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Happy New Year everyone. Wow I just got my first sale today on Deviant Art... very cool! I guess it's no surprise that it was the image that took me the longest amount of time, so I guess it's the most polished of all of my works on here. I think I'll be taking more time over my images this year with plenty more personal work to come to try and find a more refined way of working.
Stay cool everyone!
Wow I'm so happy I got accepted to Inprnt's artist gallery. I'll have to get cracking with some more personal work to submit there.
Has anyone else used this website before?…
I've just updated my website with all my latest work and a few extra bits. Why not stop by and take a look, I'd love to hear you comments on what you think good or bad... don't be shy! :)
OK so I'm almost caught up with work after my trip and I'm opening commissions for the month. Just drop me a message if you'd like a portrait, I think you'll find my prices are great for the quality you get. See my price guide below:
Pencil - $10
Colour - $30
Colour with background - $50
All payments are paypal and I assure 100% customer satisfaction.
For more details just drop me a line :)
Off to Australia and New Zealand next month for a mate's wedding and visiting family, so got to finish off all my commissions before then. Anyone who'd like a portrait get in touch asap and I'll see what I can do... come on guys don't be shy, haven't had any comments on here for ages... any chatter is welcome :)
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January is already getting filled with commissions, can't wait to get stuck in. I've just finished a logo for a model called Ruby True, she's a fantastic alternative model!
As always I'd love some comments and feel free to add me as I'll be uploading plenty of work in the coming weeks...
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I've finished my Christmas card for this year. Prints are available if anyone fancies buying friends a pin up style card for something different this year. The cards are really cheap on DA so why not give it a try?
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I've finally completed my latest piece, a portrait of the wonderful Britnee Leigh. She wanted to be a mermaid with blue hair which caused me a few problems with the colorscheme but I got there in the end. I'm going to be doing a few quick portraits next up.
If anyone is interested in a commissioned portrait please let me know as I'm sure I can work out a good price...
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Hey guys I realise my website needs a major overhaul so I was hoping you would take a look and give some constructive criticism or maybe some ideas on improvements?
here's the link and thanks in advance...
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Hey guys I've managed to get a lot of sketching done over the holidays so watch this space for more digital portraits. Hopefully I'll keep improving with each new picture. I always welcome constructive criticism and any suggestions anyone may have.
thanks and have a great 2011!
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I don't seem to have many watchers and can't seem to improve that situation. Does anyone have any pointers? I've been added to a few favourites and lists but it would be nice to see more people watching me :)
Come on guys!!
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Lots of new portraits uploaded... take a look and see what you think. I welcome all comments and crits :)
thanks guys!
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Just uploaded my entry for the Fantasy Earth Zero competition. Its not really my kind of thing to draw manga charcters so I made the character more like my current work. It was good fun and has given me more experience working with photoshop.
I'm now thinking of splitting my work between Flash drawings and photoshop paintings and see what the difference ends up like. As with any program it takes a while to build up a way of working. I got quite comfortable with flash after a year or so using it to draw and I think I still have a long way to go until I get it right with photoshop!
Any comments or crits are always welcome...
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I've just figured out my way around here. Not sure why I haven't joined Deviant before but I'm here now and loving it.... I welcome all comments to my work, please stop by and say hi, I'd love to hear from you :)
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