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Nightmare Moon

By Puetsua
This vector is for one of Taiwan pony requests. [link]

PSD file: [link]

Adobe Photoshop CS5


My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (c) Hasbro
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© 2012 - 2021 Puetsua
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can you do my OCs lucky star and midnight moonstone they're twins color black hair gray , pink and red pony tap ailcorn mom luna dad king somber ants nightmare moon , tia , the dark princess, glodin lily and sturling uncles discurt and slostis age 14 cutey maker (lucky) 3 stars and a BIG moon cutey maker (midnight) a night sky nikenames lucky , star and lucky lulu mid night nicknames midnight , mid and stone
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I hope you're trolling because asking an artist to do a free art is rude. Not to mention that you're asking them to draw your overpowered OC which can be hated by the fandom... EqG Twilgiht (Facepalm) Plz 
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srry is if it that bad then u don't wanat gest say so besides u don't have to be rude i wasint so why are u plus if u cange to 1 of the 3 tips i won't get mad and my oc was a uhacorn like twilight so don't get mad if her mom an alicorn and her dad is a uniacorn so don't be rude
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lol i wqsnt mad or want to be rude i just though it was just to silly becuse no one dare to ask such requst but anyway thank fo asking hve a good day XD
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um ..... ok than .... do u like crepy pasta
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Just letting you know that I used this for a background kind of thing for my MLP Color guide

Thanks for making this awesome vector :)
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No prob. :)
Thanks for using my vector too. :3
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Hi there, I used this vector in a silly comic thingie I did, I hope that's alright! [link]
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