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(MUGEN) Iji all cels + effects by Puffolotti4iji, visual art

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3, September 2018
I created a youtube channel, to publish short movies about gameplay, and in future some tutorials.
Don't expect me to spend entire weeks on the movies, mwhahahahahahaha!

5, april, 2017
This page is a fanproject of the indie game Iji by Daniel Remar.
the original game can be downloaded for free here:

Altough i love this game, the idea of redrawing the sprites never crossed my mind, despite i have got some skills in sprite design.
I didn't thought of suggest a refresh because i alwais thought and i still think it is wonderful as it is.
When somebody asked me why i didn't propose a restyling, my answer was: "i have got no clue about how should i draw stuff for this game."
But last week i have seen and played the version 1.7 , and got the inspiration: an idea of how i could redraw the game without ruining it.

I will try to limit the spoilers and respect the integrity of the original work, but every cel i'll publish inherits the license of the original game.

I'll repeat in case i didn't made myself clear: i don't see this as an improvment of the original graphic but as an interpretation. Something that, despite the countless hours i played this wonderful game, simply wasn't in my skull before 2017, april, 5

10, July, 2017
I'm glad to explain to anyone who may be interested how i proceeded to model, draw, paint, animate my work. I won't make a tutorial or a course, yet, but if you are interested in learning how an effect is obtained with Daz3d studio, blender or Aseprite (or the tools commonly present in any GNU image processor) feel free to ask.

Same goes for MUGEN or, when i'll start to work with those platforms, Construct 2, AGS or Doom 2

2017, July, 7
I forgot to say, since is no possible to buy Gamemaker 7 anymore, i switched to a MUGEN port project.
whenever i'll get to add things i'll update the link below, that contains the most recent playable release.


Default keys for 1up are the arrow keys, Q for punches, W for kicks, E for nanothech

As you can guess, it will take a lot of work, so i won't be describing in detail the status of the release.
this one has got the human anomaly and commander ukall, both slighly flickering in some pain animations, Human anomaly could use some extra sparks but the gameplay is kinda complete, Ukall is missing some sounds, and 2 moves.
Irgen is missing 2 projectile moves, some normal and all the super throws, and the upper and crawling fireball is missing the drawing for the levels above the first (the fireballs hurt and travel according to their respective levels, but it displays always the first level.) the vertical fireball right now is completely missing.

Irgen's sword is purposely hard to use properly, i wanted to give to the player a tool similar to the one she's using. To cast a fireball the player must keep the direction pushed, otherwise, the fireball won't come out but the nano stored in the weapon will still go to waste.

This link below is the tool that can be used to edit any aspect of the characters or the game itself


There are a lot of tutorials out there about how to use it, but long story short, to read or edit a character in a mugen distribution, you have to open the file [ charactername.def ] in his folder. Even if you don't know how to edit it, you can study the animations or the drawings.

This link is for a program that allows to write, play and save music scores


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Sorry for not saying that i would have been pratically away from DA for about a month, (Except for a couple renders and perhaps some fav or comment) i'll be back next week.
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I'm working on several set that are very similar to each other, and on DeviantArt would result rendundant. Here on DeviantArt i will publish only an example, and then give the link to the corresponding collections in OpenGameArt.org ( My page there is https://opengameart.org/users/puffolotti  ) The komato army will be in this collection: https://opengameart.org/content/komato-army I guess i should find a way to make this entry permanent.
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Ook, after 2 years of chaotic doodling, i decided to organize my work, in a way that will simplify the search for specific sprites (or if a sprite for a style/universe has already been published, and if not, requesting to me to implement it.) In the next days i'll be putting the same stuff i published here in the last 2 years into the appropriate shelves in this domain. https://opengameart.org/users/puffolotti (Right now is empty, of course... Time to run to my dayjob XD) Altough personally i was following several production lines at once, based on my inspiration, now it's time to complete the collections that i left hanging... Here my wor
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