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Last year in late december I graduated from college finally. It was a long seven years of major changes, depression, and transferring schools that made it take a while. Life after college has been kinda meh so far. The job search is now in almost its second month, and I graduated with a Computer Science degree, not something totally impossible to find a job like Liberal Arts. Im a web programmer and the past few applications I have gotten rejected for not having the required skills, I know the basics, HTML, CSS3, Javascript, as well as PHP and SQL. So far I have a good for what it is part time job, the same place I worked thru college. I get decent hours, the ability to take time off when I want as long as its enough in advanced. But yet at this point I was hoping I could finally get started on a career job and be making enough money to live comfortably in my own place. I was hoping to move out of state to seek new and different surroundings. My transition has stalled somewhat because I cant afford to replace my wardrobe or get costly hair removal treatments and other associated costs. The crappy weather we have been having has made it tough to go out anywhere because going out in freezing cold weather isn't fun unless you are an arctic fox or a polar bear and I am neither. Relationships are going nowhere. After a couple of rejections and bad relations you start not to bother anymore, who wants to come out there and the best you can be, and be shot down time and time again. I can spend the money doing things I want to do, things that aren't going to reject me.

Lately another thing that's been on my mind is, what happened, when did people start aspiring to live in cities? What happened to the dream of owning a big house in the suburbs with 1-2 cars? When did people settle for taking the bus around, settle to live in smaller spaces surrounded by lots more people? I understand the city is where the most jobs are in many cases, however Suburbs tend to have commuter rail and if they don't, they have a decent network of freeways to get you downtown. This fascination with taking bikes and little scooters everywhere, that's what people do in third world countries because they cant afford cars. Shouldn't we strive for better? I remember years ago if you owned a Hummer H2 or the Escalade ESV (the chevy suburban sized one not the chevy tahoe sized one), it was a symbol that you made it, that you were someone. Young people were excited to get their permit and take their road test, it is a symbol of freedom, that you didn't need mom and dad to drive you to the mall or your friends house, you could go yourself. What changed? Kids were happy to get a car even if it was a handmedown from a relative, they made it their own, they put in a fancy car stereo or a big exhaust and drove around where they needed to go. What changed? I understand theres been a recession but those are temporary. Just because the present may be tough, doesn't mean the future will be also. Is this really the future people look forward to, everyone in dense cities, suburbs very tightly packed in, if you have money, you're in a house but its attached on both sides to another house, and don't even think of a backyard or a driveway, and a garage is definitely out of the question. Some power mad mayor telling you what to eat, and what to drink, what materials you cant and cannot use, how much water and electricity you can use. When did I become so out of touch? When did I become this relic of the past?

if this is too long for you to read, don't be a lazy ass, read it or get out of here.
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WhippetWild Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I totally agree. and I know the america suburbs with the little house, the garden and scenes like Stepford Wives, or Wifes of Orange County or even Edward scissor hands.
TyVulpintaur Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2013
Prior to WWII, people lived in the city, not the suburbs ;) Then again, back then the US was mainly agriculture. Anyway, congrats on graduating, woow! Happy hap time! :3
SocioKatz Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hope it goes good for you and so sweat i'm sure it'll get better :)
Just have faith
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