedd-p:KEdd-P 9 1
MMD has become less about MMD and more about. . .
MMD has become less about MMD and more about who can photoshop the picture the most, or, who can render in Blender the most. :/ Makes me sad people dont hardly use MMD by itself like they use to. It also makes people who cant use photoshop or Blender feel really lame with their pics. :/
I mean, MME is okay. Its built into MMD. Its just sad its not even MMD anymore its more MMDRAG THROUGH EIGHT OTHER PROGRAMS
:iconamiamy111:amiamy111 26 52
So I havent been on here in a long ass time
Hot fucking damn y'all fuckin lonny
:iconturquoise-x-narcotic:Turquoise-x-Narcotic 1 0
So I've got some pretty exciting news
And I shall be explaining why I've been on such a serious hiatus
Explaining my hiatus:
So since I left uni you may have noticed that I've been not very active (yeah so about a year now) Although I was doing a part time job I pretty much spent the rest of my time either job hunting, at judo, or with my partner. It did leave some time for MMDing in the evenings or afternoons (especially when I was off Judo because of my knee).
That worked fine, right up till October when I started a full-time temporary position that was a 1.5/1.75hour commute away (each way). Then I was commuting 3-3.5 hours a day. Now working this out I had (optimistically) 4 hours of time in the evening in which I had to fit in:
- Cooking/ eating dinner
- Preping lunch for the next day
- A little bit of general mooching
- Applying for jobs
- Chatting to partner/friends/family
As such, really didn't leave much time for MMDing, pretty much ever, especially considering that my weekends were filled with either having my pa
:iconmissingpixiesticks:MissingPixieSticks 1 4
Warning: Rant
Mmmmmmk, so this is a rant that’s been building up for a while. I will take it in a few parts, but first a quick introduction:
I like fixing people’s models. Not all the time, not loads of them, but every now and again if someone is struggling with something on a model and I can’t find a relevant tutorial/it’s not clear the problem then I’ll offer to help out. I often struggle with meta and stuff so, I like to think that if people help me out (and I use a lot of tutorials), then I should pass this on and help others out. So all my rants are generally related to thing around this subject.
My rants are:
    1)      When you fix a model, which is never used
    2)      Every single model made by that person needs fixing
    3)      I tried a tutorial, but it didn’t work
:iconmissingpixiesticks:MissingPixieSticks 7 0
Lionhearted by cutgut Lionhearted :iconcutgut:cutgut 4,272 0
hey guys
i cleared my reply stacks.
i just figured that the reason i didnt reply to 90% of them is because i would dwell on one message, then a few, and then i would just let it pile up and become too lazy to reply to any of them, there were 200+ in there
so i cleared it.
this is my chance to start anew with you guys
lately i feel like ive been getting distant with a lot of you, and i dont want to do that
if theres anything you guys want to talk about or tell me about,
or an old conversation you want to continue,
or a request you want to remind me about,
or an rp you'd want to start/continue,
or even if you just want to drop a "hi",
please dont be afraid to do so ~
kara-chan is here╰(*´︶`*)╯♡
:iconkara-chann:Kara-chann 1 61
lmfao (Eff Lan)
so i've kind of come to a Kumbaya with myself and I want to explain some stuff to everyone.  
Back in 2012, and a bit before 2011, was when I first discovered MMD. I met "Eff" some time after that, (apparently "her" name was "Ellie" according to people who knew her before me) don't remember how, I believe on youtube. and we sort of escalated into best friends sort of.
Wait you know,
I'm just gonna skip all that bs.
Here's one thing you might enjoy.
So if any of you remember, they (at this point there is no point mentioning their names. :) ) lived in Savannah, Georgia, right? Well, after a while, Lan and I started texting. KEEP in mind that he never gave me his number, I gave him mine on a note on dA. (hence why I don't have that old number anymore.) After some time, my mother checked the numbers I was contacting. (I was 13 at the time)
She asked me why I was talking to someone in Michigan. :)
Why and HOW could someone move that quick. :) :)
:) :) :) sound like they tell the t
:iconspoiledcactus:spoiledcactus 1 0


Journal History


  • Listening to: CL- MTBD
  • Watching: To The Beautiful You
I FORGOT to mention I also have instagram because that's mainstream and shit yo

instagram: puffylover5


ayyyyy wassaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap

so idk if u people have noticed but i've been really inactive for like


idk months i think

or like

a year????????


but the reason for that is basically i just don't like using MMD anymore
i dont know i guess I fell out of love with it...

i was trying to make videos and pics but i just dont have the inspiration or motivation to do so. I'm not really that in to Vocaloid anymore anyway so I guess that's a major reason. I'm wayyyyyy too into kpop and kdrama at the moment TTwTT. 

I still like using UTAU though so I'm probably just gonna end up making UTAU covers from time to time u kno

so yea

I haven't really been active on dA because idk tumblr is coolio dudio
so i'm active there but i usually just reblog stuff

if you want to talk to me i'm also really active on LINE messenger and I just KakaoTalk just try out so if you have those that's cool. and i still use skype

LINE ID: puffylover5
Kakao ID: puffylover5
Skype: puffylyly



Cindy Almonte
United States
Ew the old bio was been up for two years ew dfdsfdsf

Hey guise I'm PUFFYlover5, a lot of people call me Puffy though ;u;

(other names include Pafi, Poofy, Uncle Puffy, Puffylicious, Puffylyly, Puffeh, Paffeh, Puffetaishaert, Puffu, Poofeh etc)

I use MMD and UTAU a lot 'cause I get bored and then those two programs just happen to be on my desktop so like haskjhka

I also LOVE Vocaloid. My favorite Vocaloid is KAITO. But I love all of the Vocaloids. 'Cept Ryuuto (Gachapoid). Me no like Ryuuto. Or Mayu. Sorry jahsjkd

I'm a lesbian btw.

Me no like the d.

My favorite UTAU is Ritsu Namine but I use a Teto a tad moar just because she's a little bit easier to use ;u; (eventhoughherotoneedsalittlebitofworksdkajshkd)

My OTP is MikuxKAITO

'Ssokai if you don't like that pairing though ;u;

And last but not least, I am a HUGE Puffy AmiYumi fan. (hence the name, PUFFYlover5 ;D

Not the show btw. The band. The show's good too but I just like the band a tad better ;u;

Favorite animal is dolphins

And yeah I think that's all there is to know about my face.

Oh yeah and I like saying the word face, yo, bro, brohamskiman and swiggity swag what's in the bag and I keysmash a lot. asdkjas

Hope you enjoy my deviantart page thingy :'D

Tumblr blog: PUFFYlover5
Soundcloud: PUFFYlover5
Youtube: PUFFYlover5

:thumb327269514: I love MMD (MikuMikuDance) by DS-DNA :thumb277128127: UTAU + VOCALOID are DIFFERENT by DisastrousBunny Len x Neru stamp  (don't like? don't click) by JJ-Panda-Chan Len X Neru Stamp by Mintaka-TK :thumb86404160: puffy_stamp by babo-stamp Yumi stamp by VapinHotPink Ami stamp by VapinHotPink HiHi Puffy AmiYumi by rakaon Bye Bye Boo by twinsisters7 VOCALOID by Shiupika VOCALOID Stamp by MyFebronia The Greatest Stamp of Life by GeneveveX Nostalgia Critic by shortview Nostalgia Critic Stamp by justdacat Nostalgia Critic stamp by Genaleah

Epic people that you should watch because desu :3























PUFFYlover5 has started a donation pool!
45 / 1,000
Please donate points? ._.

You must be logged in to donate.
  • :iconpazthejackal:
    Donated Nov 28, 2013, 6:46:19 PM
  • :iconanimesketchist:
    Donated Sep 28, 2012, 4:54:08 PM




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