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Man, I really need to update my gallery....Have updated it in...years I think. (not counting photos).

Help inspire me people! and I'm not talking about requests. but I've hit an artist block and I haven't been able to draw anything in awhile without me violently erasing it.

Dunno what else to add here, but this journal seems kinda short..

love, Bekka~ :heart:
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I don't know, somehow I've found myself without anyone to talk to.
all my old friend have become far to busy and now have abandoned me....
so I want to try to make new one but every opportunity I had hasn't worked out
I really regret not going to Metrocon, everyone seemed to make new friends there *sigh*
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I started a RP!! Liek Lol!!
It's cool and stuff...

So you should join it!
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I went to the bookstore today and they DIDN'T HAVE MY MANGA!!!!:icononiontantrumplz:
It angered me...very much
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i've never posted a journal so it may be lame...

uh...I'm really bored so i thought I'd start taking request and stuff so just comment if ya need anything... (though its more of an art trade now XD)
I dont want to do it anymore..
but whatever

super amazing Friends
:iconkakudomaru: :iconkiersten-chan: :iconkillingthemadman: :iconc-a-d-m: :iconsharingansblossom: