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Here's an update of whats going on round here.

Monies have been working out better, Ive been taking a lot of steps to stretch my budget further, as well as I am thankful of the people who commissioned me this month. You helped keep the wheels turning here. Summers almost here and then I have more hours at work.

Which leads to the big thing that's stressing me out, school. I am doing good in 3 out of my 4 classes this semester, the fourth I'm scrambling to at least pass. I'm still confident I can do it but it does worry me. I'm going to a review session Monday for that class.

Artwork is doing well, I am making advances in new subjects and themes, things I was wary about exploring in years past. I still have other things I am working on, namely facial expressions and hands. I wanna give a special shoutout to my best buddy :iconlesang: for teaching me a lot of things and helping me improve my art, and my other good buddy :iconblackfox85: for helping me with the faces. <3

I feel good overall despite being a bit stressed out, I took a nice long car ride earlier today, to nowhere in particular. My car is like my mobile sancutary, I turn the heat or the A/C up just right, put off the music and its like I enter the zone. I got a nice weekend to relax, get some nice pix done, adn then Monday ill be ready for school to take on the challenges.

I got another fun comic coming this month as well so keep on truckin everyone <3


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Barkis1 Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2010
Good to hear!
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April 9, 2010