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So I was talking with family about my comic and the overall theme and genre, and I noticed that the basic plot of the comic evolved quite a bit since the comic was first started. Originally it was "The story of a fox magician who's tricks don't always work out as planned" Now its more like "The story of a clumsy fox magician who battles demons with her friends who are also magical girls." Now I find that to be a good thing that the comic has got more depth to it and an actual continuing story. I take care not to make the story too dark or depressing. The other challenge is making sure the story doesn't wind up becoming too similar to the places I draw inspiration from.

I can't increase the update schedule right now, its just enough work as it is to try to get a comic done every other week and have time for other artwork as well, I'm not sure how these other people handle multiple updates per week. However, I have a new format planned for upcoming pages, instead of the strict 3-4 panel layout, I will be using a variable layout like many comic books use, to make the stories flow faster which will look great with their upcoming battle with Horigkeit, the Bondadge Demon.

Also Marie's Magical Mishaps has a Facebook page now,… be sure to like the page for news and other fun stuff :)
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November 21, 2013


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