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I Dont Watch Back STAMP

Stamp for free use.

Help with the use of the stamp maker by Grasycho

Haha this isnt my personal opinion xD
Just for free use xD

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AgnosticDragon's avatar
Watching back becomes a problem if you get too many watchers. I haven't gotten to that point (I am under 300 watchers), but I know that if I had thousands of watchers and tried to watch back, I would not be able to keep up with the notifications. Giving llamas back is a bit different since it is a one time transaction.
SAR500's avatar
Need one of these
AuroLightsOWO's avatar
Yep, there are some people, which watched me and I watched back, and when I cleaned my watches, they unwatched me and said, thanks for unwatching me.
AgnosticDragon's avatar
I did a purge a few months ago. I posted a journal first and said any of my watchers who wanted me to keep watching should comment. Some of them did. Basically, I wanted to keep watching the ones who were paying attention.
ShinySmeargul's avatar
This is a great idea! If I ever do watch for watch, then I'll definitely do this to clean up.
AgnosticDragon's avatar
I have watched enough people since my comment above that I again struggle with notifications. I sold watches to at least 100 users and I need to think of a way to figure out who those users are so I do not break the deal.
SavageBolt95's avatar
Yeah this is sorta a thing with a few people, however some others not only who have liked my art and some pieces I've liked back, I've had some good interactions with them then I watch 'em to consider them as friends on here.
HsuMei's avatar
Welp. I can't disagree on that
StellarFairy's avatar
I choose to watch people only for the following:

1. if I like their art and/or art style
2. They are nice and fun for me to chat with once I get to know them
3. They share the same interests with me (ex. anime, video games)
ButterflyLibraGirl's avatar
I only watch back if I like their art or they seem nice, cool, and interesting to chat with.
T-h-e--W-i-z-a-r-d's avatar
I swear that most of my watchers are just people who watch JUST for a watch back.  I made a whole rant about it.
Kelina1080's avatar
Late but big mood
LovableGoofball's avatar
That is so ME!!
I want to watch people with such great talent!
But uh...I can't say no for people who are good at drawing but struggling to be the best.
But hey...at least I love my watchers for who they are
CBear624's avatar
I had like 10 people that said something like this: "Hello, can we be friends? I watched you :3"

I don't even know them and I never considered them as friends, annoying how people think that since they watch you, they expect you to watch back

Art is the only way I watch people, and because of their personality, people I know does not appear greedy like the other do
Lilia-DeRosso's avatar
I agree with you completely. I still find it difficult to say no whenever something like that happens though...
CBear624's avatar
For me, I say yes but after that, we never talked to each other again :|

Funny because I have like a lot of "friends" like these, but I have never come into contact with them again, the only time I see them again is getting a fave from them and that's it
Lilia-DeRosso's avatar
Yeah, maybe these people just don't understand the meaning of the word 'friend' XD

I usually watch back if I like the person's art, and if we start talking to each other, I will add them as a friend. Sometimes it happens that I have a conversation with someone that's like 30 comments long, and then one of us realizes we haven't even watched each other yet... that's more appealing to me than when some one I've never talked to wants me to add them. Seriously, get to know me first, then you won't need to ask >.<

Sorry for the somewhat rant :ashamed: revamp
CBear624's avatar
Completely agree with you there
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