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Today was quite an adventure. I was setting out to get a new tarot card deck, I knew I had a big gap between my morning class, math and my afternoon class, speech because my science class was canceled today. I left early this morning to check an alternative/new age store near me, they had the deck I wanted, the standard rider-waite deck but they only had the Spanish version, so I head to class from there. I get to class and i find math is canceled. So I head straight for lunch after that and grab a nummy turkey BLT sammich from Toasty's. Afterwards I plot which store to go to, there's two in the area, one is more new agey, the other is more shamanistic. The Shaman/Native American store I called in advanced, they didn't have it but they'll get it in on Monday. The other store I called and kept getting a wierd recording which said they were open today, so I get on the parkway to go down there, but first I go to take in some cans n bottles to the machine at the supermarket, I got 6 bucks from that. On the parkway I see some ghetto kids walking along the shoulder, don't they know that its a highway and its dangerous, ah well, they probably were skipping school anyway hehe. The other store is in this congested town in the southwest part of the county, took me a lil while to find parking, but when I get there i realise they closed for Veterans day so im like damnit, so I figured, its near the LIRR station, lemme grab some timetables for that branch in case I need to ride it, so then I drove back to university and I lucked out and there was no traffic, usually theres problems in the afternoon. I made it to my speech class on time, that was still on and that was my adventure for today.
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Submitted on
November 11, 2010