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Part 6 here:

Tasen Komato war 6 (My version)Part 5 here:

To resume (my version of) the story in few words... (sorry for my atrocious english.)
Four years passed, since when Vateilika was forced to join the tasen cluster, along with all the stray tasen from Elem Sioz 5 (the first of the 2) and apparently adapted quite fast to live among the tasen, despite being surprised by how narrow minded they were, moreso if compared with a country girl who lived her entire life in a secluded planet living off agriculture.
one day, Krotera announced that the scientists of the tasen cluster managed to complete the tasen version of the alpha strike, the komato weapon that destroyed Rhiva planet. The tasen version worked with ultrasonic waves, but was powerful enough to destroy a planet.
Krotera ordered to launch an offensive with such a frightening mass destruction weapon on the komato planet that was close to Elem Sioz 5, as retaliation for having captured and imprisoned tasen soldiers, leaving their family thinking t

To resume (my version of) the story in few words... (sorry for my atrocious english.)

To retaliate against the Tasen for how they destroyed the planet Jhuvajaxu, killing 11 billions of komato in a single strike, the komato parliament made the empire build 146 fleets, each one able to alpha strike a world and with enough firepower to guarrantee that any attempt to stop it would fail. Each of the fleets got a tasen planet assigned, the empire's intention was the complete, immediate and painless genocide of the 90 billions of Tasen living in the cluster.

Despite the fierce defence by the tasen army, the komato army managed to surround all the planets with the alpha projectors, and without questioning why the Tasen didn't try to attack those projectors, when all the 146 planets was surrounded by the weapon, all the fleets shoot at the same time.

The instruments on the komato spaceships reported that 76 planets were indeed struck, and ceased to host life, 70 didn't got affected because the weapons met a planetary shield. As anyone can imagine the empire was quite surprised by that, but the parliament ordered the komato fleets to retreat. All but one followed the order, General Sakera closed the comunications with the empire, when he reopened them, 5'200 komato of that fleet were flying to the tasen planet's surface using the sloops, they left their armors and weapons on the ships, wearing only underwear and the helmet, to send to the empire the records of what they were doing.
Each komato soldier reached a crowded area, gave to theis sloop the self-destruction command, and started to massacre all the tasen they could reach, barehanded. Even when armed tasen managed to come close and shoot them, the komato continued their massacre, till the tasen weapons managed to kill them. Together they killed over 400'000 tasen, with punches, kicks, throws.
The komato in General Sakera's fleet that didn't participate in the massacre and came back to the empire were adamantine in not revealing what the General told to the members of the fleet.

Nobody knows the reasons behind Gen. Sakera's order, nobody claims to be able to guess or figure out, but whatever the reason, that day the tasen learned two things about the komato race:
the first thing is that the empire was obviously extremely powerful: for immemorable time they only saw the facade, and even after that impressive display of raw power, tasen were left with the feeling that was still just a fraction of the empire's power.
The second thing they learned that day is about the komato individuals. Tasen propaganda made everyone think komato were feeble nerds, while tasen were strong and capable warriors. The fact it takes a whole division of tasen armed with rocket launchers to take down a komato and that komato manages to kill dozens of enemies before going down, demoralized the whole tasen cluster. At a first glance a komato may look smaller than a tasen, but it is soon clear that while tasen stand upright, like humans, rhivans, and a lot of intelligent races, the komato, because they have very strong muscles, and a skeleton designed by engineers rather than evolution, keep a crouched position.
Almost every intelligent being, when talking with a komato for the first time, has the impression of a bipedal fiend ready to attack, rather than a member of the most advanced civilization in the galaxy.

That day tasen realized that for immemorable time, komato empire tolerated tasen hostility just like a farmer may tolerate that some birds put a couple dents on the fruits in their fields, and now their patience ran out.

Krotera predicted that attack and said to the cluster that some komato, thinking that the parliament's decision of destroying the tasen cluster was too cruel, gave him the plans to build the planetary shield.
Frantically the tasen built and installed all the shields they could, and the tasen living on the other planets were desperately trying to move to some protected planet. That was a huge load for the transportation system, and to put it simple, it was impossible to evacuate all the tasen from the planets where it was impossible to build a planetary shield. In the last year, over 1 billion of tasen were killed by other tasen, in the race to leave the condemned planets, and when komato shot the alpha strike 20 billions more of tasen were cremated.

Because of the weird actions of General Sakera and her soldiers, komato call that action: "the day of shame". Every komato, deep in their soul, knows and fears that had they been in General Sakera's fleet that day they might have been convinced in taking part in the massacre. the rational side of the komato mind usually finds the idea of killing more disturbing than the idea of being killed, but the most disturbing thought when thinking about the day of the shame lies in the question: "What did General Sakera say to the soldiers that took part with him in such an action?"
Every komato sees in that question an unfathomable flaw in the very komato philosophy. The komato philosophy is not very well defined, and is constantly in discussion, but this issue raises a lot of further questions about free will.

Realizing that the empire was serious about erasing the tasen race from the galaxy, Krotera tried to contact the komato parliament, and once more he got the privilege of talking with the nameless empress in person.
She had a strange expression on her face, had her been a tasen, krotera would have thought she was smiling. For a moment he thought that maybe she was behind the misterious komato who gave to him the plans to build planetary shields and dark waves radio, perhaps that was just a warning, an invitation for the tasen cluster to change their ways, but krotera forced himself not to fall prey of wishful thinking.
The empress talked first: "It looks like somebody loves you." then giggled.
Krotera explained: "Somebody warned me of the alpha strike, and gave me the means to build the shield, and even some weapons, but i just ordered to build the shields, nobody knows i have the plans to build komato weapons. Do you understand we didn't build the weapons because i want to talk?"
The empress asked: "Do you know who allowed you to prepare yourself?"
Krotera shook his head: "If i knew i would tell, to prove i don't want war anymore."
The empress said: "Too many mistakes were done. Now it is way too late."
Krotera issued a challenge to her, and asked: "The empire doesn't make mistakes at all?"
The empress answered: "I have no idea what do you mean by that, i was precisely thinking at the mistakes made by me, by the komato parliament, by the komato empire."
Krotera was surprised, and without thinking asked: "Your mistakes? you admit that all this came out because of your mistakes?"
The empress nodded and said: "Mistake is a word with many different meanings, depending on who's using it. In this case i mean... Occasions where we were well aware that doing what we did because it was the righteous, the compassionate, the ethic choice, in the name of the truth... Was bound to bring tragic consequences. But we choosed to stay true. Tell, me, Krotera: do we have the right to tell that the consequences of those choices aren't our responsability?"
Krotera was unable to speak.
The nameless empress explained: "When you and Hel-Sarie came to the empire telling you wanted to negotiate the peace, we were well aware that Hel Sarie wouldn't have been able to rule the tasen, without being enemies with us. We should have killed you then. Inviting you to visit the empire was a mistake. We understood as well as you that the events and the options triggered by Hel-Sarie's vision would have lead to misery and tasen's extinction, we could have given her what she asked, perhaps she was aware and ready to face the possibility of tasen being unable to live without war, but we will never know, because we played according to your little plan and killed her. Did you really think we didn't see right trough your little cute ribald's plan? but we pretended to fall for it, for the sake of tasen cluster, and those are 2 more mistakes. Then we should have killed you, as you can see we were well aware that you would have followed your propaganda. Then we welcomed tasen refugees on a friendly planet, as you learned, we fully knew those refugees would have subornate the planet, we knew that when they would have been called to answer for their actions, you would have been contacted. we should have killed them when they lost the battle. We knew not doing so would have costed countless lives, but we did this mistake too. When the Rhivans listened to the lies of the tasen refugees, we should have got rid of the tasen, Rhivans lost their hopes forever, but someday they would have forgot what was their dream. They always said they admired us, but the feeling was mutual, we also admired their courage, their innocence, their kindness... and they don't exist anymore because of empire mistakes."
Krotera was almost fainting, while listening to the excessively calm explanation by the empress and told: "If you admit those were your mistakes, why are you taking revenge for your mistakes?"
The empress was smiling: "don't you see the root of all those mistakes? They are but the same mistake repeated again and again, to trust that YOU may have enough decency not to overstep other people's kindness. As i said, it is komato responsability, the pain, the death that came out from this mistake, and it is as well our responsability not to let people in the galaxy suffer anymore because of this komato mistake. Tasen cluster is something the galaxy doesn't need. Our moral code always prevented us from doing something radical about it, and other beings suffered the consequences of your selfish behavior. We didn't interphere because you weren't hurting the komato empire, and you never would have been able to. But we committed this mistake enough times, now i won't make this mistake again. In the end, all the tasen blabbering about being in war with the komato empire became true, now the tasen cluster is at war with the komato empire, and we'll leave our toys for the brief time it will take to cancel your race from the galaxy. Prepare yourself to face an army of 200 billions of komato.
Let it sink into your little brain, Every and each tasen alive, including toddlers, invalids, elders will get the attention of two and half adult komato soldiers, armed to the teeth, trained to hunt and kill, powered by the finest technology the empire has to offer, supported by an unlimited stream of support... It's up to you to decide if you want to give up or if you want to fight back, but i promise you that the difference that decision will make won't be bigger than 5 years."
It took krotera a whole day to process what the nameless empress told him, then he appeared on the tasen military broadcast, and simply said: "Brothers and sisters. The empire declared a total war to us. We will resist, we will fight and we will send them to oblivion. They are fighting to keep the privileges they stole from tasen people, we are fighting for our very lives against the oppressors. Long live to the tasen cluster! Death to the komato!"
It is an embarassing problem to try and count how many tasen answered to the warcry because they were loyal to Krotera, and how many were resigned to follow krotera and roared because they were afraid of tasen secret police, but in all surviving planets of the tasen cluster, billions of tasen screamed all at the same time: "Death to the komato!"


Puffolotti4iji's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
3, September 2018
I created a youtube channel, to publish short movies about gameplay, and in future some tutorials.…
Don't expect me to spend entire weeks on the movies, mwhahahahahahaha!

5, april, 2017
This page is a fanproject of the indie game Iji by Daniel Remar.
the original game can be downloaded for free here:

Altough i love this game, the idea of redrawing the sprites never crossed my mind, despite i have got some skills in sprite design.
I didn't thought of suggest a refresh because i alwais thought and i still think it is wonderful as it is.
When somebody asked me why i didn't propose a restyling, my answer was: "i have got no clue about how should i draw stuff for this game."
But last week i have seen and played the version 1.7 , and got the inspiration: an idea of how i could redraw the game without ruining it.

I will try to limit the spoilers and respect the integrity of the original work, but every cel i'll publish inherits the license of the original game.

I'll repeat in case i didn't made myself clear: i don't see this as an improvment of the original graphic but as an interpretation. Something that, despite the countless hours i played this wonderful game, simply wasn't in my skull before 2017, april, 5

10, July, 2017
I'm glad to explain to anyone who may be interested how i proceeded to model, draw, paint, animate my work. I won't make a tutorial or a course, yet, but if you are interested in learning how an effect is obtained with Daz3d studio, blender or Aseprite (or the tools commonly present in any GNU image processor) feel free to ask.

Same goes for MUGEN or, when i'll start to work with those platforms, Construct 2, AGS or Doom 2

2017, July, 7
I forgot to say, since is no possible to buy Gamemaker 7 anymore, i switched to a MUGEN port project.
whenever i'll get to add things i'll update the link below, that contains the most recent playable release.…

Default keys for 1up are the arrow keys, Q for punches, W for kicks, E for nanothech

As you can guess, it will take a lot of work, so i won't be describing in detail the status of the release.
this one has got the human anomaly and commander ukall, both slighly flickering in some pain animations, Human anomaly could use some extra sparks but the gameplay is kinda complete, Ukall is missing some sounds, and 2 moves.
Irgen is missing 2 projectile moves, some normal and all the super throws, and the upper and crawling fireball is missing the drawing for the levels above the first (the fireballs hurt and travel according to their respective levels, but it displays always the first level.) the vertical fireball right now is completely missing.

Irgen's sword is purposely hard to use properly, i wanted to give to the player a tool similar to the one she's using. To cast a fireball the player must keep the direction pushed, otherwise, the fireball won't come out but the nano stored in the weapon will still go to waste.

This link below is the tool that can be used to edit any aspect of the characters or the game itself…

There are a lot of tutorials out there about how to use it, but long story short, to read or edit a character in a mugen distribution, you have to open the file [ charactername.def ] in his folder. Even if you don't know how to edit it, you can study the animations or the drawings.

This link is for a program that allows to write, play and save music scores…


Other side of the river WIP
In those days i decided to get back some very old work in order to prepare some complex backgrounds located on Earth, and make them kinda surrealistic.
This will take some time, but i'm confident it might just add something to the overall atmosphere.
Sliding on Ice (MK sized)
I'll say: i'm not happy with this action, it should look decent with Ava sliding forward on Sub Zero's Ice, but i think i can do it better, it will require more documentation and effort.
Mortal uppercut
In Mortal kombat storyline, it is true that Ava Lee never met a komato before being recruited by Rayden, and at the same time is true she belongs to the Komato army, ranked captain of the rescue team, and despite never having met Irgen Maramudi, she learned many moves from her.

This is why her "Mandatary mortal upper" is intentionally thrown by kicking the floor with only one foot.

In future i'll talk more about Mortal Kombat's Ava Lee, but to recap in few lines, when the nameless empress got the request to send representatives from the empire, Rayden pointed out that Ava's medical machine from the Phantàdzia dimension used on Ava in Mortal kombat's earthrealm would grant to the real Ava the powers of the imaginary Ava.

The real Ava was living and working at a mental health ospital from her own choice because she used to perceive the thoughts of the imaginary Ava and get confused by them, while at the same time she was well aware of the fact that was daydreaming.
The doctors in charge of her case were utterly baffled, one of them said once: "In my opinion the idea that 50'000 lightyears away 50'000 years ago there was actually a komato empire and Miss Lee somehow receives now the radio transmission from that time and that place is the most logical path to follow, to help her"

Resigned to her unique mental condition that wasn't ill but wasn't healthy at the same time, she got a job as nurse, with that consideration: " Unless Puji and Doctor Zero come for me, i'm unable to fit outside this place, at the same time i know very well they don't exist at all, i might as better study to become a nurse here."

And so she lived six years, struggling to separate her unavoidable daydreaming from the real life, beloved by everyone around her, untill that fateful day, when a komato stinger landed before the mental health institute and 2 gigantic aliens walked to the reception as if they were born and raised in that city, and before the amazed receptionist, who with a single glance understood those 2 unearthly creatures could only have been Doctor Zero and Captain Puji, the female told: "a great danger is menacing your world." and the male explained: "We are here to escort Ava Lee to the Earth Defence Forces headquarters."
She eats hadoukens for breakfast
Some of the functions of the komato gloves are relate to the imbuilt impact energy scattering. If timed correctly the process sends the incoming blast to an imaginary reality, and from there the energy reappears into sticky form on a bypass at the inlet of the automatic medical machine without spending nano-energy.

In few words, if the timing is perfect, any blast absorbed that way will partially heal the damages the medical machine is curing at that moment.

The Ava Lee from Alpha strike can't do that, but the Ava Lee from mortal kombat universe is a master at that. In general komato don't use such technique in battle because if not finely controlled it may overload and shut down the medical machine. In this process, as seen in the figure, Ava gains almost instantly 40kg of fat, that will be turned into 15 kg of muscles and then gets absorbed. Komato scientists figured out that the extra mass comes from a dark dimension, but they have yet to understand where it goes when the process is completed.

The amount of health regained, measured by the amperage used by the medical machine is about 1/3 of the damage Ava would have sustained if the blast had hit her plenty.


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