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Have you ever related the sky to a big eye... Like cyclops without the ooze coming out of its mouth? You know, it's hazy at dawn, not revealing too much, stumbling over the land like a person stumbles into the shower...

In any case, it's my favorite time to be alive...

Taken on the south shore of Oahu, Hawaii. December 2008. © Nathan Malinoski
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I really like this. Not only is the picture very well done, but the comment matches the mood of the picture. All in all, one of the best i've ever seen.
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thanks mate, glad you like it.
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Dark, crisp and moody, love it.
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Pretty amazing :)
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great shot, congrats
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very very very cool!
and i love the comment about it like everyone else! lol
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I wish I lived here.
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That's incredible! You make the picture come alive even more with your writing!
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haha, you like cyclops too? I actually have no idea what comic or cartoon he came from... :lmao:

thanks. :)
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lol! You're very welcome! ^^
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Awesome job. That looks great.
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Your comment is as interesting as the picture :D

I'd never thought of a sunrise like that, haha.
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hah, thinking can be a dangerous thing... :)
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I like how the light illuminates the front to us rocks, wondering what the white is on the rocks - looks like ice but of course can't be - lovely dawn - morning is the best time. :)
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thanks. the nearest reflection is a still puddle. :)
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