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Earlier I was thinking about roadtrips, I used to have a lot of fun, despite it taking a while to get where I was going but just to see the country and the scenery as I would go down the highway. I havent had a long roadtrip since like 2006 or so. Some of the trips I used to hate but whenI think back it was a nice drive. Heres a few of my favorite highways

The Virginia Beach via Eastern Shore route

This trip I did a few times over the years, there's really no fast and direct way to get from the northeast to Virginia beach. You get this nice toll highway in the top of Delaware and you think, eh this aint gunna take too long, and then BAM, midway thru the state it ends and your stuck on a local road the rest of the way. Once you get out of Delaware, the Maryland part goes pretty quick, the only major city you get a nice lil highway to go around it. The Virginia part is interesting, theres a train track paralelling the highway for most of the route, then theres a few towns and whatnot, the biggest things are a Perdue Chicken plant, and this place called Stuckeys which is like this place with a lot of trinkets and such. The biggest town I remember had a shopping center with a gas staton and a Wendys. Tho when im down south, I love a good Chicken sammich from Chick-Fil-A, we need to bring that place up north, it kicks KFC's ass hands down. Once you get to the Chessapeake bay bridge tunnel, thats when things get fun. Imagine this, a highway over the water with no land in sight for a while. Ive done it once at night, that was wiiiild stuff, total darkness except for the car lights, and the orange streetlights overhead, and the sounds of Queensryche playing over the radio. Good times :) Once you get to virginia beach its fun. Its one of my favorite cities in the country.

I-81 from Pennsylvania to Charlotte

This route is scenic if you like big mountains and trees and not much else. Southern PA smells terrible because of all the chicken and pig farms down there. The Maryland and West Virginia segments go by quick, but the Virginia part is like loooong and boring and not much around. At least the air smells a lot better. After a while you turn south to head towards Charlotte, that place is like the birthplace of Nascar, so like every other car has like stickers in the back of their favorite drivers, (personally I like the Toyota drivers cuz I have a Toyota and I think theyre biased against Toyota.) One year I remember staying in a hotel in Charlotte where the pool was in this big open area by the lobby and it was partially indoors and outdoors. The rest of North Carolina is fine, if you come from I-95 instead its a mess in this one area  cuz they have one highway with 4 or 5 different numbers and two route 85s and two route 40s. South Carolina like every other exit theres a fireworks shop, be sure to stock up on your way back. Then theres this one town with a giant peach but from the right angle it looks like a giant butt.

Connecticut and Boston

This trip can either be a great ride or the most frustrating thing you can do. Depending on the time of day. I like New England, the towns have this quaint feeling to em. Some of the highlights are the WWE Headquarters on I-95's Exit 8, and the various cities when the highway crosses over the New Haven line. Massachusetts is nice too, tho Boston can be a pain in the ass to drive in. Lotsa random one way streets and too many pedestrians. I had quite a time driving to one of my friend's houses up there. Probably woulda been a lot easier if it was in the daytime. That same route I go to other places in New England, its a nice ride.

Places Id like to visit someday:

California-Pacific Northwest
The Midwest
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Beau-Skunk Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2011
I've been on many roadtrips in my life as a kid. (Due to moving alot, and such.) Sometimes it's fun, and sometimes it's a pain. I'm not as into roadtrips anymore though, and I tend to get homesick easily nowadays. Dunno why, I never used to. (Maybe I just can't stand being to far from my Nintendo Wii.) lol
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April 10, 2011