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Gallery Folders

Homura Akemi by rosha-krieger
Madoka the goddess by Bunniilu
Madoka by Tiribrush
Rebellion by Naozx
Madoka Kaname
floaty madoka by KonekoTabby
Madoka by Final-Boss-Emiko
Madoka by SilverSatanMiki
Kaname Madoka by Chibimica
Homura Akemi
Homura being cute by Suley-sketch
Homura by SilverSatanMiki
Akemi Homura by ChibiAndyChan
Homura by Maybe-Dead
Sayaka Miki
Sayaka by SilverSatanMiki
Sayaka Miki by itza305
Decretum by Naguse
seyiku lost it by lavenderdamsel
Mami Tomoe
Coloring Mami Part 1 .:Comm:. by colorfulkitten
Coloring Mami Part 2 .:Comm:. by colorfulkitten
Mami by SilverSatanMiki
Mami Tomoe  by Destiny1234567
Kyoko Sakura
Hot day by naodon
Kyoko Chibi by DaylightInked
Kyoko by SilverSatanMiki
Kyoko Sakura by Gakenzi
Hot Dog Man Kyubey by vividgrim
this thing by SkittleKind
Magical Contract Creation - The Definitive Guide by gprana
Rika and Kyubey by Hexidextrous
Nagisa Momoe, Charlotte, and Bebe
Nagisa by SilverSatanMiki
Chibi Nagisa Momoe by colorfulkitten
redesigning Nagisa PMMM (Unofficial, obviously) by SwaggBunny
momoe by sabiny
You again, Elly? by Jason-Jamey
Pe As 011 by VNCCP
The witch hour is near by MoonyL00ny
Mahoutober 06: Bones by Roenais
PMMM HomuMado Shippy Thing by SlurpeeSnatcher
Madoka Magica - Homura + Madoka by yorripi
No Matter How Many Times It Takes.... by Redfix426
Two girls laying on a bed by DreamDemonstrator
Comics, literature and fanfics
Shattered Skies: Morning Lights Emblem - Textless by bhsdesk
[Madoka Magica] Ultimate Madoka : Walking around by MajoHeartBR
Figures, craft, icons and soul gems
Darkness Falls by TonioSteiner
Crossovers - PMMM meets character X
Jake Peralta Ally Of Justice by vividgrim
Other Puella Magi characters
Magical Girl Index: Kazumi from Kazumi Magica by bogidream
PMMM ULTIMATE Shipping Meme Base by SwaggBunny
Puella Magi OC Contest 2012
.:CE:. Leiko An by mechubear




Puella Magi FC Rules:

Welcome to the Puella Magi Madoka ☆ Magica group! This club is dedicated to SHAFT's magical girl series in art, writing, and discussion! We want to promote speculation and have fun enjoying the show together and guessing what will happen next. But in order for this to be a fun experience, some rules need to be put in place!

(art that violates the rules or is submitted to the wrong folder will be declined and removed from the group without notice)

- All art containing Madoka with or without Kyubey shall go into the "Madoka" folder.
Same applies to the rest of the Puellae girls and the "Nagisa/Charlotte/Bebe" folder.
- All art containing Kyubey alone shall go into the "Kyubey" folder.
- The "Witches" folder is for all the other witches with or without Charlotte.
- The "Groups" folder is for art containing 2 characters or more.
- Cosplay goes into the "Cosplay" folder.
- All OCs goes into the "OC" folder.
- The folder "Figures, craft, icons and soul gems" and "Crossovers - PMMM meets character X" needs no explanation.
- The folder "Other Puella Magi Characters" is for characters from Puella Magi Oriko Magica, Puella Magi Kazumi Magica, and other spin-offs.
- "Memes" folder are for memes.
- No drawings made with bases and MMD-made submissions allowed.
- Art not made by you is not allowed, unless you have actual permission from the original owners themselves to use their images.
- Discrimination, abuse, or harassment of other members, or submissions of any content made to discriminate, abuse, or harass other members will not be tolerated. This rule applies to both submissions and comments. First offenders get put on probation, second offenders get week-long suspensions, and third offenders get banned.

Inquiries about declined submissions via the submission ticket or group note please!


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Thank you so much for requesting and adding my work! ^^ Madoka Magica by Mayleth
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