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Crona dress up -flash test-

By Puffsan
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Mmmh. I ended up trying out some of that fancypansy flash thingie :XD:

Crona, Soul Eater (c) Okubo Atsushi
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*when you relized your in school* ....*don't blush or scream don't blush or scream* OMG HE'S NAKID!! *damn it*
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I gave him nervous eyes and Maka's suit. He be all like: "Uhhhhh I'm totally not wearing your clothes!"
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The nakedness... o.o
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he's not naked, he's wearing his finest birthday suit :eyes:
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i dont know how to deal with this lol
CielPhantomhive4EVA's avatar
i literally screamed, "AH HES NAKED." omg XD
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xD I did the same thing!   XDD OMG I just about DIED Laughing afterwards! 
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Lol you're welcome
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omg he looks so cute in tsubaki's garb XD
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LOL I dressed him up like Spirit.
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This is adorable
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i don't know how to deal with this cuteniss
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awwww why he? she? oh god its just like with envy
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Awww crona is soo cute !!!!!!!!!
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I can't wait to see the finished product!!!
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its a crona a girl and a boy!
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it is a girl in the manga but a boy in the anime
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Nope, that's just the English translation. Japanese language has genderless pronouns, their word for he/she is "ano ko" or "ano hito" which literally means "that child" and "that person". The mangaka has deliberately left Crona androgynous, and I don't think he's about to change that.
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