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The horror of regulations 3 by Puffolotti4iji The horror of regulations 3 :iconpuffolotti4iji:Puffolotti4iji 2 0 The horror of regulations 2 by Puffolotti4iji The horror of regulations 2 :iconpuffolotti4iji:Puffolotti4iji 3 2 The horror of regulations. by Puffolotti4iji The horror of regulations. :iconpuffolotti4iji:Puffolotti4iji 2 3 Transparent Mercator projection on sphere by Puffolotti4iji Transparent Mercator projection on sphere :iconpuffolotti4iji:Puffolotti4iji 4 1 City near an elevated canal by Puffolotti4iji City near an elevated canal :iconpuffolotti4iji:Puffolotti4iji 4 0 City on water sketch. by Puffolotti4iji City on water sketch. :iconpuffolotti4iji:Puffolotti4iji 4 2 Captain Kork challenges the komato parliament. by Puffolotti4iji Captain Kork challenges the komato parliament. :iconpuffolotti4iji:Puffolotti4iji 4 0 Asha's mute epitaph (throw) by Puffolotti4iji Asha's mute epitaph (throw) :iconpuffolotti4iji:Puffolotti4iji 3 0 Template fighting style H011 (for mustermenschen) by Puffolotti4iji Template fighting style H011 (for mustermenschen) :iconpuffolotti4iji:Puffolotti4iji 3 0 Verlaine Byron's face. -April's fool 2019 by Puffolotti4iji Verlaine Byron's face. -April's fool 2019 :iconpuffolotti4iji:Puffolotti4iji 1 7 Combat-style H011 standing cels: Shotocretins by Puffolotti4iji Combat-style H011 standing cels: Shotocretins :iconpuffolotti4iji:Puffolotti4iji 2 0 Concept sketch: Lassie 3 (star trek crossover) by Puffolotti4iji Concept sketch: Lassie 3 (star trek crossover) :iconpuffolotti4iji:Puffolotti4iji 2 0 MUGEN: Wasserman Star trek style 3 by Puffolotti4iji MUGEN: Wasserman Star trek style 3 :iconpuffolotti4iji:Puffolotti4iji 1 0 MUGEN: Wasserman Star trek style 2 by Puffolotti4iji MUGEN: Wasserman Star trek style 2 :iconpuffolotti4iji:Puffolotti4iji 1 0 MUGEN: Wasserman Star trek style 1 by Puffolotti4iji MUGEN: Wasserman Star trek style 1 :iconpuffolotti4iji:Puffolotti4iji 1 0 MUGEN: Feline man star trek style 2 by Puffolotti4iji MUGEN: Feline man star trek style 2 :iconpuffolotti4iji:Puffolotti4iji 1 0


Yes, I finally did one of these by StoryBirdArtist Yes, I finally did one of these :iconstorybirdartist:StoryBirdArtist 15 1 death by Hamfairy death :iconhamfairy:Hamfairy 3 4 from owlet to sun owl by neotasict from owlet to sun owl :iconneotasict:neotasict 16 0 [ d i s g r a c e ] by pricessofcubes [ d i s g r a c e ] :iconpricessofcubes:pricessofcubes 108 2 [ c r y p t ] by pricessofcubes [ c r y p t ] :iconpricessofcubes:pricessofcubes 113 4 Launch Station by marijeberting Launch Station :iconmarijeberting:marijeberting 230 76 The Triumphant's Perch by Sellenair The Triumphant's Perch :iconsellenair:Sellenair 3 0 Fiona Frightening and the Gang by KambalPinoy Fiona Frightening and the Gang :iconkambalpinoy:KambalPinoy 8 4 Sutter County Courthouse by chateaugrief Sutter County Courthouse :iconchateaugrief:chateaugrief 685 58 Low poly Self portrait by Elij09 Low poly Self portrait :iconelij09:Elij09 15 15 Conroy the Barbarian by StoryBirdArtist Conroy the Barbarian :iconstorybirdartist:StoryBirdArtist 32 17 Star-Lady Cosplay by CaptainSguiggle Star-Lady Cosplay :iconcaptainsguiggle:CaptainSguiggle 16 10 Donald: Payday by JSevion Donald: Payday :iconjsevion:JSevion 486 49 Screencap of my Blender 360 render by ibr-remote Screencap of my Blender 360 render :iconibr-remote:ibr-remote 4 4 Random portrait by Emelina0 Random portrait :iconemelina0:Emelina0 14 4


In MUGEN nothing is written in stone, but i selected MIDI tracks for each character, they will be in the release of the game, some of the song used to make those midis are rather famous, but i'm confident they will nonetheless represent the characters.

In Asha's case i decided to put something about corridas and bullfighting, even if doesn't really fit the original character.
About BaGeDo i was thinking about something american, since he's the Guile of the situation (In a game where ALL tasen and komato characters are soldiers) But i don't want to associate komato to any existing superpower, so i took a decend BGM from an old ps1 game, Battle arena Toshinden.
Since Tor loses his 15m tall mecha in the porting from platform to MUGEN i opted for a more dynamic song, i think Wishmaster by Nightwish will do the trick

Guess this will interest only the fans of the project, but here the midi tracks associated to the characters.

About the characters i didn't mentioned yet (and that probably won't be in the first release of the game)
Ace is a komato berserker, conceptually inspired by Val Kilmer's character "Iceman" in the movie Top Gun (1984) The komato character is supposed to be rather weak but with awesome dodging and parrying skills.
Klur: A shotoclone of Irgen, who isn't able to cast fireball but carries tasen weapons. While Irgen is quite short for tasen standards, Klur is supposed to be of average height, and therefore he's supposed to have better reach, altough it will be noticeably slower than Irgen herself. He's a medic who's genuinely loyal to Krotera.

Maeja: A kid, just like Vateilika, but she excels in using tasen weapons in kombat.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
3, September 2018
I created a youtube channel, to publish short movies about gameplay, and in future some tutorials.…
Don't expect me to spend entire weeks on the movies, mwhahahahahahaha!

5, april, 2017
This page is a fanproject of the indie game Iji by Daniel Remar.
the original game can be downloaded for free here:

Altough i love this game, the idea of redrawing the sprites never crossed my mind, despite i have got some skills in sprite design.
I didn't thought of suggest a refresh because i alwais thought and i still think it is wonderful as it is.
When somebody asked me why i didn't propose a restyling, my answer was: "i have got no clue about how should i draw stuff for this game."
But last week i have seen and played the version 1.7 , and got the inspiration: an idea of how i could redraw the game without ruining it.

I will try to limit the spoilers and respect the integrity of the original work, but every cel i'll publish inherits the license of the original game.

I'll repeat in case i didn't made myself clear: i don't see this as an improvment of the original graphic but as an interpretation. Something that, despite the countless hours i played this wonderful game, simply wasn't in my skull before 2017, april, 5

10, July, 2017
I'm glad to explain to anyone who may be interested how i proceeded to model, draw, paint, animate my work. I won't make a tutorial or a course, yet, but if you are interested in learning how an effect is obtained with Daz3d studio, blender or Aseprite (or the tools commonly present in any GNU image processor) feel free to ask.

Same goes for MUGEN or, when i'll start to work with those platforms, Construct 2, AGS or Doom 2

2017, July, 7
I forgot to say, since is no possible to buy Gamemaker 7 anymore, i switched to a MUGEN port project.
whenever i'll get to add things i'll update the link below, that contains the most recent playable release.…

Default keys for 1up are the arrow keys, Q for punches, W for kicks, E for nanothech

As you can guess, it will take a lot of work, so i won't be describing in detail the status of the release.
this one has got the human anomaly and commander ukall, both slighly flickering in some pain animations, Human anomaly could use some extra sparks but the gameplay is kinda complete, Ukall is missing some sounds, and 2 moves.
Irgen is missing 2 projectile moves, some normal and all the super throws, and the upper and crawling fireball is missing the drawing for the levels above the first (the fireballs hurt and travel according to their respective levels, but it displays always the first level.) the vertical fireball right now is completely missing.

Irgen's sword is purposely hard to use properly, i wanted to give to the player a tool similar to the one she's using. To cast a fireball the player must keep the direction pushed, otherwise, the fireball won't come out but the nano stored in the weapon will still go to waste.

This link below is the tool that can be used to edit any aspect of the characters or the game itself…

There are a lot of tutorials out there about how to use it, but long story short, to read or edit a character in a mugen distribution, you have to open the file [ charactername.def ] in his folder. Even if you don't know how to edit it, you can study the animations or the drawings.

This link is for a program that allows to write, play and save music scores…


The horror of regulations 3
First page:

Second page:

Remember, Kids... When you shout "Farang" or "Bwana" or "Gaijin" or such... who hears you using such words might not be happy about it...
The horror of regulations 2
First part here:

I decided to draw a short story about Verlaine Byron and Lee Ava being escorted to low orbit by a komato berserker for whatever reason, and shocking the otherwise ueber-tough warrior from komato empire with their combined rancid humor.
Perhaps, in some ways, when Ava decides to make comedy alongside with Byron... She can be even worse than him, despite her young age (14) or perhaps exactly because of it.

The horror of regulations.
Just a couple sketches i did yesterday in a pause.
First 2 panels are made with sprites from the original game Iji by Daniel Remar.

If you ask any kid and even most adults what's the horror of war, probably the answer would be something like...

"Getting killed" or "starving" or "epidemies and infections" someone might say "having to kill people" or "being forced to steal food or to kill for food"

Wich are all undesiderable things, but that's not the horror of war, yet.
We can confront with anything we can comprehend, and we can adapt to anything, as long as our intuition can attribute a coherent reason to the situation. It doesn't matter if our thesis is correct or not, we feel reassured when we can think of an explanation. (cospirancy theories could be a good example of that...)

Till that point, war is horrible, but in a war zone, there is a thing that turns the horror into a living nightmare and can take away the sanity even from the strongest person.

In the so called western civilization, politicians play arm-wrestling with industry to create work places, (or prevent them to be replaced by automatic machines) so the factory regulations must to a certain degree adapt to what envirovment and school did to kids.
This brought funny results, like manuals intended for adults that explain how to tell apart the right and the left glove or boot. Those things might snitch a laugh from anyone but are dramatically necessary, and should be observed.

Whatever our attitude or our work's ethic, when a land is reasonably prosperous, we get the right to discuss regulations...
Also, if a worker hurts themselves because of a bypass or having ignored a prescription... colleagues will probably swear to the insurance company that, no matter how misteryous the accident may appear, said worker was diligently following the rules.

I won't discuss if that state of things is good or bad, of course i don't know. I have my hypothesis but no real convinctions...

In war things changes, and regulations assume the dignity of Physic's law... in that envirovment nothing is gained by throwing a tantrum, and what's worse, from the viewpoint of a phisical person, regulations may be incomprehensible, if anything happens just because somebody is cute or alluring, most of the times that would be a terrible thing.

And yet, there is a wall. Yup, i'm talking about regulations or engagement rules.

War, most of all, is an envirovment where lack of discipline, excessive self-confidence, or  might get punished as fast as a piano makes "sdeeeeng" when a key gets pressed.

Some situations may appear funny from outside, but someone in a war zone gets caught into regulations... the result must be like one of those nightmares where a person runs but doesn't move, or a benevolent person could save us but can't see or hear us... ...and we know we won't wake up in our beds relieved by the fact it was just a dream.

Transparent Mercator projection on sphere
This is an experiment i'm conducting, in order to find a way to create animated world domes with different parallax levels, first thing to do was to verify if it is impossible, (wich is in my opinion the quickest way to find out if something can be done or not) So, this experiment is entirely theoric and quite abstract, but the result is quite encouraging, it might require some fiddling, perhaps my approach is wrong or over-taxing the render engine, but for now, i have a mercator projection with an indipendent alpha mask. This mean said done can be somehow done, i hope to find a way to do it.
This is a tutorial about alpha channel in blender cycles.

Since i'm quite confident that following it would give full control over the sphere's alpha channel, i completely ignored the problem in this phase.

Anyway a sphere is a simple mesh, and applying a texture to a sphere allows more flexibility than world's texture.
City near an elevated canal
Modeling 2 sidewalks on such a canal may require some patience, probably i'll have to mess with several layers, but the concept is, water shouldn go in a seamless animation, flow in a verse, and do it in a limited number of frames. Then i can think about where to put the city and the canal to get the desired perspective.

Anyway, in such scene animating the water in a seamless cycle shouldn't be a problem. For sure water should be coherent with the city and with the sky, and this might require a lot of computational power and time...

since this is just a sketch, i added a sky to check the overall effect.


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