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Hey y'all!

I'm once again open for commissions so that I can better support myself, my partner, and our pets! They will be open indefinitely until further notice.

If you would like to inquire my business, check out the new TOS and send me an e-mail with the template included!

📜 💌 ☕️

Any signal boosts would be appreciated~ Sankyuu!

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Happy Pride Month! Do crimes, be gay. :createwithpride:

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Hey y'all, it's been a while!

I went on another hiatus and was dealing with some personal stuff, but I've come back with a new name for the new year. To be honest, I wasn't sure about coming back to dA, but this has been my shitty little hovel of a home for ages, so here we are again!

It was a difficult transition, but I feel really good about letting go of my previous handle, as it had too much trauma and bad memories tied with it. I'm one step forward in healing!

I'm in the process of making changes for other platforms, and I'll be sorting my Gallery out here and clean-slating. So expect changes!

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(Updated: 6/30/21)

The following information should provide answers to common questions. If something is unclear, feel free to contact me with any questions or any clarification needed.


♡ Full payment upfront via PayPal Invoice ($USD); I will not start your commission until I have received payment. Commissions over $300 are eligible for a payment plan of "Half Now, Half Later".

♡ Payment must be paid within 24 hours of the invoice being sent. If payment cannot be made within the timeframe, your slot will be forfeited for the current queue.


♡ Commissions are not accepted on a first come, first serve basis, and will be chosen based on personal interest.

I reserve the right to deny any commission I feel uncomfortable or unqualified to draw, or I'm just not feeling for. I am not obligated to give an explanation.

I reserve the right to cancel or refuse a commission at any time for any reason, which may include, but is not limited to, poor communication, rude or inappropriate behavior, unforeseen violation of the TOS, or inability to communicate in effective English. Clients will be notified ahead of time in case of cancellation.

♡ While I am able to mimic the look of a series in most cases, I would much rather do work in my own style. Doing a commission in the style of a series may incur additional fees at my discretion.

I do not work with a deadline. My usual my turnaround for a commission is 1-3 months. Personal life conditions may affect the turnaround speed and I will inform clients if I'm experiencing personal difficulties that may hinder progress.

I work on personal pieces between commissions to de-stress and avoid burnout, which can effect the quality of my work.

★ Prompts, References, and Template ★

♡ A max of 2 prompts can be commissioned by a single client at one time.

♡ Please be sure that your prompt is clear and concise. A prompt should include details such as pose(s) for the character(s), expression, mood, or theme. While I do enjoy the comfort of artistic freedom, I prefer to have something to work with.

♡ An ideal prompt description should be no more than a few sentences, or a max of 200 words if you need to clarify details. Please do not send me your character's life story, it's not an easy format to work with.

Clear visual reference(s) and a short description for a commission prompt must be provided. I do not take commissions based on solely text descriptions.

♡ Image galleries that provide a basic reference for a character's species, body type, important features, colors, and clothing, etc. are acceptable.

Once payment has been made, the client is not permitted to change the prompt, idea, or character(s) for the commission. If you have multiple ideas to choose from, feel free to discuss them with me, but otherwise, please be sure of what you'd like before inquiring my services.

♡ If you are interested in my services, please send me an e-mail with the following template:


SUBJECT: Commission Inquiry

Commission Type: [ Commission type here, including the number of characters if greater than one ].

Character Reference(s): [ Character Name ][ Links to your reference(s) here. Please inform me if they are NSFW. ][ Short description of your character. ]

Description: [ Describe what kind of pose, expression or scene you'd like me to draw. ]

Name/Username: [ Your name, any preferred pronouns, and your handle(s) for Tumblr/dA/FA/Twitter/IG as applicable, so that I may give proper credit. ]

PayPal E-mail: [ PayPal E-mail here for invoicing. ]


Please allow 1-3 business days for a response.

★ Content ★

♡ The following are subjects that I'm fairly comfortable drawing.

♡ Please note that just because you may have seen me draw a subject or a style for personal work, it doesn't mean that I will be comfortable doing it for commission work.

♡ Private commissions will incur a $50 fee, as I cannot feature them in my portfolio or galleries.

Will Do:

✓ OCs/Self-Inserts/Canon Characters

✓ Couples/Groups

✓ Humans/Humanoid Aliens/Creatures

✓ Furries/Anthro (I have little experience, but I am willing to try!)

✓ Simple Mecha/Armor/Weapons/Accessories

✓ Any body types (non-fetish)

✓ LGBT+ and body positive content

May Do:

? Artistic nudity, pin-ups, violence, and gore will be considered on a case-by-case basis and may incur an additional fee if I feel they are inappropriate for display in my personal galleries.

? D&D Characters, and Monsters/Familiars are considered on a case-by-case basis dependent on complexity.

? Game Avatars (i.e. FFXIV, WoW, Lol, etc.) are considered on a case-by-case basis dependent on complexity.

? Comic Pages are considered on a case-by-case basis, but the client must provide a bare bones doodle of the page(s) layout for me.

Will NOT Do:

✗ Depiction of illegal activities or hateful imagery.

✗ Explicit NSFW/Pornographic content.

✗ Underage or underage-appearing characters in any sexual context.

✗ Characters with extreme proportions (hyper, hentai, extreme muscle, inflation, etc.)

✗ Character/Costume Designs.

✗ Complex Mecha/Armor/Weapons/Accessories.

✗ Vehicles.

✗ Animation, Graphic Design (Icons/Banners/Etc.)

★ Types, Prices, and Extras★

Sketch: Semi-clean sketch with loose lines, simplified designs, and blocked in sepia tone coloring.

Flat Color: Inked lines with base colors with a Flat BG.

Full Color: Inked lines with detailed shading, lighting, and effects (if applicable) with a Basic BG. BG can be upgraded to Simple for an additional cost.

All options start at a flat rate. Prices may vary depending on the complexity of the character(s) and any additional high detail work.

Extra content may also incur additional fees.

Prices are per character.

If my OCs are included in your commission, they are all 50% of the base price.


Busts start from the ribcage up.

  • Sketch: $60

  • Flat Color: $120

  • Full Color: $150

Half Body

Half bodies start from the thighs up.

  • Sketch: $80

  • Flat Color: $160

  • Full Color: $200

Full Body

Full bodies are head-to-toe.

  • Sketch: $150

  • Flat Color: $300

  • Full Color: $450

Special Commission Types

Fake Screenshot

Full Color Bust or Half Body only.

May be more dynamic, depending on the context.

Includes letterbox, a background, and optional subtitles*.

  • *If applicable, subtitle dialogue must be provided by the client, I will not make it up for you.

Clients can choose from the following aspect ratios.

If the client opts out on a decision, I will choose based on what I feel fits the scenario.

Classic (4.3): 1920 x 1440

Widescreen (16.9): 1920 x 1080

* The final product will be double the size for the client.

  • Bust Full Color: $170

  • Half Body Full Color: $230

Character Page

$600, includes:

  • 2 Full Color Busts

  • 2 Full Color Half Bodies

  • 1 Full Color Full Body of a single character.

  • Flat BG

  • BG can be upgraded to a Simple BG for an additional cost.

Price may very depending on the complexity of the character.

Various outfits cost an additional $10 - $50 depending on the complexity.

Backgrounds and Extras

All options start at a flat rate. Prices may vary depending on the complexity of the background and any additional high detail work included.

  • Flat BG: Free (single solid color or gradient with a white border)

  • Basic BG: $20 (simple graphics and patterns, etc. with a white border)

  • Simple BG: $50 (Space filler; character(s) is/are the main focus)

Props: Objects that are not part of a character's body (loose items, weapons, etc.) are priced separately and based on the complexity of the design. While there is no starting flat rate, props will be priced accordingly as I see fit in correlation to the commissioned piece.

NSFW: +$15 per character (nudity and/or suggestive themes with little-to-no visible genitalia)

WIPS and Edits

  • Sketch: The sketching stage is where I will figure out the basic pose/background/etc. of the piece.

  • Ink: The inking stage is where I will do all line work, including background work if applicable.

  • Flat Colors: The flat color stage is where I put down all base colors for the piece.

  • Shading & Lighting: The shading and lighting stage is where I do the polished shading, lighting, and any rendered effects as needed.

  • Finished: The piece is finished and no more edits or revisions will be made. The finished piece will be sent to you at full PNG resolution, and a smaller low-res version will be uploaded to my social platforms at my own discretion.

My work process is done in stages, and each stage is sent as a WIP for client overview and approval. I encourage you to take your time looking over the provided WIP and decide what, if anything, you would like altered between each stage. Please be mindful that any large or frequent changes after the sketch stage may incur an additional fee as necessary.

I reserve the right to reject critique or redline pertaining to artistic skill or style preference (anatomy, coloring style, etc.) if I feel the critique reduces the artistic quality or composition of the piece, or strays too far from my personal style.

♡ Edits are limited to the sketch and coloring stages only.

♡ I am not responsible for any unclear direction, undelivered information or inaccurate/misleading references.

♡ Any additional corrections that need to be made due to artist error will be made free-of-charge (within reason).

Progress of your commission can be tracked here!

Refund Policy

All commissions are nonrefundable.

♡ If I am unable to finish your commission for personal reasons, you will receive a refund based on progress.*

  • * The only time this is not applicable is if I discover you are a minor, in which case you will receive a full refund, NO art regardless of how finished it is, be blacklisted from all my platforms, and placed on a public Artist Beware post.

Commercial and Artist Rights

As the artist, I retain the copyright to the art and reserve the right to display all commissioned work on any personal website, gallery, or blog to promote my freelance services.

The client retains all rights to their respective character(s), but may not profit from the artwork. This includes the sale of digital files, or rights to the image. The client may inquire for the licensing of art via a flat fee agreement to define the terms in which the art will be used, and the territory of use. Please note that I will only consider selling my work for commercial use in very special cases.

Legal action will be taken if my artwork is taken without my consent for profit, including but not limited to prints, T-shirts, appearances in video games/books, etc.

♡ Clients are welcome to re-upload their commissioned piece on their own personal social media provided proper credit. Clients may not remove the watermark from a publicly uploaded piece, and they are not allowed to edit or commission someone to edit finished work without prior WRITTEN consent from me.

★ Contact and Ko-Fi ★

♡ For any questions or concerns, please feel free to e-mail me at:

I will not discuss commission details through DMs on social media, personal notes, or instant messaging services. Please keep all communications related to your commission within a single e-mail thread, so that I can keep all information related to your commission in one place.

If you would like to leave a donation/tip to show your support for my work, or out of generosity, you can send your contributions to my Ko-Fi! Any amount is greatly appreciated!

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Someone found a 3 week old black kitten with no tail and I want to cry. Her mother got ran over. I'm naming her Mochi. ; - ;
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