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This past weekend has been very busy for me, I was at work then I had to go to the airport saturday then sunday i had to come in to work on my day off and i had like no time for artwork, even monday was busy. Today was the first day I could take it easy and do some artwork. Ursine week ended with only one sktech because nobody had a female bear character.

Also im now on twitter at feel free to watch me and reply to my posts and such.

This weekend ill get to page 3 of the comic, its not just about gender transformation, that's only part of the story, there's some interesting parts to it as the story unfolds, and im really happy that people like it as it really is more of a personal story to me, its something I had in my head for a lil while, the theme of it has some personal significance.

also, Mac Tonite (that moon man from McDonalds) looks like Jay Leno lol
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October 19, 2010


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